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Continues to be fun, but I am mostly frown face today and haven't as much to say about it.

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The art has been less creepy about butts. Like, sometimes men are seen from rear views, and sometimes women are drawn almost the same as them. But male butts never have a line up the middle and female butts almost always do. Which is weird and creepy. But not as egregiously as when I was complaining about it with Black Widow.

Yes I know this is a detail I'm going to sound creepy about pointing out.

I like the twisty stories and I like some of the characters, Tony had more moments to actually seem like a person this season, Steve got to be cool, Hawkeye is a person but kind of not the one I've been reading fanfic about. There still need to be more women around, because new women only seem to turn up for an episode at a time. Is parity such a difficult concept?

I have more episodes to watch so I'll probably keep doing that.
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Ultron! Loki! Grand plans coming together!
and a cliffhanger ending!

I am appreciating the way the stories weave together with this version. Stuff gets seeded twenty episodes ago and eventually pays off. It's fun.

And y'all want to watch without reading these spoilers, to see how they do it, if you're tempted to watch at all.

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That's some impressively twisty stuff for a punch the supervillain show.


I am now looking forward to how they undo this knot.

And trepidatious about what will happen to the team in the meantime.

As I should be.


... wait, 11pm already? guess that was proper interesting then.
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Alternating tasks with Avengers episodes has worked pretty good.
After accidental two hour bath I have actually got through the whole to-do list.
Which included cleaning out the blue boxes, putting some fandom t-shirts in them for long term storage, stacking the boxes as tidy as they go, putting away the dry laundry, hanging up the damp laundry, and running the washing machine. Also changing the sheets. And wearing nice pyjamas with the shiny boxes and hearts pattern.

All of that, only 4 sandwiches and 3 episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

I'm surprised by EMH. Specifically, I like Ant Man. Read more... )

I was comparing this EMH in my head to Batman the Brave and the Bold. They're completely different shows, structurally especially, but I was getting frustrated because BBB is all about team ups and he repeatedly demonstrates more ability to get along with people he's only just met than these Avengers do to understand their team mates who they live with. In one episode Batman and Green Arrow, who have a 'friendly' rivalry that gets closest to actually fighting each other, manage to convey crucial information and formulate a plan and agree who plays what side of some sneaky stuff and what undercover personas they're going with, all in the space of a couple of sentences that look like a fight. With someone they don't even like. They're more competent in moments than Clint manages to be with his partner in many, many episodes. And then they get on with fighting bad guys.

But EMH is going with some long term character arcs and really working its regular cast and their intra team conflicts, which is an approach with a lot of interesting in it.

I just get really frustrated on those occasions (many) when it makes them look substantially less than competent.

But I want to see where this show is going, it's doing fun stuff.
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I like it. Twisty plots are twisty.

Also, Ultron!

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Basically, nice story, but these are not the characters I've been hanging out with in my head, even when sharing many of their characteristics. Which is interesting.

And I find myself liking quite different people than expected.
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I'm on Volume 3 of the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes DVDs
where they introduce Mockingbird (yaay)

her costume has wings which glide!
wings, but no leggings.

I'm getting really *very* creeped out with how they animate Black Widow, and now Mockingbird. They get special treatment no other character gets. And by special treatment I mean butts.

After I noticed how they were framing Natasha (from behind, close up, butt crack wiggling on a black catsuit) I spent the rest of the episode checking for other butts (yes I know how that sounds shush serious crit is serious) and no, nope, no other butts, except for Mockingbird.

Guys do not have behinds. Let alone behinds in skintights.
Black Widow and Mockingbird mostly have behinds.

And it's really jarring compared to the quality of some of the other animation. Sometimes facial features don't even make sense, they're kind of awful in off moments, but someone went through lovingly animating every line of the butt wiggles.

Creeping. Me. Out.

Yes I am fully aware of how comics do this kind of thing. I just... really? Everywhere? This now? Blergh.

I admit it makes Widow a lot more mysterious, since there's only so much you can learn about someone from that angle, but really.

I am liking the plots.

And they don't do this to every female character. Carol and Jan wear actual clothes so far.

