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beccaelizabeth ([personal profile] beccaelizabeth) wrote2017-04-13 09:21 am

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I woke up with this feeling like there's so much past and the people in it get further away all the time.
Big feeling, nothing to be done about it.

I also thought though that there's a logic of so far so good
by which we are immortal.

Like, if you have survived twenty years, then you know you can survive twenty years, at which point you'll have survived forty years, so you know you can do that again, and then you'll be at eighty years, and... so on and so forth.

It's bollocks of course, but encouraging bollocks, so there's that.

I shall find something to do in the here now and get on with today.
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Despite what Zeno thinks, sooner or later the arrow does hit its target.