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I went to college and the teacher didn't. I get bonus points.

... okay, mostly :-( because hey, I turned up and did work, and yet learned no new bits.
... come to think that's often true after that teacher's lessons.

Also, there were only 4 of us there anyway, and it wasn't because the others knew the teacher was away. They just don't bother turning up. I don't know why some people are students.

For Dissertation Preparation I read an article on science fiction that was mostly about definitions, and had such a specific definition of SF that Doctor Who didn't count. Blakes 7 did though. I'm trying to figure out what their dividing line is, and it's still not obvious. They reckon the word for DW is telefantasy, which is handy because I hadn't library searched for that one yet and I think there's more books. Also their definition had 'hard SF', which is the good stuff about science, and 'soft SF', which is no good at science and therefore made of fail. My definition has soft SF as the soft sciences, psychology, sociology and the like. Hard SF is more often fail for not taking into account the 'soft' impacts of technology and just having people exactly like the author but on rocket ships. So I want to :-p at that whole article. ... because this argument I have had many, many times before. Also there was a section about the dividing line between SF and Fantasy, and, well, we know that argue is made of endless. But now I have an article out of a proper academic source that I can have an argue with, rather than quotes from the bloke in the bar at a convention, even though said article was written as a retrospective of, in part, hanging out at the bar at a convention. Where you get printed matters a bit.

Also I started reading another article that seemed to reckon RTD's Doctor Who was secretly all about 9/11. It pissed me off so I stopped reading until I can brain it better and argue real good.

Then it was National Cinema. I didn't have much brain left for that. But the teacher thinks my... whatever the essay equivalent of a plot bunny is, there's probably a word... my idea is a good start. I has a book to do the reading with. And I has a youtube link that actually works.

... we were watching YouTube in class, and it has subtitles because the movie is in German, but when the teacher got to me (sitting last in the row) he was all 'oooh, subtitles!' and I pointed out the little 'CC' button which makes the subtitles turn on. Then he went and showed everyone else - who had been studying it for the same half hour, but apparently without, you know, words. *facepalm*
we were meant to be studying the editing and suchlike film form whatsits, so is no big problem, but still.
If teacher is going to use YouTube for lessons, it kind of helps if he knows how to use it. On this semester's evidence, not so very much.

I watched a movie in class and had very few thoughts and then went home.

I love the 8 bus. Drops me right at my house. I wish that bit from the bus stop up to the top was paved, because mud puddles blergh, but still, no crossing the roads at the end of the day, big win.

Only 3 more weeks like this to go.

... and only 2 more before I have to do a presentation about my dissertation plan. I should probably actually work on that quite a lot in the very near future then...

Date: 2012-04-18 08:14 pm (UTC)
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RTD's Doctor Who was secretly all about 9/11

Oh, FUCK OFF. We grew up with terrorism, the revelation that it existed was not a horrific watershed in our lives. And we didn't level Dublin in retaliation.

I am still furious that the US version of The Prisoner was partly about what a unique and traumatic event 9/11 was.


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