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Last night I dreamt a Mick/Ray plot bunny
which, no, Ray blew that, you don't propose partnership and then go off with the new guy like it's nothing
Mick and Ray nearly got blown up and finally kissed
then Ray found a ring around his neck with his fiancee's name and a date
and further investigation revealed
something they had just done had changed the timeline enough
she hadn't died.

And as a plot bunny that is excellent.

Because one, she's now a time aberration, but like Lily she's one the Legends are going to really not want to undo.

Two, it's a great chance to explore Ray's urge to be a hero, the ridiculous oversupply of fridged women, and how much of a difference Ray has made in the world.
Seeing as Ray's thing is he always feels he's been too small to make a difference
and he has to be the Atom to do so
there's a lot of angles and mileage there.
Maybe he gets to see a world where he was never the Atom and it all went horribly wrong
but that is most boring
make it so his crew tell him all the ways it would go horribly wrong without him
and then have him look at history
nothing much has changed.
So at first he's super depressed. He really never did make a difference. Woe is him.
Also opportunity to beat himself up for not saving her before
given that time can apparently weather it
and it made no odds to him.
But, he eventually notices, unlike when Star Wars never got made, he still has both his knowledge and his suit.
It isn't that time hasn't caught up with him.
And it turns out that seeing his city get wrecked? Repeatedly? Even without any more personal loss, was enough to get him on the exact same path, trying to save people.

Turns out some humans just like saving other humans, say if they've been literal boy scouts their whole lives, it don't take a tragedy.

now there's Mick. Being dumped again. For someone's revived beloved, which has to hurt extra. He has his own ring and it isn't changing. Mick would be miserable.
And Ray is merely clueless about humans, not actively a jerk to his dates, so he would care.
But he's married. So no more kissing.
But them there's a peculiar paradox, in that a Ray who was that monogamously married wouldn't have been there with Mick doing kissing, wouldn't have nudged the timeline in such a way that he was married, so would have kissed, so wouldn't, so would...
... which is a headache inducing oscillating paradox such as time really can't be having with.
But it's not giving any headaches?
Memory headaches for Ray, sure, but nobody seems to be forgetting anything.

So it turns out the solution to paradox is polyamory.

Ray's wife knows perfectly well that he tends to collect people, and is better friends with some of his exes than he is now. And it's not like she would be spending Waverider time with him anyway. So she's fine with Mick.

And Mick...

... see that's where the whole thing falls apart from my point of view. Mick's partner should be his *partner*, not a part timer. He's the one reaching out, it should work some time.

But he's immediately switching to advice for the new partners when Ray goes off with Nate, so we know he's generous like that.

I just think he could do better.

But hey, plot bunny, many useful angles.
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Today I rediscovered that I own two different Butterfly themed decks of playing cards.

Being me this is giving me plot bunnies about time travellers.

But I got distracted once I decided Cold is a natural for Blue Admiral and started imagining what things would turn out like if he was actually in charge...
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The simplest way to get post-Oculus Len back would be to have the Oculus explosion do to him what direct contact with the time drive did to Rip.

Could do that to all the Time Masters at the Vanishing Point if you wanted. Then the Legends didn't do a really big murder supernova, or they did but the effect was more a death of personality. So all the former Time Masters were time scattered and fobwatched, only their backups are as scattered as they are, if they exist at all.

Len would be living somewhere quietly with a whole new set of memories, so they can do that who he is at heart bit. And getting his 'real' memories back would be a bitch, after this many changes to the timeline, but since the Flash can go and pick him up whenever, they could do a copy paste from an earlier version, and he'd only lose... whenever was most dramatic, obviously.
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There's definitely a gap between the end of 1-06 and the start of 1-07.
You can make it all about Rip being a bit useless, going from "I suggest that we next hit Savage when he least expects it" to sitting staring at his wife's last message for a week, but it's a bit jarring.
You can fit a whole story of oops Savage expected that too, oh no we can't think of what to do next, in the jump.

