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On Monday I printed out a whole bunch of exercises from the NHS website
so today I taped a few sheets to the bookcase I'm planning to get rid of and tried doing a few exercises.


Like, not ow, but, huh, that's work I do not usually do.

I like the pillow exercises because instead of big weights you're swinging a pillow around
I tried them without even the pillow
and it says to do multiple sets
and I am currently disinclined to do multiple sets.


Possibly I really need to do some exercises.

Also I tried like two from the abs sheet and now my abs feel unusual.

Also also I need to look up like moving images with instructions, because it's not always obvious how you're meant to look like the little drawings man.

So. Now I have a project. Involving actual movement. Ever. At all.

Dancing is good movements but I only do one hour of that a week so I could add more moving on different days.

... I mean, I probably won't, but I could...
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today kind of didn't happen
like, I woke up and was Brave and went to get my blood taken all on my own and didn't faint
so that was sufficient task for one day
but then I went back to bed
so then it was now.

I can now check tumblr from my tablet computer in bed though, so I didn't sleep, like, 100% of the time. or any useful percent really. just kept dozing off enough to tangle myself in pretzel shapes or curl up in a really small ball and then wake myself up with the discomfort.

did dream of being driven in a getaway car by (DC Legends) Mick & Len. Who had carjacked Mark Hamill on accident. And then we were dodging sheep. Bantha sized sheep. and then when we finally parked Len propositioned me but involving that one really specific kink I'd never thought about before so, mostly blinky in response. So that was... *blinks*

things I could usefully have done today involved getting together quiz questions for the pub tonight.
not that I'm enthusiastic about either the pub or the sci fi quiz.
but I'm going, because I only get so many opportunities to talk to humans at all.

so. shall go eat and get ready to go.
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There's some very upsetting stuff about healthcare and learning disability

Ministers have refused to create a national body to investigate the 1,200 premature deaths a year of patients with learning disabilities in the NHS
Instead the government has said it will give "greater voice" to people with learning disabilities and support the spread of personal budgets so patients could purchase better care.

NHS healthcare is called care. Community based social care is called care. Personal budgets are entirely the latter, and nothing at all to do with the former. What is being criticised is "delays in diagnosis, delays in treatment, lack of basic care and poor communication by doctors and nurses." Deaths are about 16 years early and about a third of the deaths of people with learning disabilities are because they aren't getting the right NHS treatment. To address this the government will... ignore it, because health care and social care are both care, right, so giving people the budget to pay for someone to cook for them will totally fix their doctor related needs.

Also the spread of personal budgets has been criticised because some people, especially the hard of thinking, aren't going to be able to do the paperwork, and most people won't know how to access the variety of services available, because only specialists with a wide view of the possibilities will have the training to think of everything.

In other words, their response is to make things harder.

Sometimes it's hard to attribute this kind of thing to mere ignorance instead of active evil.

But then Buddhism says ignorance is the root of all the other bad stuff anyway.
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I dreamed I inherited a sort of castle from a distant and previously unknown cousin. It was very oddly built, and I realised it was more about keeping things in than keeping things out. The courtyard had been enclosed, doors filled in, roof put on it, but it wasn't a banquet hall like it said on the plans, it was just the old courtyard with no escapes. All the interior doors were very thick indeed, and many of them showed signs of damage, like someone had tried to knock them out of their frames. But only on one side. The results left a mark and the cause did not.

On the front of the building was one large statue of a lion holding a shield, oddly to the right of center. Except on the photos there were five statues, all different animals, all holding different shields. The night I first arrived there was only the lion, at least when I went in. I heard a lot of stumbling around, and a woman led her kids through to the back rooms apparently blithely unconcerned that I, owning the place, had no idea who she was. But by the time I got to the front door to let a friend in and then back to show her, the woman had gone. From a house with only one entrance. We were creeped out, but the friend was Rani from the Sarah Jane Adventures, so she had some ideas for investigating too.

