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2017-09-25 03:07 pm
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MP dreaming

I had the weirdest most convoluted stress dream
where I was an independent MP
trying to get to a vote
on something I hadn't read and couldn't get a clear idea of
that was nevertheless on a knife edge balance to pass and Very Important.

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So now I've woken up with a vague sense of things not done
and an underlying reservoir of feeling entirely inadequate to the tasks.
Who would want a representative and choose me?
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2017-09-13 08:24 am
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(no subject)

I dreamt Benton Fraser was turning into a skinny type old man
and was something like ashamed of it
because he just couldn't keep the weight on any more.
he felt he should have a nice layer of insulating fat, be all seal sleek,
but no, he was a skinny.
He felt vulnerable and unsexy
and RayK had to make him feel bettr about it
while feeling kind of insecure himself
because, you know, also a skinny.
But it would never occur to Ben to criticise someone else's body,
just advise them how much more they might need to wear for the conditions.
Besides, he liked his skinny partner.
It was just this one change in himself, out of all the changes, that he had not anticipated
it bothered him.
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2017-09-08 11:26 am
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security anarchy

I dreamed SHIELD had reinvented itself and recruited a whole bunch of self guiding agents
like, SHIELD provided labs, armoury, a giant library, meeting rooms, and cubicles to call your desk for the day
but then set SHIELD agents loose in all that and let them figure out what they wanted to chase

which has a few obvious flaws as a way of systematically monitoring global security threats

but makes it a whole lot more like the Avengers.

It's one of the things that bugs me about vigilante heroes in most settings, they pour all their time and resources into their particular Thing, and sometimes they've all got the same Thing and other times they have different spheres, but there's really uneven coverage. And at no point do vigilantes that aren't Batman sit down and study how they can, for instance, reduce crime the most with that money and those hours.

... Batman did the reading, went to college, made crime maps, and used the Wayne Foundation to systematically tackle the conditions and causes, plus paying a lot of attention to what the police commissioner and DA do. Even Green Arrow, attempting to be mayor, is a few layers short of that. And he and his team seem to tackle one case per episode, or possibly per night. Police have a few more things to do than that in Starling.

So setting resources the scale of SHIELD loose to follow their own interests... would have interesting results, but you'd get gigantic gaps in coverage because nobody thought Norfolk was sexy, for instance.

Intelligence work as academia? Although there's grants and funding that shapes where interest goes in academia.

So a dream that was mostly about a SHIELD agent showing Bucky and Steve how they were self guiding now is making me think about systems and how much or little use a hero model would even be.

It's flashy and impressive to be a hero.

But I think a lot of them do more good at their day jobs.
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2017-08-12 03:17 pm
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Today I mostly sleeped

I finally woke up at like 2pm.
I guess last week was tiring.

Also I had some spectacular and intricate dreams I wanted to spend more time with.

Like, one dream, I was investigating some disappearances, cleaning staff at a particular tower, so I got some similar clothes, lifted someone's ID for the doors, and went in. But the cleaners had their own lift, the executives another, and I'd got ID for the regular employees. But there were cleaner uniforms heading for that lift, so I followed, and they made excuses but then said they wanted to see the view, just the once. They were allowed to clean the lift, so if it just happened to climb the outside of the tower while they were in it, well...

So I joined them and we 'cleaned' the handrail a bit and waited...

And it got summoned to the top floor.

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I, personally, did not want to be sacrificed to the great old ones to pay for college.

I sympathised, but nope.

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So having woken up from that to a Saturday where the most exciting thing in it is likely to be watching another episode of The Flash, I pretty much pulled the blankets up and decided to stay instead.

Because sure, demons and brain breaky beings from beyond, but also bodypaint and trying to save someone's soul with sex.

My living room does not compete.

