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I have had four hours sleep and am not best pleased with being awake.

also I need a tag for this magic world I made with vaguely GURPS rules where 'demons' are thaumaturgic or thaumic elementals. It's the one with the gender system that has nothing to do with bodies, where everyone is default assigned Person and can be binary later if they like.

I think I've been typing the notes in word and saving it local. I tired, journal can have this piece.

There's two sorts of magic, vitality and thaumaturgy. Vitality covers colleges to do with living things, so healing and necromancy, but also animal, body control, plant.

Particularly skilled adepts can go into the earth or become one with trees. So, Willow wouldn't just reach through the earth to get a particular flower and feel it is all connected, under certain circumstances she'd go into the whole plant system.

But it's a particular test of skill to see if they come back.

Under ideal circumstances they go in after extensive meditation and learning to focus, and they spend very little time in there. But either ambition or emergency circumstances can lead to going in too deep or reaching too far, losing focus on your human self and getting entangled in root systems for however long it turns out to be.

... the complications of an inheritance system where the most powerful with the widest magical reach are also those most likely to have spent months or years indistinguishable from a plant... I mean, they wouldn't want to upset the future Ladies of the land, but you can't just leave all their stuff lying around indefinitely, if much of their stuff is living like a farm or similar.

So Willow, being always more curious and powerful than wise, in this system gets her name from her actions, diving deep into the mysteries of plant life and going to live on a riverbank somewhere, understanding photosynthesis. In order to get out she'll need to be very good indeed, but also to remember to try, which gets difficult after the first bit of a while. Let alone twenty years.

... in anything vaguely canon she has friends to try and reach her. This one can go elsewise.

If there's also Oz, then we need to know how werewolves can happen here. The animal transformation ought to be a basically vitality spell, shapeshifting, needing any six other spells before you can learn it. But that would be a voluntary transformation. One you can lose yourself in, sure, but one that needs done on purpose. To get a magic that happens to you you need another will.

I like Bujold's 'demons', spirits that become one with a living being, but not necessarily a human being.

If a thaumic elemental got into the world they'd have trouble recharging their fatigue. Fatigue is a vitality thing, and they're all thaum. Bonding with a living being gives them their dynamo, and they can charge up again. And the thaumic spirit, being bigger than the average fatigue pool even when small, gives the living being a reserve tank.

Thaumic elementals are rather unformed at first, new to the whole matter thing. They're not especially likely to hit a human first try.

An animal with a thaumic elemental in it makes a great Familiar, if you can sway its affections that way, having all the advantages of bonding directly but none of the disadvantages. The only disads are that the familiar is easier to lure away, trap, or kill. But when the animal is killed, sometimes the thaumic elemental is not. And then the spirit jumps ship.

Possession by a thaumic elemental fresh out the dimension imprints it with the human's personality and the human with the elemental's appetites. Possession by one already so shaped at best blends the two personalities, at worst suppresses the human. But if the elemental hasn't been human before, and has been an animal?

You get something made of very powerful magic that is more comfortable in an animal form.

And once in that form it just gets easier and easier over time to not think any more. Lose your IQ according to the Shapeshifting spell. And then the patterns of appetite brought by both halves of the blending are not moderated by human thought.

Hmmm, it's still very Bujold. I shall have to do different stuff with it, is all.

But you can get Oz that way, a man wolf. And a lot of friends for him. After the magical event that puts the mountains off limits, the thaumaturges of Nethermost do their best to restrain the resulting 'demons', but the humans living at the foot of the mountains are difficult enough to persuade not to cross the spell. Animals are next to impossible, especially since animal control spells are vitalist, not thaumaturgical. So a lot of little spirits slip out riding squirrels or turkeys or wolves.

... logically that leads to were turkeys.

... awesome.

I also need Morgan to learn how to get a possessing thaumic elemental out of a human at some point, and playing flatliners with a werewolf might do it. It would be dangerous and nasty, but you could discover it on accident if one person killed them, they turned into a human now the spell was unpowered, and another person saved them. Or the first person now realising their mistake, sort of thing.

Healers are trained to stay the hell away from raising the dead because that way lies zombies, but, Willow.

Or just anyone who is more connected to life than they are to society, after being all trees for a bunch of time.

You'd get werewolves of a Beastmaster archetype, surrounded by their kind, but not necessarily humankind. You'd get thaumaturges with possessed pets, including ex human elementals who wouldn't be subject to losing themselves but would be Salem the cat. And you'd get thaumaturges with pets being shunned because everyone knows they go peculiar that way. Too much beast.

But all that depends on thaumaturgic spirits being able to do the vitality magic of shapeshifting. If the two sorts of magic are just taught separate but can meet in the middle, it works, because elementals work things out for themselves. Or if animals can learn vitality magic and are only drawing on thaumic elemental power to have enough fatigue to cast... but that would require some very smart animals involved...

Or becoming one with the local animals could be a graduation test like the becoming one with the land and plants bits. But picking up a rider elemental while you're out there could be a known hazard. The transformation spells come with the vitalist magic user, the loss of control that makes them too natural to the user comes from having been animal too long, and thaumic elementals were long and long that way. I think that resolves it best. Leaves the 'demons' learning shapeshifting from their hosts, and they'd have to jump back to animals after that if you want forest dwelling critters who sometimes go were.

I could have a whole Willow and Oz side quest story where they discover the fail modes of vitality magic.

The fail mode of thaumaturgy is, on the whole, demon.

... the setting up STAR labs in the heart of the city thing must have taken being real persuasive...

It also resolves some stuff about Oz/Willow, since under the local gender system, vitalists are women, so Willow would still be a lesbian dating Oz...

... which seems like a weird conclusion because if I think of Oz as trans them mtf is not how I think of him.

... though there would be people who tried being a Lady on for size and didn't feel like it fitted. They'd go t be a bloke and keep all that gender segregated knowledge.

And we'd get the ftm werewolf I mentioned in another plot bunny, only with entirely different context.

I don't know, half the reason I set the parameters on my gender system was to make gender look ridiculous. It might fall apart too easy if I poke it.

But, story parts.


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