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I dreamt I got into one of those magic battles where everyone attempts to do something proper cosmic just to demonstrate they can.

Also that there was a sort of cult where they claimed to be teaching magic but they were really collecting people with a shred of magery and teaching them the sort of short cuts that call on dark spirits, rather than doing spells themselves. The leader was a meat suit around a very molten demon, one who used the name of that family company in Jupiter Ascending. ... having just woken up from fighting it, I feel entirely reluctant to type out the name. ... okay, a bit of wiki wandering ended up in gnosticism in two clicks and that's some powerful names going on. No general agreement on names for what, though. Demon was on the list.

So the magic battle was basically their teacher doing tiny rotes and me doing the most spectacular, intricate, detailed source magic I could think up on the spot, to demonstrate the power and flexibility of true magery, compare to what was being offered to them.

I called up a forest. A tiny but perfectly formed forest, in the palm of my hand, that I called the forest of the Dunedin. I don't know if I was thinking middle earth and getting New Zealand or what, but it was a handful of mostly conifers. And then I explained it was fractal, and threw it like whipping a tablecloth out, and there was forest stretching across the room, up to our ankles but in intricate detail. And that was just the beginning.

But the local dudes waded through it and told their students to disbelieve, illusion, blah blah. Not impressed.

I'd like to see them get even one conifer right down to the last needle. That'd take serious processor power. That is in fact impressive.

But they handed out little leaflets and the students got in circles of eight and started chanting and singing, like little magic choirs. And I recognised what they were doing, it was one of the slower and more limited ways to do it, and all it did was channel their power to the named spirit and ask it in return to do the thing. Easy, in the GURPS technical sense, but such a cheat on their potential. So I waded in and grabbed their sheet music and disrupted the spell before it built, told them they were being cheated, and challenged the organ grinder to come out here.

So Brother Blood, I think, from Arrow, came out sounding all reasonable. Briefly. And then when I reached magic out over him he went all molten metal eyes and his meat suit started cracking, and he seemed to think he'd trapped me, like he could get hold of my power and follow it back in.

I yawned. No, nope, boring. What did he think I'd been doing this far? I'd met his like before, known demons wearing people for twenty years. A trick like that wouldn't work on the Sorcerer Supreme.

... I do not aspire to Strange's job, no, nope, not I. But dream me was a bit kick arse this time.

He called on his 'most favoured' to support him, a group of five at the back, and I just wrinkled my nose and said two of them were demons and all, and another two were powerful in principle but on the very border of giving it all away. I wasn't impressed. But apparently the demon hollowing was news to even these very long time dedicated students, and they were something nastier than not impressed. The hollowed woman tried to run, but the overshadowed two grabbed her and threw her over a railing, then got an axe out while I was running down the stairs, and the lady jumped down and decapitated her.

That was a level of gore and nasty I would prefer not to dream through.

As was the bit back where the dream began, where Mick and I arrived at the compound and were greeted by a cryokinetic, but not Killer Frost or Ice. She had a long sword, like a katana but exaggerated, and it carried her frost down the blade so what it hit ice-burned and eventually shattered. Lots of navy blue on an underlayer and cyan on top, in clothes and in hair, over ice white skin and sparkles, very viable comics design, feel like I've seen it before but can't pin it down. Fighting her would be difficult, but I had business there and could see the mind bending physics defying real HQ behind the facade, so her boss told her to stand down. Also told me to cover Mick's eyes if I wanted him to live. Mick was a mundane, giving him a certain set of protections and vulnerabilities in our world. I believed them, and so did he. He knelt and put his hands over his eyes, and I covered them with my own, just to be sure. So he didn't see when all the cryo fx left the woman, so she was an ordinary pink lady in navy blue. She sat down and looked sad for a moment and then CRUNCH the base squished her. Just squish. Legs left intact, everything else mincemeat. That was really gross. And pointless. But they were being bastards about how easy it was for them to write off one of their own, and the cost of failure.

Because they knew I wasn't there to beat up everyone, more or less to save them.

Which would have worked better if they weren't so axe happy by then.

So, I had to get gone again.