The next set of dreams were also pretty cool, but mostly a chase dream though. But through a super malleable landscape, where finding two chests of drawers in a shed meant we'd got a carriage, if we could figure out the transformation, which mostly just meant pulling on it and telling it really clearly what to be. There were bits of dream where Barry Allen was there, sure his powers didn't work any more, and I saved him by insisting he eat, until he realised that only a speedster could possibly have eat that much and he must still have something going on. Also I got hugs from Jack O'Neill, who wasn't *my* O'Neill, but even in this very alternate universe was experienced enough at alternate universes that a complete stranger being all "I missed you" got a very sympathetic response.

... it has been ages since I sat down and watched SG1. And my new recorder box can play all the dvds.

... my unwatched shelf is a bit over long too, though.

There were some distressing bits, Read more... ) But. Adventure.

The optimized sort of adventure where you can wake up and tell the internet about it. Escape and no consequences.

Would take a lot to beat that.

... I really need more things to do with my awake time.
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2017-08-08 09:44 am
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Loki dreaming

I dreamed me and half the MCU were stuck inside The Sims. Read more... )

It was interesting Loki being there and having his power split up between those he'd usually consider beneath him, a lower level of real. It's like how the player is a storyteller in these wide open games. It was being meta about the fragmentation of story in a gaming environment, which was kind of fascinating at the time.

But now I'm awake I feel vaguely like I should apologise to Loki and give it back, and quite a lot like I should try and write something today. After all, I haven't done what the power was given for, get whatever aggressive paranoid magic got aimed at our warrior out of him and back in the storyteller where it belongs...
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2017-07-18 06:23 am
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Kind of a soulbonding dream

I dreamt there was this room which made some people very, very twitchy if shut in there alone. Which would be hard to distinguish from regular hey why is the door locked twitchy. But it was like sensory deprivation, like people in that room that is Too Quiet. It shut off a sense most people aren't consciously aware of, the one mages use, a sort of reaching out part. So it filtered for people who could be trained, which was handy, but this particular room was designed for something else.

As this group found when Barry Allen closed the door behind himself, and while the world got shut out, that left them real focused on the sense of each other.

If there wasn't anything to reach outside for, certain spells, inset in the floors, could encourage, basically, soulbonding.

It hadn't been done for a while, not formally or consciously. Mick and Len were in there and had their own little bond humming away. But the more people in a bonded group, the stronger the bond, the greater the distance it worked at, the more strength each could share with the others, and the more knowledge. This room was set up for a bond of five or six, and they hadn't found rooms for larger. Which ought to be a clue this was going to get wild, but, they had an urgent need to be better, faster, stronger, smarter, and, rather importantly, able to trust each other.

Barry Allen, Mick Rory and Leonard Snart, Cisco Ramon, and... some random guy who was impressively good with curved swords. The random guy knew he was a random. But he was a random who maybe might be able to join a bond.

And since they'd found a lot of emphasis on how the bond needed maintenance, preferably daily, they thought it would be temporary.

... it's never temporary.

So Barry explained all this and how the bonding part worked and then he got naked.

... pretty sure the fic of this would be popular, with a slightly tweaked cast list.

So, bonding happened, in all the available combinations.

This was made possible partly by the designs inset in the floor. Which were a sort of hexagonal pixel grid made of sliced sections of color pencils. The wood is a traditional wand material, the colors less so, but each dot could be made of all sorts, so you could get super complex workings going on.

... no I'm not going to write up the bonding today.

But when they were done, they could hear each other at least all across the city, and showing a design to Len got Cisco level comprehension, with Len's tactical sense. And that was just the beginning, they had a lot more to learn from each other.

Mick and Len were used to just feeling really in synch and not needing whole sentences to figure each other out, but that was like texting compared to the full on experience they could get from each other now. Which was kind of like drinking from the fire hose, so they suddenly spent much less time together and latched on to others instead. Mick and Cisco, Len and Barry. Random guy is still random, it was kind of sad, there were fears of being a redshirt. But everyone got superb at hand to hand. Still, Barry kept trying to include everyone, but he also wanted to spend time with Iris, because wife. ... you kind of have to be Barry to physically manage that. Recovery times are otherwise an issue. Except everyone would get just a little share of his healing, sooo...