The next night there was a sort of a dragon statue up top, in the space left of center. That night we started to figure it out. Read more... )

So that's a fun set up. Five alternate worlds intersecting in one building, limited resources, very limited knowledge, and a kind of clean slate for deciding how to deal with them all. There's a lot of story in that one.

In other news, I am asleep a lot due to ill, and only got up cause mum phoned me because I hadn't phoned her today. This is because when I phoned her yesterday I mentioned I was going straight back to bed and we agreed I would phone her when I was awake. Which I was not. But mum is having a merry christmas, so that's nice. My brothers are both still there and there will be big eatings that mum does not have to cook. That's like the big win of all christmas ever. But I don't mind missing it because it is carnivore christmas.

Everyone said thanks for their presents. Except for daft brother, who said 'any more?', but we think he means he liked them.
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Hope y'all have happy healthy days even if they're not a holiday.

I'm still ill and still sulking about it. But I'm pretty much fine as far as being ill goes, it's just predictable has a cold, it's annoying is all.

Mum was round yesterday dropping off a lot of lucozade. Read more... )

Yesterday I took some tables from A Magical Medieval City and turned them into a spreadsheet so it can do calculations and tell me how many of each profession there are in my city.
I don't know how plausible their numbers are, and some of them aren't relevant to my city because there aren't any slaves and there's a shortage of shipwrights half way up a mountain too, but there are numbers now, ready to be used or ignored.

Read more... )

So I'm tired, headachey, and spending my xmas writing about post apocalyptic zombies.

Have nicer days.
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I am ill. The sore throat, little cough, sneezing, tissues needed, and feeling all blergh are proceeding on their usual arc, along with the 'all the duvets, now, all the duvets and all the blankets' quickly followed by 'blergh, blankets, no more of those things'. Plus some things with mild pain in my face when I've been lying down and not blowing my nose all night. So I'm annoyed because I'm ill and am always annoyed while ill, and also because it's stupidly predictable, and also because being well for xmas would require a minor miracle, so big eatings season may happen without me. *sulk*

Also, I keep dreaming boring stupid dreams. Like the other night I dreamed a high school reunion, which left me as insecure as an actual high school reunion would have except it wears off quicker because nobody else actually was there doing life comparisons. A lot of them are on facebook though so I know they're all having lives and raising children and all that stuff. Grumpy insecurity blah. And then today I dreamed I was back at Cemetery Road, which was our actual address not a metaphor but dreams set there tend to have a Stephen King vibe anyway because my subconscious has grasped that dad died but it does not always remember that said state is not subject to wearing off. This time though it was just me and my brothers and some new small people who weren't actual real world people, just kids we were raising in this dream. It didn't get epic messed up, they were just sulking I wouldn't let my brother in my room, and my room was having the windows fall out and then get boarded up, so there was a whole trapped and broken theme. I'm rather glad I woke up though. No dream set there ever turns out well.

I think today I'm going to work on epic fantasy settings and hope my subconscious has better ideas for tonight.

I'm fed up of being ill already and it barely started. I don't like how I don't get to sleep or stay asleep properly, just sleep in little pieces broken up by waking up and tissues and bottles of liquid refreshment. (Orange juice tastes FOUL this morning. I've been drinking all the lucozade. I hope the taste thing wears off, I didn't buy enough lucozade to just keep drinking it all week.) I had just got the hang of going to sleep at ten and waking up at 8 and it lasted whole numbers of weeks, and now I'm back to sleep wandering around and only wearing off by lunch time. :-p

On the plus side I have just the right icon for the way I feel today.

Also I wandered off to wiki for a bit to read about lions. Apparently not all male lions have manes, lions in some national parks in Africa now often have no manes. Also castrated lions tend to have no mane.
I was vaguely thinking the 'prince' in Robin Hood is secretly a lioness, but that version doesn't work out well for anyone either.
Well that was a more interesting tangent than window repair.

