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I asked mum if she wanted to eat a food and watch a tv
and we ended up watching two nature documentaries
and then having a chat for more hours.

I put on the birds of paradise documentary from the bbc iplayer as sort of a screen test
because if the tv can cope with nature documentaries with all those colors and the moving water and so forth it can cope with anything.

Nature so varied.
I always end up super mad at humans because so much less of it left so quickly
but I have to admit it's fascinating to see how swiftly all the arriving species can transform places.

also some of the plants in hawaii are basically doing terraforming
plants that can go to new islands and turn them into places more life can be
seems like humans should pay attention.

I still am not on the whole watching tv at broadcast times
but there's a lot more on the apps buttons than I bothered with on the computer somehow.

I like my new shiny tv now
I think.

I also think I have it set up to record Doctor Who tomorrow
and can maybe watch on a HD channel?
So I hope it's good.

But today had food and talking and new data about pretty things
so that was pretty good.
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