You'd think Barry and Cisco would be the tightest, being relatively emotionally available and actually liking each other, but they actually found the sex parts weird and Cisco was the only one with an emotional 'we're cheating on Iris' hangup, and so they mostly bounced into other orbits. Which seemed to be working out.

Except, all that about maintaining the spell? That'd be because if it gets wonky, it gets wonky for *everyone*. Any weird feelings either get dealt with or bounce back and forth until the whole group has them. And Len's first reaction, be cold and walk away, don't warm up to people, way too dangerous to care... well usually it gets balanced by Mick's fire or/and Barry's persistence running after people, but, those are now conflicting feelings on the *inside*, and then it gets weird. Random guy is still feeling shut out, except that means *everyone* starts feeling like they're shut out, spare, surplus, rejected, which compounds on the fact Len is consciously trying to reject them and emotionally as wildly possessively attached as he ever has been, as if they're all Mick now, which he can't always deal with when there's just one of it. Oh, and Cisco's feeling they're cheating? Yeah, messy.

So now they either have to deal with their emotional problems or... well, not deal with anything, because it's going to get loud in there.

The bond isn't temporary, it's *tricky*, and using it to force trust is pretty much their worst idea ever.

But it totally could work out, they've got the framework, especially if someone notices that it doesn't all have to be sex.

And in the dream Barry specifically had a conversation about Iris about how he was feeling bad because if he's poly now then shouldn't he just, like, love everyone the same? And that needs sorted out, because no two couples are the same, he needs to realise what each specific relationship means to him and work on it as its own thing.

So it's a whole thing about sex and communication and how you can't rely on sex, except with soulbonds and superpowers and being able to be five or six supergeniuses who can work at some level of superspeed even if it's just by sending Barry to read books and then redistributing the new knowledge so they each hold on to parts of it even while it mostly fades.

Many advantages, with the disadvantage of actually requiring open and honest communication about emotions.

So, team.
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2017-07-13 02:10 am

Tall ships or small ships

Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways.

I woke up from a really detailed dream about Read more... )

So after those really obscure and meta nightmares

I woke up with an immediate and important need

To figure out what ship the Waverider would be, if it was a wooden sailing ship of some sort.

Read more... )

But I'd need to learn many things about wooden vehicles to even start.

Which is kind of fun, once I know enough to know what I don't know, which is not really today.
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2017-07-06 03:53 pm
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(no subject)

I also dreamed that I was the Radiant, who is the Mercy of God the way that the Spectre is the Wrath of god.
Which got complicated.
Like, it's not just being nice, or being kind, it's omnipotence if you're delivering mercy, which is a teensy bit more kick arse.
I remember pointing out the whole mercy killing concept but realising I was too human to do that with the relevant frame of mind.
Also there was one guy I just grabbed and edited his memories until he'd stop with the killings and then showed him what he'd be like if I left him that way and offered him a choice. ... because free will is god given so god's agents have to be really and sincerely careful of it.

It's kind of interesting tying to figure how you'd cope with omnipotence as long as you're omnibenevolent, and allow free will. I mean, if you put free will top of the over rides you can't impose anything and have to make deals for all of it. You could only even help if you were asked.

... which weirdly doesn't sound like agents of god...
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2017-07-06 02:44 pm
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yaay awake?

on the one hand being woken before you'd planned is kind of blergh
but on the other those were not nice dreams.

1500 zombies are a problem, but by the end they were 1500 zombies with kalashnikovs.
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... and some really nice if retro futuristic decorating in a flat can kick it all off, if the previous owner wants to retain possession.

... that explanation for no interior photos in a house listing is going to haunt me...
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2017-07-04 06:51 pm
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(no subject)

To whoever rang the door and woke me up: when you say you want to be let and I say Why? It is not a convincing answer to hang up and dial someone else. That didn't seem like a complicated question. And the subtext was why did you wake me up, so you fail at that too.

