Jul. 13th, 2017

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Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways.

I woke up from a really detailed dream about Read more... )

So after those really obscure and meta nightmares

I woke up with an immediate and important need

To figure out what ship the Waverider would be, if it was a wooden sailing ship of some sort.

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But I'd need to learn many things about wooden vehicles to even start.

Which is kind of fun, once I know enough to know what I don't know, which is not really today.
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If you take blue tac off the walls at least a decade and probably two after you put it up, things go poorly. Messes left on, paint taken off. Younger me had an approach to decorating that older me needs to repair a little.

But! I cleaned the windows!

... by all evidence it has been a while. since my usual approach to the things that lead Outside is to cover them over as heavily as possible, sometimes with bits of wood, I suspect I have not often touched that glass.

Five in the morning seemed like a good time to work on it though. Minimal humans. I expected none humans, but there was one, in clothes with words on of the sort that probably means going to work. I am glad I don't have that sort of work, many plenty early. Hope they're a person who likes early.

But now my window is clean and the handles are clean and the frame is... as clean as it's getting... which actually applies to the glass too, I know, and it'll dry streaky cause I only have the one sort of wipes to work with... but, basically, clean!

This burst of activity brought to you by realising I'm going to have to hire someone to put the curtain rail up, and that means they'll see the state of things in there.

... I'll do the window sill just as soon as i figure where else to put the tool boxes, even for a short while...

step by step, things get done.
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I read some more GURPS rules. They might bot be very thorough - they keep saying see GURPS Vehicles and I don't think there's a 4e of that - but they do have ideas of what bits adventurers really need to know. Sometimes different ideas than me, but still, ideas.

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... soooo, I started out with 'sailing ships are pretty cool' and ended up at 'but why would you need to trade across multiple universes anyway'

which I swear is a perfectly logical sequence

if you're working on the stories I have been.

The biggies you'd want to 'verse hop for would be ideas.

New patents, entire different tech development trees, and maybe magic, if the kind of energy magic uses is still available on other earths.

If you combine Banestorm and oz flow and mana rules you get a kind of winds of magic thing, where anywhere a spell driven shop can go, magic can work, just not necessarily evenly or well.

Magic is basically a whole technological development tree based on a form of energy which this universe thinks is rubbish.

But if there is a way to poke a hole in the universe so extra energy flows in, that would do Stuff to the physics, because energy is energy and it all adds up.

... accidental global warming via magic stealing bits of other Earth was actually a Diana Wynne Jones plot. Huh.

... there are no new ideas.

I seem to be buzzing of ideas this morning, but there's more reading to be done, so I shall go do it.
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Went to Bollywood Sparkles, did a dancing, didn't crunch

Then did a shopping. Couldn't remember what I wanted so bought everything. Remembered on way home, and still hadn't bought :eyeroll:

I did buy a new ice cream scoop because the old one has gone a bit peculiar looking, and a new egg cooker and some soft things for getting the eggs with, because as it turns out sticking a knife in a plastic is not optimal and leads to many scratched bits. So I have more things to cook eggs with. Eggcellent.


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