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Twelve and Bill Potts, and Nardole.

... I am feeling a bit slapped. I mean, we knew from the publicity she would be a lesbian, but somehow I was not expecting to go from that to dead maybe lesbian maybe girlfriend in the space of the first episode.

Also, what the hell was that opening chat about 'perversion' and making the girl fat?
I mean, when has any other attraction been described as perversion?

Plus calling the whole thing a 'crush'... I mean yeah, they'd barely talked, but he didn't know that. It just devalues the feelings.

I know it's Doctor Who and things are never simple, but I feel like this was sandpaper on the seat time. Like, if this is inviting more people in, it's a hell of a way to make them comfortable.

I do know that 'turned into a sentient spaceship that communicates solely in echoes' is not precisely the same as dead. But there was that bit that was all horror movie and Bill saying 'you're dead'. And the Doctor emphasising she's not human any more. Which, really? The Doctor thinks that's a complete explanation. Our human loving Gallifreyan Doctor is arguing against falling in love with a spaceship and running away?

Maybe, just maybe, that ending sets up a season arc which will actually end nicely for Heather with the star in her eye. But the episode surely didn't. It just took the Doctor's story and made it a horror story.

With that one rather foregrounded difference.

So. Not actually loving that.

Also: The Doctor as someone who doesn't notice the tears? Since when? See The Beast Below, he knows all about crying.

And even short term mindwipe as his first thought? Something has gone very wrong there.

I like Bill as someone who smiles when they don't understand. A student of everything. Serving chips, because that's a perfectly reasonable job that real people do, thank you Rose.

There's seeds of mysteries all over the place, but at least Bill isn't the most prominent. Mystery Doctor we get to know more. And some really fancy doors the Doctor has been guarding seventy years.

I am indeed intrigued.

Calling it The Pilot and then emphasising that you can start watching here is playing at being clever. Silly having a pilot for an over fifty year old show. And yet necessary to reintroduce all the basic concepts every time.

I have not been as enthusiastic about Doctor Who lately as is my lifelong habit, not the newer episodes. And this has not changed my feelings there. I am left hoping they won't do this again, and might do better.

Not a comfortable reaction to what ought to be my favourite show.

If other people are happy then I'm glad for them, but they must have a different set of filters than I do, to see only happy making bits.

ETA: I feel it's probably relevant to my reaction that becoming a sentient space/time ship and bouncing around creation under my own power, beholden to no one, has literally been a daydream of mine for decades. It's a good dream. You get to do many cool things that way. But seeing it depicted the way it was here? Well that seems much less good. Why do that?
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