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I have watched Agents of SHIELD season three up through Singularity.
I'm still not having as many feels for the characters as I used to. They're having big emotional stakes, I'm watching plot. It's annoying when you fall out of feels with a show.

So far Mack became my favourite by talking about civil liberties and how you can't just go grab people and shake them because you want to know stuff.
But that was like two lines and he still works for the people who grab people and shake them.
It's an issue.

I can't decide if I liked the moment the director of Shield had a shield. I mean, cool, and absolutely something he'd do, and also absolutely a jump in tech level for no readily apparent reason. If it's meant to be a logical development of tech already demonstrated I didn't see the signs. So it's just like tada we're cooler. Because.

Hive is annoying.
Just in basic concept. Mind control again. Why.
People make choices and live with the consequences. Stories that skip the choices part are somewhere between boring and morally wrong. Because we need to know how to choose right in the wrongest times and places, and all the mind control narrative says is sometimes it's not even possible to choose. Screw that. There's always a choice. There's not always a good choice, but there's always a choice.

Coulson keeps making the dark choices and telling himself it's possible to do a wrong thing for a right reason. But the story seems to be dragging him for that. Might be the story disagrees with him as much as I do. That'd be a nice change.

I confidently expect terrible things to happen to everyone, and I'm not looking forwards to it.

But I'll finish watching because... i own the discs, basically.

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