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ugh, nightmares.
I had to cancel yesterday because I hadn't slept, and now I've managed five and a half hours sleep in inconvenient pieces
full of Prison Break nightmares which seem unfair given I don't even watch it
some mess of chemical mind control and being in prisons and the whole thing being run by bad men
and in the middle of it all philosophical ponderings that people like stories that bring the world and its power plays down to a scale they can wrap their heads around, and then up the stakes until the while world hangs on it.

which, yeah, but I'd still quite like a good night's sleep, actually, and maybe to feel rested instead of blergh.

My anxiety levels have actually dropped a bit about this LJ thing but are still on the kind of high alert that feels further action is necessary before things get worse
but with these givens it isn't because not signing what I can't agree with so all done

I'm philosophically unprepared fr all done bye bye, even when nobody has been posting over there anyway.

oh well.

On the plus side I didn't dream Legends of Tomorrow.

The bits of the finale that made it to where I could see them were a teensy bit rough for someone that's there for Captain Cold and Heatwave.

Flip side, if they've borked time really extensively, all possibilities open up again, so write what we like, really.

... it was still quite upsetting and I don't know what they think the point of their show is but it did not involve fixing the bits several of us thought needed fixed. it seemed to be all about not using power and not helping people? we're watching superhero time travel, why on any earth would that be the resolution?

I know I keep saying I can't watch the episodes yet, but with this as the payoff I'm having to ponder if I want to watch the episodes.

I wanted to watch rogues become ambiguous heroes and wander back and forth across that line. I'm not keen on the story telling us not to like that.

Also if the problem is you've played jenga with time until all the structural supports fell out then there's a clear set of actions and a duty to fix it by taking on the work of the people you thought time could do without. It would be a story about how every action has an impact. But given that the Legends go all up and down time fighting and presumably killing people, yet time is fine until they break a technical rule and paradox things, that's not quite the story they're telling.

Honestly I'm kind of glad what I wanted Mick and Len for is a secondary world fantasy au they grow up in. Canon can't bork that and if I break them I can fix them.

I'm not best pleased about being awake right now.

Also, not all anxiety is because of tv and lj. RL in the tiny proximate sense rolls along as per usual, but reading the news is really tense. Why politicians want to drive us off a cliff I don't know, but it's kind of distressing.

I should go and eat a food and feel different later.


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