Mick Rory as a getaway driver seems like overkill, but he could certainly do it, and he'd have a better than average chance of surviving it. So, dream him was doing his own thing downstairs while I was upstairs trying to open eyes about true magic, and as long as he didn't see magic he didn't have to see magic, sort of thing. Protected by the masquerade, even if everyone knew he knew. He wasn't one of us, so they couldn't let rip. And anything on his level he could cope with.

Me running past with an axe murderer behind me was the signal it was time to go. Like, axes he knows, but I wanted to leave and I can't drive.

But the enemy kept pouring out of the building behind me, and I had to slow them down. I whipped out the forest again, in all its perfect detail, and threw it this time to fill the grounds and be knee high.

They tried to disbelieve. But it's illusion and creation. The forest was for certain there this time. They just tripped and stumbled into this field of pointy trees.

Mick maybe has to drag me into the car after that, and he pointed out they'd probably just burn their way out, but dude. Forest. I made a forest. All perfectly detailed.

Let them match that for skill.


There was also a bit where Lucius Malfoy was looking for Draco, only he was wearing modern clothes so it was more Jason Isaacs to look at. He was wearing like a mask but tipped up so you could see his face, but from above the security cameras only saw the mask, which had all his grievances written on it. And looked sort of like a horse skull. Interesting look. But he went in and never came out again, so possibly not terribly helpful.

I made a 'security camera' recording from directly in front, so there'd be 'evidence' ready for police to use. Except I didn't hand it to police because I couldn't actually lie, so they'd swiftly discover I'd faked it. I could fake absolutely anything; at that level of fidelity it would even be easy. Illusion magic plus cameras makes for fx but also for security problems.

I liked the bit where I was shoeing off how detailed my render could get just to demonstrate the true versatility of magic. Trying to get students to come to the light side because it's actually better seems like a good gig. And just making a forest, on that was fun.

Not loving the gore levels in the rest of it.

Mick Rory turning up as my sidekick get away driver is a bit... oversimplifying him. Like, yes, but sometimes wherever you're getting away from would turn out to be a bit more on fire than you had in fact planned.

Also Len wasn't in the dream and the I just get sad the OTP is split up.

I'm weirdly attached to the version of him from that one fanfic where he was an accountant. I think because it's easier to imagine how I'd meet an accountant? And every shady business needs one, even if it's only shady because it's difficult to explain magic to the tax man. And Captain Cold would be the one in the driving seat of his own story under almost all circumstances, so if I want to be the protagonist, it's tricky to see why he's anything but the villain. Still. Accountant. Might be stretching into a whole new character instead. Interesting one though.

Would go with Lindsey McDonald. The one who walked away. Lawyer who knows magical law but is suddenly unaffiliated.

I was thinking, if you get tapped to be the next Sorcerer Supreme and now have to defend some magical Sanctum, that doesn't actually fix the whole property law side of things. I mean presumably it's an actual building with legal title and inheritance tax being required and so forth. There might be a will from the previous dude, but it might be more of a magical contract, rather than something that would easily stand in court.

So, plot bunny: The Sorcerer has chosen you to protect the Sanctum now he's gone. But without valid legal title there's a slight problem in the question of if the house belongs to you, or if you now belong to the house...

Lawyer Lindsey to the rescue.

Magic as a series of intricate contracts with diverse entities with powers would require a very sharp legal mind. But if you've been busily studying magery then law might be new to you. In which case you'd have to hire someone in. Who would then have power over things like if you accidentally sign away your soul. Talk about a hireling problem.

If being Sorcerer Supreme meant being like the target of a whole set of contracts that you don't even know exist yet, and you can get tapped for the job without knowing the details, and agreeing to it can be by actions like just trying to stop the bad guys breaking in... endless plot. But very legal.

Also, endless reason to tap someone new if you can get away with it. There'd be a bunch of bindings just to make sure you couldn't.

I like better the part with the great power than the great responsibility.

Also, what is up with the regular cast of my subconscious?
Men! Almost all men. For every role, oh look, here's an interesting morally ambiguous man.

Except cat burglar. Then there's a near endless supply of women.

A sorcerer trying to collect artefacts before they go badly for other people would have good reason to be the adventure seed for a whole lot of rogues.

That would be fun.

But still, my brain, too many men in it. Feeling colonised.

But the bit with the forest was cool.
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