I was dreaming about Simm!Master and Ten. The Master wasn't fobwatched, he was more like Eight that time he'd been away from the TARDIS far too long, not enough brain memory so he'd forgotten himself and defaulted to a different personality. But he was such a nice man like that. He was interested, and helpful, and he had a workshop full of stuff and things and he was making all sorts. It wasn't a lab coat workshop, more a blue overalls and split leather fireproof coats sort of thing. Ten was ever so fascinated. But this Master wouldn't have liked his usual self at all, or vice versa, making him a one man trolley problem.

To get his memories back he needed artron energy. So I, as a time traveller, was strangely attractive, time lord catnip, but didn't have enough (plus the Doctor was unimpressed with the ethics of letting amnesiacs kiss us). One kiss from the Doctor, though...

So that's a setup and a half for angst. Reasons to avoid first kiss: will from certain angles kill him, and likely all the rest of us when he realises.

But he was so cute and enthusiastic.

And the Doctor rather likes the full of memory sort anyway.

Which of course is why he didn't want to let himself.

... I'm fairly sure I've read the very thing, with fob watches involved, but making it artron deficiency means they can't even touch, so...
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2017-06-23 04:00 pm
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(no subject)

Today I definitely slept twelve hours, broken a couple times with drink breaks. Possibly more.
Guess moving every box and book in the house repeatedly makes you tired.

Also yesterday I bought a fan and today the weather went acceptable again so I don't need it.
You're welcome ;-)

Probably it was the being cooler and no window open that let the sleeping work.

For values of work that involved dreaming a mage caused epidemic that killed fifteen thousand people.

It was an interesting setup, college of magic, rules about celibacy, me and Magneto and the Professor planning to break them, Julian Bashir turning up for the medical parts along with his politician older twin Alex. Plenty of romance options and bonus magic. But the bit with all those thousands of people bleeding from the everywhere kind of took all the fun out of the other parts. Read more... )

I also dreamed that the reason I'm... built with a handy energy reserve suitable for surviving starvation rations... is that I'm instinctively good at the spell Monk's Feast. Hmm, dreamed it wrong, in GURPS it's Monk's Banquet. Either way, it's the spell where you can go without food or water for a day because magic took care of it. If I cast that and ate anything on top, that would all be bonus calories and end up going to my waist.

Pretty good excuse.

But I've spent most of the afternoon, it feels like, dreaming about the various slightly bad tasting penance rations of the college of magic, so I think I'm hungry. I'll go eat a real food.
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2017-06-20 11:51 am
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Dreamed Oz again today.

I like it that he keeps being my age. Some of my dream people just do not keep up, and then I'm like, really? But my subconscious does at it will.

Dreamed we were house hunting, as per usual.
... look I don't know what it is about this particular werewolf that apparently seems so domestic, but this is what I dream, we go look for places.
Not together to start with though, we met at an open house, somewhere that was awesome with wrap around windows on what would be a balcony except they'd been realistic about British weather. But you got a three sided view and a very industrial vibe with the railings and the bricks and all. It was great.
But like I said to him, when he asked if I was taking this one, I'd find it great like ten percent of the time. The rest of the time I'd want back in my mole palace. And where would you put the books? A whole room with no books? Doesn't work.

... and then I was like, hi, how have you been? Because in this dream we were awkward off and on exes who had been really trying to go make separate lives this time but kept bumping into each other exactly when we were trying to go someplace new and different. Too much in synch to stay apart, too wolfy to stay together. Like, logically, that's just too much of a risk.
... logic took a back seat and we went from hands on arms to all hugs pretty much soon as see each other, and I checked I wasn't being cruel, but he was right there with me, so, back to my place.

Where also as per usual the whole thing turned into demons and fighting, but, it was a nice start. Awful end though, with hurting a small child while trying to stop a demon using spray stuff. Hated that part. Would not do, would be careful and responsible demon hunter with better defences in the first place.

But I like Oz. Dream Oz is pretty much calm and in control now, except in fun ways. It's nice.
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2017-06-17 08:10 pm
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(no subject)

went for a lie down at 1745, woke up at 1945 realising Doctor Who had just happened.
But the iplayer works so well I'm not worried. And the iplayer is my first thought over even the recorder box, which I know just did.

