Sep. 11th, 2017

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Just finished watching the first episode.
... Barry is... I do not follow his logic here. Emotion, sure, but...
... sometimes I think he is not bright.

I mean, I get that Wally was hurt, but he wasn't dead? Things seem plenty fixable?

I don't see how he gets from there to out loud asking Eobard Thawne to kill his mother.

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Basically the thing where Barry and other time travellers don't approach their own lives like a sci fi obsessed rules lawyer gamer somehow continues to annoy. They never try and finesse anything. And get so surprised when that has consequences.

But we get to see those consequences, so that's an improvement.

... I still find I have much sympathy with the Reverse Flash.

It's like that time travel with Hartley day, where Eo!Wells is sitting there waving his hands to try and shut time travel Barry up, but no, Barry just... charges on through. Fifteen years Thawne kept the secret and avoided time wraiths, and Barry can't last six hours. Lovely.

...the responding to it with murder is not sympathetic, but the level of frustration, ooooh yes.

I guess I liked the episode, at least for the consequences and the Reverse Flash bits
but now it applies the reboot problem
logically to the whole arrowverse:

everything we think we know may or may not be wrong
why are we still invested?

Shall see.
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so, this is the new world...
and along with Barry, we get to realise everything we know is wrong, so that's... why do that to your viewers?

also the squirmy embarrassment of ao many social errors in a row had me watching through my fingers.

an entire episode of embarrassing flailing before he actually tells the truth
... is variably consistent, given that Barry's life for so many years involved trying to tell the truth about the impossible, and getting negative consequences for it
like, he should be trying, but he knows it's going to go so poorly.

I knew a bazillion spoilers before watching, so none of it had shock value to me and I have no feels about the new-new version.

... spoilers suck the feels out and I should get a tv channel that actually shows it this year.

... except I don't trust these shows enough to watch them without spoilers?

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Jay's demonstration with the coffee cup makes more sense than two seasons of Legends of Tomorrow, yet time travel is so inconsistent I don't even know if it's meant to be accurate. It's a really good reason to prevent all time travel, if true, and explains the end of LoT season 2, and yet we've got a time travel show to play in so nobody is going to conclude that alterations to time are too dangerous.

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So, as an episode, it gave me thoughts, but not feels.

Shall see how the season goes on.


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