It's just once I notice something I keep noticing, and, creepy.

In other news it's cute how Tony still thinks he's the leader while everyone else ignores him more and more.

Also I was vaguely pondering how Hawkeye in this 'verse starts out as a SHIELD agent and Black Widow's partner. Like, compared to the MCU. EMH Clint mentions the circus, which is more backstory than we have on MCU Clint. EMH is 2010 and Thor with brief Clint cameo as SHIELD agent is 2011. While in 616 he was an Avenger first? Variations.

Here it's mostly so he can make pouty face about Widow betraying him and remain deeply perplexed about it and also be rebellious against two completely seperate organisations, SHIELD and the Avengers.

He's stubborn and not quite bright, but good at thinking sideways for his job, like tactics stuff. Also funny and quippy and brave.

... the way they draw him makes me think his nose is on upside down, it sticks out weird like here, it's unfortunate, and then there's the pointy mask on top of that.

But the stories are all making a complex universe full of conflicting motivations and they're quite fun.
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There's a certain amount of stupid I can believe, and the sort of stupid that gets in arm's reach of Hulk and challenges him to a fight is... genre appropriate, but Read more... )

I do not like having headaches. That part of my evening is annoying. And I already took painkiller, so I appear to be stuck with it.

I am really glad the movies didn't go with Hawkeye's purple design quite the way it is in this cartoon. It's the pointy head bits I can't quite be having with. The rest looks like perfectly reasonable vaguely asian skirt whatsits or a purple robin hood. The mask is... even with my expectations reset to comic book I keep noticing it and instead of story I'm all Clint what is on your head.

I don't know why, it's hardly the weirdest thing in marvel.

Now Hawkeye has had stuff to do he seems super good in a fight but weirdly untrusting and confrontational considering what they keep saying about partners.

Not my favourite character set.

but that was the first 13 episodes and end of volume 2.
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two more episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
10 Everything is Wonderful
11 Panther's Quest

Theme: For a genius, Tony sure is an idiot.

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Tony's an arrogant ass who needs to consult before he acts, use his words, and maybe notice that he's not the most brilliant at everything, ie leading the Avengers. It's weird him giving orders to Cap, even if it worked out well this once. I like it better in the movies where he notices how Cap is kind of good at this fighty stuff relatively swiftly. The Avengers being brought together with Tony's money, Tony's property to house them, and Tony reckoning it's all his idea and he's the boss, only sets him up to be an idiot repeatedly.

In other news I have to actually like this version of Ant-Man, which frankly given what comics 'verse has him having done is making me feel a bit ill. But he's the guy in the cartoon who is all 'you don't want to be a villain, fighting isn't solving anything, how about we actually talk'. You know, like I would. So I'll just have to divide up the universes. The guy who is all about maybe we can rehab them is much better than the guy who just wants to build a better box to store them and their toys in.

Cap needs to catch up and have a personality though. I mean, being a walking :-( is entirely reasonable, I wouldn't tell a real person to grow a personality, have a sad, totally fair, it's just as a character he could be more present.

Jan is overconfident in fun ways that very nearly almost work. She's fighty, and then she's in over her head, and then teamwork. She's also enthusiastic about superheroics, as opposed to business or science like some of the others, so she's there for the same reasons we are and that's kind of helpful.

I'm going to watch lots more episodes of this. Which is good cause I have 8 volumes of it.
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Have watched two more episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
basic plots were
'everyone fights Hulk until he changes his mind and saves everyone'
'everyone fights Cap until he changes his mind and saves everyone'

Is it always like this with Avengers?
Is Whedon doing this just following tradition?

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This cartoon series is being a lot like comic books because it clearly has a vast and complex backstory you're not expected to know, a lot of which whizzes by while you have a few fight sequences, and you only get small episodes in a larger interconnected story with each episode/issue. It could be cool. I'm not sure I'm in the mood for it, but it should be cool, doing longer stories in smaller chunks.

