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Today's dreams started with me having teleport powers if I stepped between to another dimension. Because I'd bonded with a dragon and could therefore use their powers. But I was cranky about that because me and my dream husband both had gold queen dragons, so I with the younger dragon had to move to a new city to start a new weyr. We could visit, because teleport, but we couldn't just build a life together, because dragons are cranky and territorial.

And then I got to the St Louis of Defiance and met Nolan the ex military Lawkeeper, who had a Bronze dragon.

And then I got very cranky because would having a conversation first be too much to ask? Gold be too eager. Now there were eggs.

McCaffrey weyrs didn't have much subtlety or complication I noticed while I was reading. No trans men with gold dragons. But there's ever so many more of them on the pern wiki than I ever read, so maybe there's more interesting corners. Also it has been a while since I read them, so details I haven't memorised are many.

... the wiki reminded me pern dragons suicide without their rider. yuck. nope.
the dream had a whole thing with trying to get gold to make appropriate friends in case original partner gets dead. Because otherwise they might decide to bond with a bright ambitious mind the rest of us would consider a problem.

also there was nasty assassination stuff to try and do politics. which would be the down side of heritable dragons. magic you can steal. but not by deliberately killing their friends, logically, so it would have to be a three pointed dance with the new not knowing they were chosen.

Old St Louis in Defiance has the biggest cave. Biggest. Cave. All the treasure just kind of folded in there. Makes you think dragony thoughts.

After all that there was a thing with having collected a bazillion magic artefacts, most of them gems, and trying to get the exactly right ones before going off to battle. The gems were in trunks and shelves and furniture which was all stored in a book. You couldn't look in the trunks without getting them out of the books. They were only a few different shapes, and not memorised or even always sorted by contents anyway. And you had to have the physical space available to own that much furniture before it would come out and be three dimensional again anyway.

Pan in the ass sorting dream with added anxiety, is all that was.

Very shiny though.

Also most game systems impose an upper limit on how many magic gems you can wear at once, but this dream had them sewn on to garments, so you had all the dexterity pearls you could imagine, instead of a maximum of three on a robe, three on each weapon, one per ring, one necklace, one earrings, two in a hat, two in boots, one in a belt, and one in gloves. Hmm, now I'm wondering if I missed any. But, dream garment had hundreds of the things sewn on. Like a pearl and topaz bathing suit, so that would be all the dexterity and attack.

But in GURPS the limitation is in how they recharge, and they have to be six feet apart or split the recharge time, so something that dense would have all the dexterity and attack... once. Recharge like once a year if there's hundreds. No good.

Limitations on magic are just so it don't be the only useful thing and steamroller all before it. Otherwise bathing suit of preternatural dexterity would be the decider all the time.

This one was secretly a bathing suit of gold breeding cycle though, so...

dreams a but preoccupied.

Alien invasion arriving and finding magic is a very GURPS setup. Volge vs Dragons would go a bit interesting. But tech blows things up on such a larger scale than magic tends to, because it tends to unbalance the dungeon crawl if the wizard can go nuclear.

Still, if resources the size of a country could focus magic, probably they'd get some really big booms.

And forcefields are always handy.

McCaffrey thinks her worlds are SF because the gems and dragons are not magic, they're perfectly respectable psi powers and so forth.

I say go forth and mix it up, because sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science, if it has a consistent ruleset behind it.

And if it doesn't it's probably all quantum and infinite improbabilities.

Being awake is so much more boring.

Dragons and magic gems and even redecorating with nice furniture be more interesting.


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