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I wrote a thousand words! Actual fiction words, all in a row!

this very seldom happens.

I'm a bit annoyed with where I started. I invented a whole other system of gender, and now I seem to have invented very familiar sexism to go with it. Which shouldn't even ought to work, Ladies are in charge and women are respected, how to end up with them being shut out of things? Well they're shut out because gender goes with career, so men do that job because doing that job means you are in fact a man. A woman doing the job just breaks the whole system.

Because it is a stupid system.

But a system where you're perfectly free to join men as long as you dress and act and talk and identify like one seemed to have some historical precedent, sort of, so.

System is stupid because I want to do a story about stupid systems. perfectly reasonable.

But starting in this corner is just going to be annoying.

On the other hand, in that thousand, I already have a culture of Alchemists who have college open days where tutors talk to each other in sign language cause they've blown themselves up too much. They have a building with big thick walls. And presumably firework factory roofs. And a hundred yards of clear space around them, because that's how big the effect gets, if an elixir blows.

It is not yet quite clear that the reason they try to kick her out right away is roughly like if a princess tried to sign up for mine clearance. I'll have to work that in to the next bit.

Maybe it'll get interesting.

Maybe I'll even finish it this time.
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