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Well that was nothingy.
It's trying to be scary but there's nothing about it that makes it a Torchwood story.
It's just a spooky voice trying to get you to look at it. Except that's a stupid conceit for an audio play because you can't get the audience involved. There's never any danger we'll see something, so, no visceral involvement.
Also she keeps finding dead bodies and having to narrate them.
The spooky voice thing keeps growing powers for no readily apparent reason, it just fills up the time.
And then there's a random surreal bit in the middle, where even at the time I just thought the writer was out of ideas.
Also the thing keeps making it foggy or dark, but the solution ends up being to keep your eyes closed. So it's not internally sensible even.

And then it ends with Gwen opening her eyes and the audio ending.
So, it's trying to play like Gwen just died
except it's Big Finish and they're going to keep going forever so it's hardly going to worry a listener.

There's no point doing a scary thing isolates your character story unless it reveals things about your character. The Nightmare Man did a good scary thing. This might be any attempted spook story on the radio, but not a very competent one.

Don't bother.
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