Also, what to do with Snart in an AU: say he never met Mick, but didn't die in juvie. He got stabbed on his very first day, and it made him re-evaluate his life. So there's an AU version of him who is still alive, was never Cold, and then meets Mick after he's lost him. Massive angst potential. Mick blaming himself for every bad thing. But also it's like Tapestry, Len never was Cold but he never was much else neither. Lacked the necessary incentive to give him an edge. Meaning his father didn't threaten Lisa, somehow. Boring if she was never born, make her born and then they both escape. Say if the medical treatment necessary from the stabbing showed them a pattern of existing injuries and someone noticed in a useful way. The system worked, everything worked out different, yaay. That does what Len tried to in season one, just at a different point that makes it seem more about Mick for the angst. And we get different angles on what a 'better' Len would be, because civilian Len who didn't raise Lisa could still be a money hungry bastard, but with no focus outside himself. So he just hurt people with petty capitalism, and never did save anyone. Cold did better when it counted. Just also worse.

I should write. Something. Eventually.
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I've mentioned before how one way to play a strict Laws of Time kind of time travel is like a heist movie: history cannot be changed, but history is *recorded* history, the cameras and guards and alarms. The time travellers are the flashback that changes the whole context of what we've seen.

So today I was thinking, if you want to slip around history without being in the books, you want to talk to women.

And black people, people of color, disabled people, people from subordinated groups in general.

History books are as precise as they get when it's about the actions of kings. They ain't real particular about most servants.

And it do get harder the closer you get to now. In a hypothetical future where everything is recorded from multiple angles with local power and distributed backups always, you probably can't change things much. But usually there's plenty of wiggle room.

Because usually there's plenty of things people don't bother to know, and plenty of people they don't see.

So. Once again I am frustrated that Legends of Tomorrow have the perfect crew for this and yet do not use this approach.

Because this would be a show that would be all about the inconvenience of working around the centred white guy, by working with the people who made up the vast majority of what happened.
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I finally woke up at like 2pm.
I guess last week was tiring.

Also I had some spectacular and intricate dreams I wanted to spend more time with.

Like, one dream, I was investigating some disappearances, cleaning staff at a particular tower, so I got some similar clothes, lifted someone's ID for the doors, and went in. But the cleaners had their own lift, the executives another, and I'd got ID for the regular employees. But there were cleaner uniforms heading for that lift, so I followed, and they made excuses but then said they wanted to see the view, just the once. They were allowed to clean the lift, so if it just happened to climb the outside of the tower while they were in it, well...

So I joined them and we 'cleaned' the handrail a bit and waited...

And it got summoned to the top floor.

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I, personally, did not want to be sacrificed to the great old ones to pay for college.

I sympathised, but nope.

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So having woken up from that to a Saturday where the most exciting thing in it is likely to be watching another episode of The Flash, I pretty much pulled the blankets up and decided to stay instead.

Because sure, demons and brain breaky beings from beyond, but also bodypaint and trying to save someone's soul with sex.

My living room does not compete.

The next set of dreams were also pretty cool, but mostly a chase dream though. But through a super malleable landscape, where finding two chests of drawers in a shed meant we'd got a carriage, if we could figure out the transformation, which mostly just meant pulling on it and telling it really clearly what to be. There were bits of dream where Barry Allen was there, sure his powers didn't work any more, and I saved him by insisting he eat, until he realised that only a speedster could possibly have eat that much and he must still have something going on. Also I got hugs from Jack O'Neill, who wasn't *my* O'Neill, but even in this very alternate universe was experienced enough at alternate universes that a complete stranger being all "I missed you" got a very sympathetic response.

... it has been ages since I sat down and watched SG1. And my new recorder box can play all the dvds.

... my unwatched shelf is a bit over long too, though.

There were some distressing bits, Read more... ) But. Adventure.

The optimized sort of adventure where you can wake up and tell the internet about it. Escape and no consequences.

Would take a lot to beat that.

... I really need more things to do with my awake time.
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Reasons for a time traveller to keep funds in an arrangement administered by others - future selves can tap it without paradox. If the ones keeping an eye on it only need to keep the paperwork straight and never need a coherent narrative for why the money goes in and out, it simplifies things for the time traveller.

Also if the traveller gets legally dead, or actually dead, then arms length finances for their younger or more alive versions would be super handy.

