Jul. 6th, 2017

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I feel like I failed at social
because we played a fun tabletop game instead of much talking, which is not the theme of the group
but if they didn't want to they would have said no, so.

I have been rearranging my books since I got back.

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I have so many books. It's pretty awesome. I keep just hanging out in this chair staring at my full shelves of books.

Of course I also keep weeding books that I either don't need any more or inherited without having read them even once, so hypothetically there's a possibility of a one in one out system being set in place, but I have met me and that isn't going to happen.

Shelving would be so much simpler if books were standard heights. And if those heights were short.

... but it's a fun puzzle this way...

yaay awake?

Jul. 6th, 2017 02:44 pm
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on the one hand being woken before you'd planned is kind of blergh
but on the other those were not nice dreams.

1500 zombies are a problem, but by the end they were 1500 zombies with kalashnikovs.
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... and some really nice if retro futuristic decorating in a flat can kick it all off, if the previous owner wants to retain possession.

... that explanation for no interior photos in a house listing is going to haunt me...
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I also dreamed that I was the Radiant, who is the Mercy of God the way that the Spectre is the Wrath of god.
Which got complicated.
Like, it's not just being nice, or being kind, it's omnipotence if you're delivering mercy, which is a teensy bit more kick arse.
I remember pointing out the whole mercy killing concept but realising I was too human to do that with the relevant frame of mind.
Also there was one guy I just grabbed and edited his memories until he'd stop with the killings and then showed him what he'd be like if I left him that way and offered him a choice. ... because free will is god given so god's agents have to be really and sincerely careful of it.

It's kind of interesting tying to figure how you'd cope with omnipotence as long as you're omnibenevolent, and allow free will. I mean, if you put free will top of the over rides you can't impose anything and have to make deals for all of it. You could only even help if you were asked.

... which weirdly doesn't sound like agents of god...
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Dancing was cancelled by the teacher so instead we went to The Range. I found the thing I wanted within about thirty seconds, so then of course I spent the rest of the time until closing wandering up and down looking at everything else. So I have the silver mesh desk whatsit I went in for, but also a new duvet set that is almost but not quite identical to the existing one so I like it but can persuade myself I need it, new curtains that are gold but not I think going to keep sufficient light out so I still need blinds, and two rolls of duck tape because shiny and colors.

I also usefully poked a lot of other things to decide I didn't want them. Which is less interesting but still helpful. And I saw like all the curtains are giant compared to my windows. I own the usual pair of curtains but only one is up because that covers the window. Also because I don't own a curtain pole so it's hanging on the little nails that have been holding a sheet up for twenty years. If I get a curtain pole I know it'll just need both curtains to make those curtainy folds. But still. Giant amounts of curtain.

I think I like the look of them though. So that's good. Will be the first change to that window in a generation...

We also went to Sainsburys and I bought all the usual things. While noticing how many were cheaper at Morrisons.

But Sainsburys is the only one that sells my apple things, and I like them, so.

... the Sunday shopping routine worked better and the Asda and Sainsburys bit is only efficient if dancing. But I'll sort things out better later.

Successful shopping today.


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