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I watched a bunch more of Agents of SHIELD season three
and this whole 'HYDRA is secretly older than nazis' bit is just... ridiculously stupid.
I mean, one, Hydra is nazis, everyone knows it, stop pissing about.
Two, tracing the ram skull symbol as proof?
Ignoring the bazillion lineages of vaguely ram skull shaped whatsits, on account of rams and skulls being a Thing in many places?
Ignoring that the most stylised version looks as much like a Watcher symbol as anything (thanks, ugh)
Their proof of connection is a really bad drawing in a book maybe might look like a decayed Hydra symbol?
Dude, what doesn't?

So I think I remember why I gave up
aside from the racism that is also why I gave up.

Melinda May is not a whole show on her own and they keep messing with her via romance instead of letting her be awesome.

And Ward is just a dick. Him being important is boring.

So, yeah, think I remember why I stopped bothering

But I have the whole box set and I've met me so I know I'll watch it eventually.
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