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I've been reading Clint/Coulson fic
after reading Mick/Len
and a splash of Steve/Bucky.

We have there three (3) brainwashed soldiers forced to fight for their worst enemy against their best friends and the man they love
(at least for these parings purposes)

I've mentioned before that I find it super creepy that we keep on telling these stories where a soldier really is just following orders. I know it's also about resisting and breaking free even under the worst pressure, but it's a creepy setup, to show them doing violence and then basically argue they couldn't help it.

But the fic that deals with the fallout has three different takes on what is basically the same story, and they're all about angles and emphasis. Clint is angsty because of who he let die, Bucky because of who he killed, and Mick? Mick barely gets those years (decades? lifetimes?) touched on in fic. He's just grieving his partner, the man who left him to be captured, the man he tried to hate, and couldn't.

Clint should feel shit about people he actually killed, more often than fic cares to deal with it. Bucky is all in the timing, but for a while there he and the world believe Steve died without him (depending on canon). Mick... should have more trauma?

I mean canon shows us the Chronos making, very like the Bucky chair, and gives us Mick having flashbacks when answering a question that goes too closely there. But that whole Chronos era is not a characteristic concern of the fanfic I've found to read. And when it is it resolves as fast as canon does, with missing scenes mostly written between first broadcast episodes. The fandom doesn't chew it the same way.

You can argue Mick isn't a real introspective guy, but he does drink explicitly because "more drinking less feeling", so that's some issues there.

And you can't say other people don't have a problem with him. They have weird half expressed anger with him, and seem to just file Chronos as a whole other person, but that means ignoring his skills and the thing where he on his own had the whole team running scared. But then Mick ignores that too. Which, again, issues. Man can fly the Waverider but makes faces and really seems to try not to. Man doesn't wear armour, despite obvious practical benefits. Man doesn't use any of Hronos' weapons, badass though they were. And Chronos wasn't allowed to be drunk.

Mick's running hard.

But fanfic... has other concerns.

It's just interesting, the takes we have on them all.

And maybe there's Mick fic I'm not finding that isn't Mick/Len. People that don't see the pairing are going to have a very different idea of how humans work.

But he has all this angst bait, and it's not in the fic, on the whole.

Not complaining, just the comparison struck me.
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I just saw someone on a meme say they average six hours of sleep
and I'm like
I just slept twelve?
... if you count from the second time I turned the light out, after the mild panic where I had to check the world was still there
0200 to 1400, with a couple breaks for hearing the mail etc.
And there were some spectacular and vivid nightmares based on multiple horror movies that thankfully blurred into nothing much after a while
so the main thing I remember is the sex toy shop full of toys you wouldn't be able to get really clean, with a box of demo models.
... also a really nice bit of black velvet with rainbow ribbon stripes, which in context seemed like a trap...

but like, no wonder I get so much less done, there's so many hours a day less to do it in
unless I want to be all blergh and sleepy trying to do anything.

... though sleeping too much also leads to sleepy blergh
and realising I haven't ate for a really long time...
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Read more... )

I think I liked all the episodes Camelot parts if I don't think about them too hard.

And I love the bits with Mick.
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The story clearly respects Mick. He keeps coming up with relevant knowledge, in this case knowledge of Time Master procedures that calls back to his Horrible Trauma, and reaching out emotionally to help other people and especially help them maintain their partnerships. Even after repeated rebuffs and being treated like trash by some of them.

The story respects Mick, the Legends do not, and man I want to see them all slapped for it.

Which makes it difficult to care about the other threads of the story. Read more... )

I like Mick a lot more than I like his friends, but Mick also needs to stop drinking and threatening people, so I can see where they're coming from.

If this ship had a Counsellor then like 90% of the plot would be fixable with 2000% less drama.


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