Dreamt something complex with a murder mystery that's hard to investigate because cloning. Read more... )

A remote worker partnered with a replicant investigating natural twins is a starting point to demonstrate social prejudice about origins, even before you add the assumed racism and ablism.

But I think it requires someone more socially adept than me to go into that kind of ground without just echoing the nasty, instead of doing something worthwhile with it.

I mean there has to be some kind of conclusion based on good is a thing you do not a thing you are, and the difference between honor and reputation especially when reputation is collective. But... tricky.
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2017-06-05 12:28 pm
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Well that was a delight

Today's dream: postgraduate study at Hogwarts.

Turns out that university and postgrad levels can be handled rather differently than school, though it has gone out of fashion of late. Nobody is quite sure exactly how it works, and the options are a bit mind boggling. Plus actual postgrad study requires a full quartet - one from each House - and they'll be together five years.

But on the up side, from outside, the whole thing, a three year degree and five year doctorate, takes about eight hours.
Read more... )

But the good bit as a dream was just having such a lot of good work to do. Fixing up the building was going to take all of us and stretch our skills, especially because as well as the plumbing we'd have to get the magical flow right. Wizarding buildings are potentially alive, so restoring a ruin is as much a resurrection as a construction challenge. But we'd be reshaping it to new purposes. A proper research group, designed to bring together every strand of wizardry. So we had two towers for Hogwarts already, one for our quartet and one for whoever Draco brought along, but for the other towers we invite groups from other schools of wizardry.

Read more... )

Still though, me as Slytherin... and who would the other three be? And what kind of place would Hogwarts be if everyone knew you needed to build up a friend group from all four houses, or be shut out of getting a Doctorate?

I was thinking when I woke up it's weird I keep dreaming about flipping Draco Malfoy. I could just blame The Flash. But the thing with fic of the 'more from' school is it tends to emphasise the bad points of the protagonist, seeing as they were skipped over in source, and the good points of the enemy they're being slashed with. The good guys get shown as needing a little more of their enemy in them, which makes them seem more reasonable. And trying to lead the protagonist through falling for their enemy gives the reader a really attractive view of them. So someone being remotely likeable in canon is basically irrelevant to how a fanfic reader gets guided to react to them.

... honestly I should just stop feeling apologetic about it, I mostly read enemies to lovers, it's what works for me.

... but some of those enemies, from a pure canon point of view, really should just go to jail for pretty much ever, so, apologetic it is...

But fixing a whole culture through who your study group house shares with seems like a good spark.
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2017-06-01 09:41 am
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Today's dream

I was in a school investigating stuff.

Around ine in the morning the stuff included Ollie Queen and his demon doppelganger, and there were rooms embodying the deadly sins, in a school-ish way, so Pride was probably the one where you got to see your own confidential files and they all said excellent if Slytherij things about you. But that could have been envy, because also other people could see you file, once you had. And Ollie couldn't so much as open a door because if it turned out to be Wrath we'd all be dead.

Now I'm awake I consider that an unfair assessment, because really, he's probably felt all that before, and he got it under control. Nut he wouldn't risk it.

And the demon bit started because there was a possessed book, where reading it would let out a demon, and it was disguised as the latest one on a series. Probably the Dresden Files actually. But unfair much, teasing a reader. I mean if it's a huge great leather thing with Necronomicon on the cover you know not to pick it up, but if it looks like the latest paperback you're going to bring it home with you. ... unfair but cunning.

This morning the school went all gender divided and I had to camouflage myself so it wouldn't eat me, so I went to the uniform store and bought black and white and lots and lots of grey. I ended up wearing a shirt under a dress over a skirt over a longer skirt. All stripes and pinstripes. Like wearing a teacher costume over another teacher costume over a manager. Probably there was a pinstripes jacket to go with it.

... Probably I need to buy some more clothes that are actual colors. Or start wearing the ones I do have.

