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That was... thin. Or perhaps flat. For something that talks so much about dimensions...

I feel like I should apologise for owning it. I'd decided not to, but had a moment of weakness and here it is.

The ways it failed that we knew up front - whitewashing, cultural appropriation - had a lot to do with why it feels like a heap of nothing. Everything was window dressing and shop dummies. Flash, no substance. All the action sequences and woohoo we're in other realms stuff was exactly where I lost interest and wondered if I've got any biscuits. The screen got busy without adding meaning or significance. So it was like the clothes. One hundred percent of the meaning was We're Not In Kansas Any More, so why bother to keep trying to read it?

And there could have been so much more. If they'd used actual culture and associated values or ethics they'd get emotional underpinnings, instead of just a stupendous FX budget on display.

Doctor Stephen Strange is an arrogant jerk and I don't feel spending a couple of hours with him was time well spent. And yet I love Tony Stark, so what was missing here? Little moments when Tony is alone and you can see him hurting for other people, times RDJ lets you in and makes him human. That's the emotional connection. Strange? Spends so much of his origin story upset about himself, and pushing people away harshly because feelings, it's hard to turn your feelings about when he has his big moment.

And I really liked his big moment.

The good trick he thought of to win? Very good moment.

It's just by that point I already didn't like him and was waiting for the movie to be over.

I don't know, I felt like Tony Stark plays an arrogant dick to cover that he's bleeding for the damage he's done, and Stephen Strange is an arrogant dick who maybe might learn to care at some point. I still feel like that at the end of the movie, even though he had those moments of ask for help and stop being mean.

So something about the movie failed to carry me.

Probably lots of somethings put together.

Empty signifiers and no roots.

Too busy to no good effect.

I'd rather watch The Librarians.
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