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I just read an argument that robots and AI won't replace workers because then there's nobody to sell stuff to.

That feels wrong.

I think it's wrong because there are many people trying to sell stuff, and they will all be trying to act in their own tiny slice of their best interests. So, if *their* factory is automated into efficiency, then okay, their ex workers can't buy their stuff, but were they the target market anyway? And now they are more efficient than their competitors who still rely on humans. That means they're winning.

So eventually it all collapses if there runs out of being jobs anywhere at all, but all the individual decisions that lead to that are perfectly sensible, with the increased efficiency for each boss owner.

So the economy gets run off an AI cliff because good for owners and good for workers stay separate until things go splat.


Date: 2017-09-04 05:49 pm (UTC)
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AI will replace people but with the spare time and increased wealth caused by the AI people will invent new jobs. That is what has always happened - no reason it will stop now. It's just hard to imagine what those jobs will be because they haven't been invented yet.


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