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woah, politics happening

first thought, ooh, maybe changes
then I reminded myself that where I vote conservatives got a bit more than half and UKIP was second with about a fifth

chance of change right here seems minimal.

i can educate myself on everyone's promises and choose between them, but ...



second thought: Brexit
isn't this the wrong way around to do things?
give everyone a chance to choose again, but only after triggering it?

except that's the point isn't it, I read a couple paragraphs and it's all complains about opposition parties promising to oppose.

and also apparently the polls are all for conservatives now?

... opposition hasn't been doing its job well there then.

Also Brexit was meant to be a one off choice anyway, despite the... everything.
i know that
i just...

I'm pretty sure we're getting the pessimists future
because of ignorance.

also, conservatives complaining about unelected people in house of lords?
are they just... not into our system of government then?

I quite like the idea of having a house of experts who get promoted for being really good at stuff.
what we've actually got is more of a rolling argument made of historical eras
but what's the point of two sets being elected, you choose the exact same way, you get the exact same biases and failure modes and so forth.

Elections are exciting but I am not currently enthused about politics right now.

Date: 2017-04-19 06:12 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] peasant
Everyone else seems to think a writer did it too. This is not a pleasing answer to me but I guess I will have to accept it.


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