May. 15th, 2017 06:31 pm
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After seeing two seasons and having a think I'm frustrated with Continuum for the usual reasons.

Like, I thought it was about Kiera Cameron. She's on the cover. She's in all the episodes.
But it's like the story doesn't even know how to be about a woman.
So she's isolated in a sea of men, all her significant relationships are with men or dead, every character who gets properly developed and elaborated on is a man, and women get fridged or turn out to be evil or just kind of fade away.

And it turns out to be all about Alec Sadler. His family are half the characters, his choices drive the plot, everything that happens is there to wind him up and watch him go, he's the protagonist.

Would it have changed anything to make it about Kiera trying to get back to her daughter? Would it have broken the story if Betty was her partner and Carlos was the intermittent tech guy? What if Kellog's brother died devoted to Liber8 and she got convicted with the rest, using her social skills to get rich in a new era? How about making Alec's story be centrally about mothers and daughters and sisters? What if the new boss lady got to stick around and be a force for good? How about if freelancers were women?

How about if, when Sonya was told she had to lead the movement, that actually happened?

I mean, if they want to make a statement about socially dissatisfied white guys, fair enough, but so much of Liber8 was a human spectrum it don't really work. Why are the women devoted followers? Why is their politics about kissing?

Kiera gets plenty to do, in terms of screen minutes, but in terms of things achieved and making consequences? Not as much. Seemed like her big choices involved standing aside and deciding to let things happen, except for the time she ended up needing rescued.

Also, I like how kick arse she is when a set piece happens, but I end the season somehow unsatisfied. Things happen to her, and it's... frustrating.

Most frustrating is I like it plenty
this thing where women don't exist in networks of women needs to be fixed.


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