But there was a throwing axe lying around that nobody in the girl's school would admit to, so we went over to the guy's side. Where we found a bazillion axes, none of them quite matching. And then they wouldn't let us out. The door wouldn't go the other way, we'd have to go to another level to get back, but wherever we went it got more first person shooter or dungeon crawl with trap after trap and it just would not let us out. We found a teacher three levels down and they started shouting at us about pressups and never leaving a buddy behind. There was a wall of books but it just swung open to be a secret door, you couldn't read them or anything. And the secret door led to the corridors used by the janitorial staff, who couldn't get out neither. The teacher, who looked kind of like Kurt Russell if he was badly photocopied a few times, declared we'd only get out when we learnt how to be real men.

Explaining that we were not in fact real men didn't get us anywhere.

So then flash forwards nine years of study and there was a parade of men all ready for the next step. The ones going down more levels had some super orky clunky looking cyborg bits, and the fixed snarls of people who had run straight through walls one too many times. The ones going back up into the world looked kind of like movie stars, but more like movie extras, with that stamped plastic resemblance and no particular spark. And then there was me, still too short and in no way shaped like them, graduating on the supervillain track. I got a black t-shirt over black cargo trousers and eyes that had gone red and gold. The teachers were dubious that such a commercially available pattern just happened to be how I turned, but I was the correct level of defiant and deferential, so they'd let me pass anyway.

On the way out I got to set a whole bunch of traps for the next set.

I calibrated them for teachers.

Soooo... I woke up and felt like that was a very My Gender Issues, Let Me Show You sort of dream.

Also like I need to wear actual colors today wherever I dig them out from.

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2017-05-31 10:13 am
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Todays anxiety dream was

I discovered I was on a 9am panel at a convention
on a topic I vaguely remembered adding to a list two years ago
but for a book I'd never read
and I was the moderator
and the rest of the panel wasn't there by ten minutes past
*and* it was only the first of a packed schedule

which was keeping me away from my important work securing the food supply of our first year space colony
which had put on a convention when it realised it needed an unscheduled unbudgeted shipment of heavy equipment
and if it sold enough con tickets the ship would pay for itself.

... my anxiety dreams are kind of multi layered here...
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2017-05-11 01:36 am
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(no subject)

Dreamed I was a parrot, flying along the coast, looking at things.
I was a big red parrot, leaving a bunch of green parrots, and flying with a blue parrot.
They didn't mind eating whatever and drinking from ouddles, but I was a parrot of refined tastes, so I'd brought a purse and some pound coins.

The whole enterprise stumbled because Tesco does not serve parrots.

So we had to go find Rhys Williams of Torchwood, who has seen weirder, and would.
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2017-05-08 03:00 am
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Illusion and creation

I dreamt I got into one of those magic battles where everyone attempts to do something proper cosmic just to demonstrate they can.

Also that there was a sort of cult where they claimed to be teaching magic but they were really collecting people with a shred of magery and teaching them the sort of short cuts that call on dark spirits, rather than doing spells themselves. Read more... )

I liked the bit where I was shoeing off how detailed my render could get just to demonstrate the true versatility of magic. Trying to get students to come to the light side because it's actually better seems like a good gig. And just making a forest, on that was fun.

Not loving the gore levels in the rest of it.

Mick Rory turning up as my sidekick get away driver is a bit... oversimplifying him. Like, yes, but sometimes wherever you're getting away from would turn out to be a bit more on fire than you had in fact planned.

Also Len wasn't in the dream and the I just get sad the OTP is split up.

I'm weirdly attached to the version of him from that one fanfic where he was an accountant. I think because it's easier to imagine how I'd meet an accountant? And every shady business needs one, even if it's only shady because it's difficult to explain magic to the tax man. And Captain Cold would be the one in the driving seat of his own story under almost all circumstances, so if I want to be the protagonist, it's tricky to see why he's anything but the villain. Still. Accountant. Might be stretching into a whole new character instead. Interesting one though.

