Jun. 29th, 2017

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Watched Rogue Time.

Usually I watch this for Mick and Len, who remain fascinating, but this time watching all the episodes in order, Eo!Wells remains a mass of contradictions that have my full attention.

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I've seen people being sad about Eo!Wells because the person he was pretending to be was entirely a lie, so we lost that person. Which, okay, possible. But it's also possible he is who he pretends to be, just with an agenda, a cheerful approach to other people's mortality, and a nasty temper. And then he takes more figuring out.

And so much of the morality of time travel depends on the physics of time travel, and DCTV is never going to tell us the whole rules of that.

But it's like with the Legends - the Time Masters were supposed to be guarding the timeline, but decided to change it to specific advantage. So Time Masters get blown up by Legends, for freedom. But then that makes things worse in some different ways so the Legends have to run around fixing the timeline instead. And they make some specific choices about which bits can and cannot be altered, and they don't always seem to be real conscious about it. And then some choice I can't be having with, but haven't seen the episodes for yet. And then whatever they do with next season, which will be... interesting. But their attitude to time travel has changed as they go along, so they have to have been doing the wrong thing pretty often.

And maybe Eo is like that.

But also maybe not.

... I am aware this entirely depends on what the writers want to do with him, and they're unlikely to do much with him on account of paradoxing him out of existence, but that's not the interesting bit.

And now I've got to get ready to go do the shopping, which is in local shops only because Norfolk Show, which means no getting my apple food, which means slight sulking. But I can find and consume many forms of chocolate so I'm sure that'll work out.
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I found three clothes for twelve pounds, and they all had long sleeves and high enough necks and were long enough to cover where I want covered.

I think they will anyway, I didn't try them on because cheap.

But the labels said six pounds so they were even cheaper than expected, probably because even more sale on top. Or because handwriting. But I feel like I win big, even if I turn out not to like them, they were well hunted.

We shopped at Morrisons and found most of my foods and then at Tesco and found almost all the rest, though some portions are different sizes. Did not find an acceptable substitute for apple thing. Will miss apple thing. Have chocolate brownie bites but they're not the same.

I also bought a bunch of DVDs, including a box of five fantasy films I'd never heard of for ten pounds. I have no idea how watchable they'll be but at that price I might as well.

Also I got a wonder woman sticker book. I stood in front of it for several minutes trying to talk myself out of it, then realised there's no particular reason not to buy it, except for being in the kids section, and why let that bother me?

I found several sorts of Black Widow figure, which is good, but I have several already.

I did not find summer weight trousers, still, because trousers apparently aren't in my size in those shops. Hmph.

I found a top with a snake scales pattern but it was see through, which does not seem correct to me even for athletic wear.

Tesco was quite a lot closed though because they're making it different. Still, made it easier to get through.

Pretty good shopping evening.

And that's my weekly hours outside the house done again...


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