Avengers Mansion in this is introduced as used to be a museum for the Maria Stark foundation. So that thing I theorised about a certain location in Avengers Age of Ultron, where the art got moved out and the war moved in, that is pretty much canon for Earth's Mightiest Heroes Avengers Mansion. Only it's Tony doing it there, which is different from what I was thinking because he doesn't identify so much by the museum parts, the sub level tech stuff is more key to his identity even if he wasn't flying around wearing it. Also that thing where he sold all his art at once in IM2, and he was buying overpriced pieces he knew little about for investment and never seemed to look at much of it. Art character doing it would be different.

Avengers Mansion has 12 bedrooms. Read more... )

Jan is still Most Interesting, not just because she's The Girl, but because she seems interested and excited and like she actually wants to be there and doing the things they're doing. It's hard to get particularly excited about grumpy faces who fight each other. Tony is next most interesting because he's like, here, have a club house, have a training room, that was the easy setting, wanna play more?

Also, already he and Steve get along better than they did in the MCU and he has tons to say about how everyone looks up to Captain America and his dad told him all about him.

Now I could watch more episodes or go outside the house to do the errand I told myself I would do at 2pm.

... probably episodes, lets face it.
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Have started watching Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
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So, okay, I did just write a long reaction post while watching 155 minutes of Avengers cartoons until 9pm, I suspect that means it's amusing enough to buy the rest of them tomorrow.

But they weren't very good yet?

Also, needs more women. Always needs more women.

It's much more serial than other cartoons I've seen. It hasn't even put itself together yet, it's all Beginnings, threads getting made, still all loose. So, okay.

I shall take the tip about making sure I watch in intended order, it's clearly doing a thing.

The voices are weird and I'm not convinced. But the worst that can happen is the charity shop gets a donation, so, onwards.
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I went with mum to vote and then we caught the bus in to Norwich to go visit the Avengers.
As you do.

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I'd kind of assumed the personhood of at least some existing AI in the MCU was a given, and understood by their creator at the very least, but after Age of Ultron I'm having to examine that assumption.

SPOILERS for Avengers Age of Ultron under the cut: Read more... )
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I'm reading a meta about themes of family and legacy in Avengers Age of Ultron. So, SPOILERS Read more... )

I think leaving Bruce out of this equation is misleading and unhelpful.

Also, why everyone blame Tony for everything? Only true for many things, really.

Oh, also, theme 'Together' : Read more... )
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Spoilers and more spoilers obviously, but just the right snark about just the right things.

Because yes, the most frustrating thing is Read more... )

Also, SPOILERS I've not mentioned yet: it is possible that it is only my mum who was confused, and she was confused by how many sets of siblings there were in this movie cause she thought there were more than I thought, but you know the beginning when Thor was looking for Read more... )

Oh, AND, a thing I meant to say when I started typing that paragraph and got myself lost: Read more... )
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At the end of Age of Ultron: I know that bit of the movie filmed at the UEA, but I assert that it makes things better if those scenes are actually set in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Reasons under the cut. Read more... )

I don't expect everyone else to agree with me though, especially if the movie actually did say where it was. But I've read stuff that said it could be anywhere in the world, and I like that version much better.

More new and interesting story if it's set around here.
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Okay, so, I'm self aware enough to know there's something I had to get over before I could watch this movie and not sulk about it. Because I had heard about the 'ships before I went in, and they were not my preferred sort. And people who are squee about the movie when I am not squee, they maybe thinking I'm bitter, but I don't think so? I mean, we have so many canons already, this isn't precisely new, we'll make versions of characters from the bits we like. But okay, here's my thoughts:

SPOILERS for Age of Ultron

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Having feels about imaginary people having imaginary relationships in some but only some versions of fictional universes: humans, what are we like?


May. 1st, 2015 09:17 am
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SPOILERS for Avengers Age of Ultron movie. Spoilers. For moments I personally was happy not to have known about in advance.

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This morning, thinking about Age of Ultron, and just basically ignoring anything that's really obviously about future movies, it made more sense. I can see some coherent themes about family and connection and togetherness. I'm just having to work at it more than seems optimal.
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Mum phoned and said she was (finally) thinking about going to see the movie, so this afternoon we went.

By the end I really wanted to stop by the UEA to get some selfies. They filmed parts there, and it turns out they're really cool parts, and something I'm totally going to imagine is right there in Norwich in the Avengers 'verse. So I want to go get photos on Avengers locations.

