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Watched the episode with Frankie, Magenta, and Jesse Quick.

Harry seems in a much better mood this year. Which is quick given I thought they started the characters back immediately where they left off? So it has been weeks only? But, he would then still be on a yaay for no more Zoom.

... it bothered me because there's too many of this guy already and telling them apart is plot relevant, but, a difference in mood to one with more energy than we've seen before is suddenly confusing.

Harry keeps making steady progress on that whole screwed up and tries to fix it thing. I like characters that do that.

And yet, still mad at Barry. Rerolling the choices of everyone on the planet? Or maybe in the universe? How many didn't get born? Still mad at him.

... I didn't bother being mad at the people doing it for supervillain reasons, which is kind of more relaxing.

Wally nearly killing himself to get his powers seems extreme, except Barry has taken the same level of risk at least twice, and kind of did burn up and dissolve into the speed force that one time, so, that's... a precedent. I mean, Barry used a slightly more sciencey setup, but he too duplicated how a speedster got their powers, so Wally was being logical.

... all of them maybe need mental health care. I can't figure. The scale of risks, I don't know if there's a sane approach.

Wally was super rude to the car driver though. No fair involving other people in that kind of thing.

But he's having the dreams too, right, so for him it is trying to get something back, just like Barry.

Ugh, none of them are safe.

How much do I empathise with Harry?

Frankie, Magenta, and the comics book approach to mental health... sometimes I wonder if writers are aware that treatment is a thing? And there are established procedures for if someone goes off and tries to hurt their abuser? Because once there's superpowers involved that doesn't seem to come up.

Magneto's powers with the Hulk and Banner's problem. Could still be a hero. Presumably meant to be too young?

That was the argue that didn't come up about Jesse, age. I mean it's probably there in the theme with the comparison to Wally, Joe telling him to stay in school. I can't figure how long he's been at college but not so much long. So he's younger, less experienced, and has a window to get his studies done along with his peers. I don't know if there's funding issues if he drops out, but, some things get harder later on. But if Wally and Jesse are about the same age, and teenagers? Maybe? I can't even tell, so big if. But even if Jesse finished high school at fifteen and had five majors at college, is she really all done with her studies? She's a long way short of a doctorate, right? So there's equivalent argues for her. And a comparison with Barry that makes it about something other than gender. (Why does gender even come up? She's from another universe, why have sexism?) Jesse is younger, and less experienced. It would be reasonable to suggest to both of them that they need to study up on law enforcement and get some experience of how police do things before they try it themselves. But nobody mentioned that, they're just focused on powers.

Barry's work as the Flash has very little to do with his police related experience, generally.

But one can dream.

Julian Albert is a dick. Getting a DNA sample from a child with nobody's knowledge or consent ought to be a thing, though I don't actually know. Using the presence of a particular element, which they could be exposed to in any number of ways, as an excuse to yell accusations at them? Can't be his job. And treating a minor like that ain't right. And then there's the mental health layer. And just... we're really meant to not like him, and it's working.

Also, who even bothers complaining about 10am to 7pm precisely when their job involves so much wandering around the building even when it doesn't take them outside?

Also also, Barry works in a crime lab that ever runs out of work. Like, he can finish everything on his desk and get bored. The department employs enough people that there's down time.

That does not match the headlines I have seen.

But okay, it's comics.

... how is he going to put up with CSI work with no Flash speed in the shared lab?
... how did he for this long, even in theory?

... what happened to the other Barry? Still ethically important.

Also important - timeline changes did NOT have a knock on effect in Earth 2. Which is a relief, and much the simplest thing, but not entirely logical. Cool though. Means anyone screwed over by timeline changes - say, someone who got grandfather paradoxed - could in theory hop a breach to Earth 2 and ride out the changes.

Also means Harry and Jesse are the only characters we've had time to get to know who are in fact still the same characters we know.

... complicated.

Still interesting though.

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Also, I don't think the timeline changes affected... LoT that much...? I mean...

Well, this is around where I stopped watching this season. I may catch up by next season, I may not bother with next season at all - who knows!


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