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I dreamed me and half the MCU were stuck inside The Sims. We'd got tired so we went to bed, except everyone was still too interested and kept poking things to find out either what they did or what the experience was like in game. Which led to looking up woohoo on the internet. As you do.

Skye was there and most frustrated that she couldn't just hack the matrix and get us out of there. But she could hack the local organisations so we had a base and plenty of money.

And then I decided that the available beds were clearly the worst, which would just be a time suck every night, and also I couldn't sleep anyway, so we needed to buy The Best Bed Ever. And then find a room to put it in. So we ordered a bed and got told two hours, and we went exploring, to find me a lovely office on the first or ground floor.

But we went down the stairs holding different handrails so when hers went left mine went right and I turned an extra corner down, to somewhere a whole lot nastier looking. And around that corner I saw Felicity, who struck me as being very out of place. And shifty. And she hurried off, but I saw her find the secret door and go through. So naturally I went to follow, but through the door were radiation warnings and a whole bunch of dead guys in yellow radiation suits. ... beekeeper suits, AIM comics style, not that the dream recognised them. But radiation? Means Out Of Bounds, players don't even think about going there. So it was a bit interesting Felicity could. But I backed out and closed that door.

Then there was a commotion up on the ground floor, and when I arrived Clint was yelling at Loki. Loki grabbed him and started doing something magic, and Clint went horribly pale and pained looking, but he started getting runes all over, on his throat especially, and Loki's power went all foggy haze and started streaming into him. Clint had boobytrapped himself so anything magic used on him would instead become part of him, his to use. But that meant he got some part of Loki made part of him, which, from many angles, not cool. So when the power finally stopped flowing, he lit out of there like something was on fire, while Loki was still panting and trying to pull himself together.

When Loki got articulate again, he was super angry, even by his standards, demanding himself back. But I told him we didn't even know how. He said it's a simple spell, I asked to learn it, but he physically couldn't say it without things happening he did not want. So he offered to give it to me instead. He put his fingers either side of my forehead and smiled when he said it, so, that... seemed unwise.

Thor turned up around then and started yelling at him. So it was probably very u wise.

But I still agreed.

... getting some of that god in you, Silvertongue that he is? By all the stories he's a terrible idea, but ah, what a ride...

So it was my turn to have weirdly world distorting fx as power poured directly into my brain. Which was somewhat peculiar, like brain static and enlightenment that you know probably won't stand up in sunlight. But wow.

And then he stepped back and took a seat, not raging at us any more.

But I was full of plans.

... uh oh...

But first plan was just to get Loki working with and not against us, which of course he agreed to easily. ... I'm not saying I talked him into it, I mean he'd agree, whatever he was planning to do later.

I got him to take the visor of his helmet off. It was a most peculiar addition, blank and gold, looked like it blinded him. But he showed me it showed him the matrix code, which looked a little little like falling runes when I glimpsed it. He said that showed him the truth, but I said only in part. The seeming of things could tell you a lot, like the faces of friends.

You know, now that I'm awake, that's a bit worrying. I mean the idea is to never forget you're talking to humans just as much a person as you are, but there's a pretty wide streak of preferring the illusions.

... I read all day when I'm not watching tv or listening to audios, who am I kidding? *sigh*

Dream took a detour via whoohoo with Loki, but I interrupted myself when I thought of something plot relevant he could do that I could not. If gods are immune to radiation...

And when we reached that door we met Clint in full suit, with the Hulk beside him. He'd also found someone who could, logically, go there.

After some very paranoid argument, Loki and Hulk both went in... and reported the signs were false and there was nothing to worry about. Which, from only one of them, difficult to believe, but one smart one and one loyal one kind of added up to reliable...

But I don't know what happened when we went in, because we woke up.

... I woke up, but it's a logical way out for other players...

Though the other logical thing that place could be is a modern Valhalla, where you get to sharpen your skills for ever and ever...

It was interesting Loki being there and having his power split up between those he'd usually consider beneath him, a lower level of real. It's like how the player is a storyteller in these wide open games. It was being meta about the fragmentation of story in a gaming environment, which was kind of fascinating at the time.

But now I'm awake I feel vaguely like I should apologise to Loki and give it back, and quite a lot like I should try and write something today. After all, I haven't done what the power was given for, get whatever aggressive paranoid magic got aimed at our warrior out of him and back in the storyteller where it belongs...
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