[ETA spoilerish links: It took a week, but we did it. And I still really like the location for in universe theme reasons as well as being right here handy. /ETA]

But... that was the part I was excited about. The bit where I Can See My School From Here.

This is... not quite the effect the film was going for.

I wanted to see Hawkeye talk and be a people and so forth, and yaay, I did! ... but I'm not wowed.
Mum thinks Hawkeye is the worst and is lame and would just run out of arrows. Mum is clearly super wrong. Hawkeye is awesome.
I'm not sure the movie showed us how Hawkeye is awesome. Couple of good moments, but, *shrugs*.

Okay, so, if this was Ao3 the movie would need the following warnings: Read more... )

They would need them for SPOILERS: Read more... )

I would personally add some trigger warnings but I'm not sure how to phrase them. Something about surgery and attitudes to infertility. Will have to describe. Read more... )

I was unimpressed with the characterisation of anyone in this movie. I object to some of the changes Whedon has made from my very cursory knowledge of the comics. I even don't like it compared to Avengers. I feel strongly he's done poorly by his female characters. I also doubt he knows what to do with Thor. And I think he half arsed his themes.

I came out of the movie thinking about how I would re-edit it, and by the time I got home I concluded I'd need to re-do it. I just weren't happy with it.

So this is the non-squee and SPOILER filled Avengers review. Boo. :-(

Read more... )

I'm spending an awful lot of words here trying to figure out precisely what was going on in what I just saw. Um, not good?

SPOILERS continue: Read more... )

There's threads I haven't followed through and as a review this here is muddled and not very useful.

What did I think of the movie?

Well I'm still trying to figure out what it did in some ways.

It was crowded, and I didn't feel anyone was particularly well served by that.

I didn't like who was fighting who, so I didn't like the fight scenes.

And I feel like it closed more story doors than it opened.

I really hope other people enjoy it more than I did.
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I realise I'm only reading select panels and the summary, but from what I can find, that whole relationship goes: Read more... )

There's got to be more to it than that, right?
That would be creepy.

Also that last panel with 'Mrs Hawkeye' is one week later. That's not whirlwind romance, that's drunk in Vegas. Other sources say this mini was when they met and they'd known each other six weeks on the outside. Epic trainwreck in progress???
I don't know, did they get better??

The data I actually went looking for, Hawkeye was 80% deaf? I can only find that on a wiki with no cite though. Also that it usually gets ignored in favour of super special awesome hearing aids. :eyeroll:
... I'm not going to be awesome at writing it either, I'm just pretty sure hearing aids aren't a magic fix it.

Though using actual magic to fix it would be completely consistent with this 'verse I'm writing. I know exactly why Barton doesn't, but it's an available service. I'll have to mention there's a queue.
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One thousand words on the topic of…

So we have a secret organisation, like SHIELD. Or Torchwood, though there’s only so many compartmentalised secrets you can have with all of five people. Jack and Ianto managed it, but still. The organisation is secret, and as I pointed out yesterday that severely restricts their data flow. But then the data that goes in goes up, only, and only orders come down.

There are some serious weaknesses built in to this model.

Most of all, there’s no feedback possible. Dude at the top says an order, everyone else either jumps or doesn’t jump.

Read more... )

Smartest thing Tony did was go public as Iron Man, and he may not have even known it. Secrets would put him in SHIELD’s control, and the system would have done its level best to swallow him and redistribute the good bits.

For the agency to be using all of the brains it technically holds? They need data. They need to be a bunch of curious and interested people. They need to know that exonerating people will still get them promoted. And they need to know they can refuse orders, change things around in the field, or plain old fuck up and still survive it. Without all that they system skews to keeping decisions and therefore risks small, and nobody is giving their best work.

