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Now the piano is gone I can move my chair back. The TV looks so much better now I'm at a different angle and not so close I need to worry about kicking it. I moved some other stuff around though and I definitely need a blackout curtain or blind for the living room window if I want to watch TV in the daytime. The old TV is ninety degrees away sitting in front of a bookshelf, which is more practical except for not having the wires available. new curtain is easier than new wires and new bookshelves.

Now the chair has moved the lighting is all wrong. Right in my face. And again, easier to fix the light shade than all the other parts and pieces, but, I had chosen a good one I like, so I currently want to fuss with the chair until it somehow becomes acceptable.

Continuum 3.1 finally chooses some laws of time, but they're harsh and I don't see how they're internally consistent. Interesting to see how that will play through though.

I feel like a lot of stuff in tv could be fixed by a proper bit of communication. And that's always frustrating. But dramatic.

It continues interesting.
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