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Cleaner Day continues well
with slight block where the dishwasher isn't being replaced until Friday
so basically every plate and knife and cup I own is having to wait its turn.

Everywhere else shall be clean, so, that'll do.

I think I've followed too many tumblrs again, because I spend too many hours mindlessly paging through roughly the same content a bazillion times.
It's real quiet on DW partly because we don't have reblogs or tag follows so it's harder to find each other
but it's noise over signal on tumblr, because it's like every comment thread, copy pasted, over and over and over.

Don't know how to fix. Optimisation difficult.

I have so many books so neatly displayed I don't seem to be starting them. Not promptly. My official Unread pile is only half a dozen, but given that I haven't read many of the ones I inherited, and even books I bought might have last been read in the nineties... so many books.

And audios! The unlistened shelf is a couple feet long, but again, if I started at the start, I'd be here another decade.

I tried putting my audios on a usb stick and putting them in the tv but it didn't work. I shall have to read the instructions and try and figure out why. Or possibly take it to a shop and ask.

tech too complex.
I like CDs, but if one year's content measures in feet, it do get a bit difficult to keep.

My unwatched DVDs is also measured in feet, just about. And seasons. Ten that I can see from here, not counting The Sentinel, which I haven't watched since I got the complete dvds.

There is so much stuff I've accumulated, and I could choose any of it.
Pretty cool.
But then I just kind of sit here and read the internet and feel blank.

which is a much nicer problem to have than the problems of earlier years, where i was blank with far emptier walls to stare at.

ah well. vacuum cleanering done for the day, i'll go decide what to do.

Date: 2017-08-01 12:42 pm (UTC)
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When I'm at loose ends, I will sometimes wander through other DW journals that share some of my interests. I go to my profile, click on one, and then read a few entries of each journal that comes up (and that has posted recently). If the journal seems interesting, I add it.

I added a lot of new people in 2015 when I was spending time in a waiting room every weekday.

I'm less enthusiastic about friending memes (though I've met some people I like that way) because it's harder to tell from someone's entry on such a thing whether or not I'd enjoy reading them and/or talking to them.


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