I'm going back to bed. With a book.
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Lesson was VERY BORING. It went over the things we did in the reading again again again. And while it is flattering that the teacher asks me for answers and then spends the rest of the lesson saying 'like Becca said' it means I already knew the entire content of the lesson.
I wish, wish, wish my fellow students would blooming well study so we could do LESSONS in our lessons.
We get ever further behind compared to the plan and I get ever more frustrated.

The other thing was the teacher confirmed that the lesson plan is Wrong about which week is the exam, and exam is in fact in exam week. That means exam is NOT the day after the Hub convention with James Marsters. At current rates of useful in lesson time I'm ever so very tempted... maybe if I get the assignment done early...

So then teacher went a quarter hour over at the end so we could finish off the work that was supposed to be the first half of last week's lesson. She's frustrated too, she keeps saying it helps if you read, she keeps saying precisely what to read and when, it's a very useful lesson plan if anyone else would read it at all. But that meant I missed the one bus and the next bus isn't for an hour after that. So I went and ate lunch and lurked in the library and headed to catch the next bus.
Read more... )
Okay, so, once I was sure that was over I caught the bus and listened to stories and that worked out fine. And I went shopping on the way home and remembered the loo roll. Funnily enough. So today was pretty good basically.

I just like it when my biology actually works.
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Today I went out and bought a bunch of clothes and also went to the GP and got ear drops prescribed which will hopefully fix everything so it stays fixed. Read more... )
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Went to college.
Went by way of the pharmacist because my ear no working right. They gave me ear drops and instructions to go to the GP if my ear started hurting again. My ear helpfully does stabby things at random all day. Boo. Ridiculous. Biology should work better.
(Did you know how much of your head is tubes? And they're all stuck together. It's worse than traffic jams.)

Saw teacher before lesson in case there was readings to do, she said no worries would tell me what I missed in the lesson. In Satire I missed talking about the Decadence movement, seeing a powerpoint that is on the Blackboard website, and starting The Importance of Being Earnest. I think I have a JM radio version around here somewheres... maybe... ANYway, the lesson did a thing about how it might be satire or it might be about the genuine triviality of life. Or something. And then we were allowed in the classroom and we had to rearrange the tables and stuff and I had to sit in my usual corner even though it's furthest from the teacher with teacher on my unworky ear. Grrr. But I had told teach about the unworky ear and she said she'd be louder and I think she was, I heard plenty good when it was her talking even if students are all mumbly.

She's very athletic. She climbs over tables and jumps down. Makes for an interesting lesson.

We studied a chapter in that Vicar of Wakefield book that I realised was actually funny and taking the piss of the kind of education with greek in it. The class was in little groups doing a chapter each. We got the longest chapter of course.

I remain unconvinced I'm learning a whole lot in college. And I've forgotten why I was interested. But I was at least a bit amused today.

I forgot to pick up the paperwork on the way out. Actually to be more precise I realised that if I waited to pick up the paperwork it would either be a walk up to town and the wrong bus home and a longer walk back from the bus stop, or an hour of waiting before I could catch the bus. Neither appealed. So I'm home now and must remember to collect paper next week.
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45 Project Lazarus
139 Project Destiny
138 Cradle of the Snake

I remember enjoying these as I listened. Beyond that I mostly remember tired. Any actual review would require me to relisten so I could remember the details.

... I really need more sleep and rest and feeling well and stuff...
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omniscience would mean knowing all about it whenever anyone anywhere has the dire rear.

... suddenly it's a much less appealing power...
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I may have mentioned I rather liked the idea of the Doctor Who Adventure Game. It looked shiny. You could be the Doctor and use the sonic and beat the Daleks and all sorts. And I was frustrated when it said my computer wasn't good enough to play it, but that's okay, I spends money and make my computer insides all new and then it will play.

My new computer insides have a few irritations going on, so I've been ignoring them.

But then I realised that if I take it back without trying the game and then later the game won't play I have to take it back again, so I should play it first.

So tonight I downloaded the adventure game.

