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I dreamed a place a bit like the Labyrinth but darker. Also without puppets. Just lots and lots of actors, all weirdly young, like slices of the past got left around and retasked.

The person who went into this Labyrinth was trying to get away from the ordinary world. They didn't feel like they fit. They didn't feel like their skin fit. Biology said they were a girl, but that didn't feel right. So they were running away to try and be a guy. Their family tried to stop them, but they'd kind of expected that and ran faster. But it wasn't for the reasons they thought. They were used to their attitude, they'd been kind of waiting around for them to grow out of it. But then Jack Harkness heard about it and got all grrr and went to get the Doctor to give them both a lift somewhen that could sort it out quick and thorough. He was the kid's ancestor, checking in on another generation, and he was just a bit late to stop it getting Drama.

So the kid runs into the Labyrinth to run away from the world, and the Labyrinth offers dreams. Also nightmares of blood that boils and healers who slice and pretty pretty people who are empty behind the eyes. But the dream that tempted was two people: One was very much a woman, all curls and curves and drowning eyes and pouty lips and pinkness, and so confident in it. The other was a guy - a short guy, but sort of daring you to notice, attitude somewhere between Lindsey and Spike, confident and standing firm, but with that hint of sexy and the thumbs in the waistband. And both of them were what they saw in a crystal mirror, their selves. So the run away saw them, and was all eeew at the girly girl, even though it was sort of tempting, to just stop worrying about it. The guy though, that was awesome. That was what they were running towards. But up close and with him right there, they weren't so sure. There was still something that didn't quite fit. Something missing.

So the gates to the outside opened, and the Labyrinth was all, like, hey, you don't want your dreams, there's always reality.

But Jack was right outside, and he offered a third option. The one he'd had, and moved away from. He'd started out as a hermaphrodite - common in the future, handy for colonising, all purpose model humans. But he'd just decided he was definitely a guy, and pregnancy really made up his mind for him. So he got fixed up, all male ever after. But this kid was looking for the best of both, and Jack was there to say it was possible.

So the kid looked at the standard options, and looked at Jack and all the wide futures, and ran out of the Labyrinth without looking back.

It's an interesting sort of happily ever after. Sometimes 'just be yourself' is not so much simples advice.

But I like the idea of the future having ever more options.

Date: 2012-05-05 01:44 am (UTC)
kickair8p: who he was, who he still is (JackRem01)
From: [personal profile] kickair8p
Good dream.


Date: 2012-05-05 03:25 pm (UTC)
baronjanus: I was searching for the answer, it turns out it's rock and roll. Hugh Dillon Works Well With Others (ethan ambidesxtrous)
From: [personal profile] baronjanus
*thumb up*
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