Makes you wonder how Hawkeye, who made another call, who was starting to root for the other guy, managed to survive and thrive in the paranoid and HYDRA inflected SHIELD. How long he managed it and how. Cause if Hand was the boss of him she’d have shot him long before we met him, HYDRA would know they didn’t own him so likewise, and pretty much only Coulson of the people we met would have even put up with him. Must have been more and different going on than we saw. Or Hawkeye was just that lucky or that good.
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I just rewatched Avengers Assemble, this time giving myself permission to back it up a few seconds whenever and as often as I wanted. I think I don't actually watch the MCU that often. It has its good points, but it also has some very long fight sequences that could be avoided by certain grown men acting their ages, so, you know, fanfic.

Also, I am very much looking forward to Hawkeye being a character in the next one. Thus far we know what he can do, but who he is is just... we get next to nothing. Which may well be why he and Coulson were so popular to write, damn near a blank page with some comics influences if we feel the need, but it is frustrating.

What he can do is spectacular though. Read more... )

He's also smart, observant, puts things together about the science that are obvious once he's said them but seemed to be a surprise to Fury. 'Not from this side' is weird phrasing unless he assumes everyone else knows already, and indeed it does seem odd to need to clarify that doors open both ways. But then everyone else is thinking of it as a battery pack or a weapon in progress, so, he sees better from a distance.

Still, we get more actual characterisation from a few seconds in Thor, because wanting to stick an arrow in an enemy is pretty generic so 'I'm starting to root for this guy' is the most personal opinion we hear out of him.

I also watched for Coulson again, and the way he's established, contacting most everyone, it felt kind of like I could see the cogs the writers were putting in there, note the lever being installed, so we feel it when they pull it. That said, he's good at being an ordinary guy reacting to extraordinary things. When Pepper points out he seems upset it's hard to see what she means, but there are actual feelings going on, including around 'Barton's been compromised', much to the shipper's relief. But then there's a lot more feeling in his every interaction with Steve, it's just that feeling is 'awkward goof'. And fanfic made this characterisation of him where he's impossible to read and has the best poker face and doesn't react to anything, but then in Agent's of SHIELD he's ... more to the Steve side of expressive. So I don't know.

I also don't know how anyone can watch this and be a Loki apologist/fan. I mean, liking him as a villain, yes, fine, but liking him the way that adds him to all their Avengers fic and loves him and hugs him and seems to think he's so misunderstood... no, nope, no. Read more... )

I kept on pausing to stare at Stark Tower. I can't tell if they meant the construction around the top of the recogniseable remains of the Met Life building to be that being torn down, revealing the new shape inside, or if the Stark Tower sweeps out from the top of it. And I can't figure out the heights, not relative nor absolute, because I have no sense of scale for buildings like New York has. My town doesn't get past three stories, and that on the high street. Norwich has maaaaaaybe four tall buildings in it. Nothing in my experience to compare the things to. I've walked through bits of London, briefly, but if any of it was super tall I was too busy getting to the next train place to notice. So, pausing and trying to understand New York architecture, not terribly helpful to me.

Stark falls from his deck down 21 seconds, between going through the glass at 1:37:31 and 1:37:52 , when the visor flips down and he can hit the brakes. Maybe one more second to get in position. But probably 20, 21 seconds of falling.

That's pretty much the data I needed in order to write daring rescue attempts, catching team mates when they fall, that kind of thing. They've got 21 seconds if they can brake as hard as the Iron Man suit, and given how it supports every place, they probably can't.

But I also would like to know how high up he has to start for that to work out that way. There's probably math, I just don't... math. I can find simplified data about terminal velocity, but it takes time to get that fast and is more relevant from planes. Also apparently it varies greatly depending how you fall. So it wouldn't be simple math, anyway.

but just: Stark Tower. How tall is that meant to be?
And did Tony just build it up until it's a local record?

So, things I noticed this time: trajectories and falling. Clint is good at both. And those were probably the longest 21 seconds of Tony's life up to that time, but not the longest of that day.

(Also, when it says 'mark' on how long before the boom, it actually meant it. yaay movie timing.)
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So I dreamed something that seemed pretty awesome, but then I woke up and was, like, and my audience would be?
And then I realised, fanfic. There is always an audience.

... virgin princess Clint / Dragon Coulson, not even very much an AU.