It plays! Yaays! On medium quality, but that's okay, my expectations for games are about a decade behind, it's still the shiniest game I ever played.

There's a weird mismatch between body language and speech though. The Doctor does Doctor-y things and says Doctor-y things but they match sort of oddly. It wouldn't bother me if it all looked less Doctor-y but it looks quite a lot like them. Only not quite.

But this I can get over.

So I played it, and had trouble with the controls (yes they're just the arrows and the mouse making the camera move, that's still complicated to my brain), and got killed by Dalek one time, and got frustrated that you can't go between things or climb over things or apparently step over bits of garbage but hey it's a game you can't land between squares on a chess board either. But I got through the first bits on Earth and it changed places and I figured that was a good place to pause and quit the game.

Then I realised I was feeling sick. Like, really very sick indeed. Sweating, gulping, OMG since when did I feel this sick sick.

I was puzzled. I opened a window, even though it hadn't been hot in here. I had some drink even though I didn't think I'd skipped drink. I went for a lie down.

It did not take very many minutes lie down in the dark to back down to just feeling kinda icky. As I am now.

And I remembered: This is what happened when I played the Matrix game too.

Computer games make me sick!

No fair!

I think it's the swoopy camera and the swooshy backgrounds and all making me travel sick somehow. Like why I can't watch car races or things that are mostly on sea ships. Picture goes up and down and round and round and I start feeling very ill indeed.

Only with the Matrix game I got frustrated with the controls fairly quickly and didn't feel this much sick. With the Doctor Who game it is the Doctor and there are Daleks and clearly it is important and before I know it I'm feeling about a breath away from upchucking.

Did I mention No Fair? Because this is very very very much indeed No Fair.

Really. No Fair.

I suspect it would be foolish to attempt to play more game. Certainly right now. Which is annoying, because I thought I might be getting the hang of the controls a bit. And I like the bits of game that don't involve swoopy swirly getting lost camera views. Erm, so far that's one small bit actually. Okay, maybe I don't like the game play much so far. But I would like to see how the Doctor saves the world.


ooooh, I do not feel well.

Maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe it will wear off and I can play later.
... maybe the way my stomach flips when I think about the camera and movement combinations is totally a coincidence too...
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In other news: two people visited today to ask questions about my physical health, sent through some program from the mental health place. I think I didn't have any spare stress for them because my computer was soaking all my frustration. So, you know, silver linings. They did weighing me and the little BMI wheel said I was overweight but they were cool about it and only asked what weight I'd want to be. Also they said I didn't look the weight the scales said. I didn't say that's cause it's all stored in the bra area, but really, they're J cups, I blame them entirely. Well, that and the not really moving much. :eyeroll:
They checked my blood pressure and my pulse and my temperature and said they're okays. They said they can't ask my GP for this stuff because the GP wouldn't tell. I can't see any problem with people writing down my blood pressure, so *big shrug*.
They said something about a GP referral to a gym if I want to go. That sounds a bit interesting this time.
They wrote down that I usually go to the dentist and get my eyes checked. I guess that's true, I only missed the one dentist appointment... more than six months ago... er, I should really get on fixing that then...
I also got a letter today saying it has been two years since my last eye test. Time flies. So I will go get my eyes tested, because I got my last eye test done because I thought I'd gone more blurry, and I think that now too. Test will probably say not. *shrugs*

My health bothers me little, my computer bothers me much. First world problems of relatively young people for the win.

Grumbly day

May. 4th, 2010 12:25 am
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Today I mostly did nothing. Which greatly resembles all my other days, yet felt different. Read more... )

Also today I read Empire of Ivory, a Temeraire book. Read more... )
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Ice for 10 to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours for the first 24 hours, then switch to warmth.
Ibuprophen might work better than paracetamol.
rest and elevation
don't do things that make it hurt.
call them back if things get worse or if I get a temperature.

It feels much better than it did when I first hurt it. Not so much with the pain or the falling down, just feeling a bit peculiar, and doesn't like pressing down when bent or twisted.

