Jul. 7th, 2017

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Today I read about the Norfolk Broads, which people thought were a natural bit of geography until the sixties, when someone noticed they had vertical edges. Turns out the Broads are what happens when someone wants a whole lot of peat every year for a very long time. Big big holes, which they kept digging until they flooded, at which point they has navigable lakes and waterways. Also a whole new ecology with accompanying thatched roof business from harvesting reeds and sedges. Not to mention all the usual water and boats related things, like trade, which there were many argues about, not least about where the water should go next.

Norfolk was really in the big leagues economically. As well as the peat and the farming there was giant textile industry. And a castle and a cathedral.

These days we're still very rural, many large percents people in farming compared to Britain as a whole if I looked the numbers up right. We grow sugar beet and wheat and brewing barley and oilseed rape. Also you can see pigs from the A47. Also there were turkeys in mass quantities for work experience week back in school.

The turkeys really helped sharpen your focus on your future career. No plan might end up meaning turkeys forever. Too many turkeys.

I like history more when it is not wars. Too often the wars story only cares which Names were having an argue, and leaves out the economic and agricultural factors that made some countries hungry and others targets.


I have a vague plan to pick up more history books and find out more things like this.

I turn out to like the version of history where Norfolk was most important once.

And all the bits of history zoom in and out to all the other bits, so plagues messed with agriculture and power and population density and supply chains, and it's still written all over geography if you know what you're looking at.

This is fun.


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