The basic theory was that SHIELD runs a dating service because otherwise lonely SHIELD agents go around putting their details into databases, and SHIELD would rather they look after each other, even if they have some kind of unusual needs. Read more... )
Phil is a tuxedo dragon once he transforms. He's black and white until you look closely, and then he's iridescent and shimmering, with a white belly. I know exactly where to blame for that, and all the x is a dragon stuff my subconscious lately turns up, it's the Flight Rising dragon breeding game, you have to name the dragons and so you end up making super teams of them. I think he's a Guardian dragon, they look good and their whole reason for being is to protect. Be the shield.
Read more... )

... why is my imagination full of genderqueer mpreg dragons...

I've spent actual plural hours writing this down.

... aaaaand that's just me kind of chickening out of actually writing this, isn't it? Like, if I write it, it might not be to everyone's taste, but somebody somewhere will read it, so that's not even the issue.

I'll see if this is still in my head after I sleep again.
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So, there's stuff about the AI in TWS that has been bothering me for ages, and I keep expecting fic on this premis to turn up, but maybe I'm reading in the wrong places.

Read more... )
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I was reading an always-angels wingfic the other day and it had one half of the OTP as heaven's good soldier and the other as the fallen, probably demon, rebel dude. And I thought that the characterisation was pushed too far, flattened them out, but I was rolling with it... until the good soldier gets back to 'heaven', and the council that gives him his orders? Is made up of canon bad guys.

At that point, subtlety was gone, and the whole thing stopped even making sense. They'd mixed the alignments and motives of 'heaven' so badly there were capitalist get rich quick scheme guys in charge of the hosts. What does rich even mean when everyone can manifest anything? So then the bad guys made no sense and the story fell apart.

If you want to write about rebellion against heaven, if you want to write the triumph of team free will, then yaayness, go for it, this is a solid place to start. But you've got to see clear what the conflict is.

One of the martial arts films I saw, I think it's Iron Monkey? It had three sides in conflict. It was very very clearly a conflict between Lawful Good, Chaotic Good and Lawful Evil. Read more... ) Rampant capitalists are probably Lawful Evil.

Tony Stark is arguably Lawful Evil, before the cave. You can write him as doing it all for the good of the company ie his employees and shareholders, thinking of others first. That's valid too. But you can also write it as complete self centered playboy narcissism, and canon fits fine. That's Lawful Evil. He's getting his, and the getting is good, so why worry about anyone else?

Read more... )

So Steve as heaven's soldier, a Good man in a Lawful Good organisation, meeting a fallen Chaotic Good Tony Stark and, well, falling for him, or leading heaven's hosts in rebellion in the cause of Good against Law, that all works great. They'll match on the alignment that means everything to Steve.

But finding out heaven is secretly evil? That's oversimplifying the matter. That requires everyone to be stupid for a really long time.

Read more... )

If you're going to use the heaven vs hell trope set, then heaven is every good thing anyone could ever want, or at least can plausibly sell itself as that. Heaven's angels know unquestionably that they are the good guys, they get what they deserve, and that what they want is the Father's will. If you're going to just drop secretly selfish angels into that, it gets difficult to sell, because what even is it they have left to want? Secretly judgey angels who want all that good stuff for themselves and don't think humans deserve it, sure. Angels who can't even have the good stuff because humans are the only ones that get rewards, great, they can work that problem. Angels fed up with singing the praises of the dude that made them, maybe want their own songs, fine. But it takes a little work, because the source trope is angels and heaven are all the good things, so just dropping some bad guy names on them doesn't make first glance sense.

And it's much more interesting to use the whole set up as a way in to questioning what we even mean by Good.
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It's interesting what fanfic does and doesn't soak up. Clint/Coulson came out of pretty much nothing and is still going strong, but it's mostly ignoring Agents of SHIELD. When it does acknowledge AoS there is a really obvious big problem in suggesting any outside relationship for Coulson is super important. Mostly fic just has 'Fury made me do it' and a lot of anger and apologies. But it has reached the point where I'm wanting to talk back at it, because there is in fact logic much stronger than that, and clearly the internet needs to know. Read more... )

It's four in teh morning and I'm not sure how much of that made sense in English. Or who would want to read it. But hey, OTP thoughts.


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