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the BBC article starts out saying

"Proposals to give more rights to people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions are to be unveiled by the government."

But their little video says it's about a parent, and further down it says "families felt their concerns are ignored"

I'm pretty sure they don't even see any contradiction there.

People with autism is not the same as families of people with autism. Listening to our parents is not the same as listening to us. Giving our parents new rights would be very greatly different to giving us new rights.

The actual proposals listed seem to be about giving people more right not to be put in hospital against their will, which seems nice.

But all the rhetoric around it is about families, and listening to families.

Which creeps me out because there's an unspoken assumption about how much there is to listen to from the actual disabled people.

It also seems likely that when they say 'community support' they mean 'relatives who are either unpaid or getting paid a pittance'. Which is a whole separate level of problem that really needs sorted.

(Did you know that Carers Allowance is less than Jobseekers Allowance? Carer's Allowance is £61.35 a week, Jobseekers is up to £72.40, though people under 25 get paid less. By definition Carers do 35 hours a week of work for an amount of money the government deems in other contexts insufficient to live on. And the situation with stacking benefits is complex.)

I just get so angry, there's so much Need and so little being done to meet it.
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