I shall keep my stick with me and be very careful.
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There was a fire. I fell down some steps getting away from the fire. Now my knee hurts. The fire got put out by firemen and they said we can go back inside now. Also I knew how to make the fire alarm silence and nobody else did. And the fireman was surprised because never elsewhere has he seen the code for the fire alarm written on the alarm box. I guess it makes it a bit useless to have a code if you write it on the coded object. *shrugs*

I went on the NHS website and answered questions until it decided I needed to phone NHS direct. When I phoned they said I need to talk to a nurse, which will be a call back, any time in the next six hours. Yes, they said this at quarter to midnight. They did point that out. I said I'd probably be awake anyway. I woke up at 1430 today, being awake until 0400 is pretty reasonable. So, anyway, they said rest/ice/elevation, which I can do. I have chopped onion and I put that on for 20 minutes. Now I'm in my lovely recliner chair. Which is more like 'flat' than elevation, but I can't put my feet up on the sofa cushions on account of I upended the sofa to put my chair in. So it's the best I can do. It's a very nice recliner.

I thought there was a fire because I smelled something bad and then there was a *BANG* like fireworks, so Read more... )

Then I came in and went on the website to check the NHS and went on the phone and used the ice like they said and then wrote up the whole evening on my computer for y'all to read.

I would quite like to live somewhere with less potential for catching on fire. I would like to live somewhere the bins are not underneath the people. I would like to live somewhere this doesn't happen so bloody often.

I keep applying, but apparently nothing about the building I'm in makes moving me any urgent at all, so I'm back of the line.

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My left little finger keeps twitching. Not enough to type on its own, but like it's trying to. It's rather offputting.
... I has evil finger?
... if it's sending possessed messages it's mostly saying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
... okay, that's just disturbing.
*holds hand up and glares at it. it seems to have stopped.*
... great. message received, all done. *facepalm*

Yeah, bodies are weird.
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I slept for about 12 hours.
Now my shoulders and upper back hurt.
I was sleeping. Sure, that results in me remembering being Catwoman and chasing demons and snuggling with a guy who inherits the USA while wearing a Jedi Chef costume but it's supposed to mean I was lying still that whole time!
If I'm going to start pulling muscles from dreaming stuff I want to dream better stuff first.
I mean it could at least be famous guys.
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College days and headache days should not be the same thing. I have Decided.

But then convention days and headache days shouldn't be the same neither, so maybe I can get the headaches out of the way before the weekend.

Last convention with Christian Kane and J August Richards at I have only the vaguest memories of one of the days. Mostly I remember my head hurt and the world was kind of outside the headache and I was inside. Is not the most useful way to experience things.

So today my head turned into a headache and so class was not as useful as it might have been had I had an actual brain in there.

I'm not good at group work. I can manage the 'work' part, but the 'group' bit is confusing.

I was kind of tuned out today a lot, like I said. But when I tuned back in the rest of the group appeared to be discussing if teacher(s) were gay.
... And this matters how?
So I was kind of *facepalm* but only in my head.
And, okay, textbook says think about subject positions, and how they influence readings, and yeah I did tune in for that part so obviously it influences my priorities, but it weren't that kind of academic conversation, it was a gossipy half whispering sort of a conversation with giggles.
So, *facepalm*.

urgh. I'm going to bed. I'm going to skip attempting food, for I feel unhungry extremely, and I shall go lie down in the dark. I can even put up with boredom in the unlikely event I don't sleep. I'm interacting with the world through little blurry eye slits right now and dark seems of the very good.

I'm not supposed to lie down in the corner at college, or go hide under the desk. Today I got as far as having to puzzle about reasons why.
Not a comfy day.

On the plus side the teach gave us handouts from the book I actually read this week :-) And the stuff I found from Fortean Times about the Tarantella dance is useful :-) So I win at academic. Just not at social or interactive.
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In less fun news, I really hate my digestive system.
Though it is remarkable how well DW holds up to being watched with frequent interruptions.


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