Would go with Lindsey McDonald. The one who walked away. Lawyer who knows magical law but is suddenly unaffiliated.

I was thinking, if you get tapped to be the next Sorcerer Supreme and now have to defend some magical Sanctum, that doesn't actually fix the whole property law side of things. I mean presumably it's an actual building with legal title and inheritance tax being required and so forth. There might be a will from the previous dude, but it might be more of a magical contract, rather than something that would easily stand in court.

So, plot bunny: The Sorcerer has chosen you to protect the Sanctum now he's gone. But without valid legal title there's a slight problem in the question of if the house belongs to you, or if you now belong to the house...

Lawyer Lindsey to the rescue.

Magic as a series of intricate contracts with diverse entities with powers would require a very sharp legal mind. But if you've been busily studying magery then law might be new to you. In which case you'd have to hire someone in. Who would then have power over things like if you accidentally sign away your soul. Talk about a hireling problem.

If being Sorcerer Supreme meant being like the target of a whole set of contracts that you don't even know exist yet, and you can get tapped for the job without knowing the details, and agreeing to it can be by actions like just trying to stop the bad guys breaking in... endless plot. But very legal.

Also, endless reason to tap someone new if you can get away with it. There'd be a bunch of bindings just to make sure you couldn't.

I like better the part with the great power than the great responsibility.

Also, what is up with the regular cast of my subconscious?
Men! Almost all men. For every role, oh look, here's an interesting morally ambiguous man.

Except cat burglar. Then there's a near endless supply of women.

A sorcerer trying to collect artefacts before they go badly for other people would have good reason to be the adventure seed for a whole lot of rogues.

That would be fun.

But still, my brain, too many men in it. Feeling colonised.

But the bit with the forest was cool.
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2017-04-30 05:59 pm
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Today's dreams started with me having teleport powers if I stepped between to another dimension. Because I'd bonded with a dragon and could therefore use their powers. But I was cranky about that because me and my dream husband both had gold queen dragons, so I with the younger dragon had to move to a new city to start a new weyr. We could visit, because teleport, but we couldn't just build a life together, because dragons are cranky and territorial.

And then I got to the St Louis of Defiance and met Nolan the ex military Lawkeeper, who had a Bronze dragon.

And then I got very cranky because would having a conversation first be too much to ask? Gold be too eager. Now there were eggs.

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Alien invasion arriving and finding magic is a very GURPS setup. Volge vs Dragons would go a bit interesting. But tech blows things up on such a larger scale than magic tends to, because it tends to unbalance the dungeon crawl if the wizard can go nuclear.

Still, if resources the size of a country could focus magic, probably they'd get some really big booms.

And forcefields are always handy.

McCaffrey thinks her worlds are SF because the gems and dragons are not magic, they're perfectly respectable psi powers and so forth.

I say go forth and mix it up, because sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science, if it has a consistent ruleset behind it.

And if it doesn't it's probably all quantum and infinite improbabilities.

Being awake is so much more boring.

Dragons and magic gems and even redecorating with nice furniture be more interesting.
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2017-04-26 03:40 pm
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I had a few days full of dreams full of moments of awesome
which, cool
but today a dream that started out with having to prove a Watcher who returned after sunset was no longer alive progressed by mostly illogical stages to having to protect the president of the world while he made a speech, and failing.
Like I gave the right orders, the Flash stopped the sniper's bullet, it was all going grand
and then it turned out his bodyguard had a switchblade and ill intent

So I woke up feeling like a failure
and this has morphed into one of those swamp drag down moods
where the reason I don't date is I could never be a good partner for anyone ever
due to my worthless epic fail.

I have just woken up and nothing actually real has happened today
and yet

Days like this make my college degree worth the paper it is written on
despite the general not doing anything since I got it
because look, I achieved the best grade at a tangible thing

go me

as long as all a partner would want from me is lit crit and expertise in cult studs.



I liked much better the dreams with winning.
the ones where we have to evacuate a bunch of wheelchair users down steps while under sniper fire are somewhat stressful.