So somewhere to keep the money, password protected or otherwise slightly impersonal for plausible deniability, is much more useful than one persistent identity trying to check their balance every week.
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went for a lie down at 1745, woke up at 1945 realising Doctor Who had just happened.
But the iplayer works so well I'm not worried. And the iplayer is my first thought over even the recorder box, which I know just did.

Dreamt something complex with a murder mystery that's hard to investigate because cloning. Read more... )

A remote worker partnered with a replicant investigating natural twins is a starting point to demonstrate social prejudice about origins, even before you add the assumed racism and ablism.

But I think it requires someone more socially adept than me to go into that kind of ground without just echoing the nasty, instead of doing something worthwhile with it.

I mean there has to be some kind of conclusion based on good is a thing you do not a thing you are, and the difference between honor and reputation especially when reputation is collective. But... tricky.
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Today's dream: postgraduate study at Hogwarts.

Turns out that university and postgrad levels can be handled rather differently than school, though it has gone out of fashion of late. Nobody is quite sure exactly how it works, and the options are a bit mind boggling. Plus actual postgrad study requires a full quartet - one from each House - and they'll be together five years.

But on the up side, from outside, the whole thing, a three year degree and five year doctorate, takes about eight hours.
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But the good bit as a dream was just having such a lot of good work to do. Fixing up the building was going to take all of us and stretch our skills, especially because as well as the plumbing we'd have to get the magical flow right. Wizarding buildings are potentially alive, so restoring a ruin is as much a resurrection as a construction challenge. But we'd be reshaping it to new purposes. A proper research group, designed to bring together every strand of wizardry. So we had two towers for Hogwarts already, one for our quartet and one for whoever Draco brought along, but for the other towers we invite groups from other schools of wizardry.

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Still though, me as Slytherin... and who would the other three be? And what kind of place would Hogwarts be if everyone knew you needed to build up a friend group from all four houses, or be shut out of getting a Doctorate?

I was thinking when I woke up it's weird I keep dreaming about flipping Draco Malfoy. I could just blame The Flash. But the thing with fic of the 'more from' school is it tends to emphasise the bad points of the protagonist, seeing as they were skipped over in source, and the good points of the enemy they're being slashed with. The good guys get shown as needing a little more of their enemy in them, which makes them seem more reasonable. And trying to lead the protagonist through falling for their enemy gives the reader a really attractive view of them. So someone being remotely likeable in canon is basically irrelevant to how a fanfic reader gets guided to react to them.

... honestly I should just stop feeling apologetic about it, I mostly read enemies to lovers, it's what works for me.

... but some of those enemies, from a pure canon point of view, really should just go to jail for pretty much ever, so, apologetic it is...

But fixing a whole culture through who your study group house shares with seems like a good spark.
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Ugh, my endless daydream of doom, where I am most awesome and marry all the villains and get them to go good ish and kind of conquer the world but without the hard work parts and so on and so forth, the daydream where the cast changes every time I have a new fandom and I get new superpowers and stuff to fit the setting, the daydream that is supposed to be all awesome good stuffs?

I just thought things through to a logical conclusion and really depressed myself.

I mean, I'm making up the rules here, so *obviously* I can make everyone secretly unaging immortals who never get sick and use comic revolving door rules for 'death', but, however setting appropriate that would be, I'd still know I got everyone out of the corner by going lalala my rules all good again.

The logical consequences of most of comics are painful and depressing, Read more... )

I get fed up with comics stories because nobody acts the way I would or considers obvious the things I consider obvious. So obviously I should write my stories instead.

... except they're usually either really light on plot, or shadowing the existing seasons plots but all changes because of comics me. so they'd fail at being original and at being fanfic.


still, not the most useful set of thoughts at this time of night.
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I discovered I was on a 9am panel at a convention
on a topic I vaguely remembered adding to a list two years ago
but for a book I'd never read
and I was the moderator
and the rest of the panel wasn't there by ten minutes past
*and* it was only the first of a packed schedule

which was keeping me away from my important work securing the food supply of our first year space colony
which had put on a convention when it realised it needed an unscheduled unbudgeted shipment of heavy equipment
and if it sold enough con tickets the ship would pay for itself.

... my anxiety dreams are kind of multi layered here...
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I dreamt I got into one of those magic battles where everyone attempts to do something proper cosmic just to demonstrate they can.

Also that there was a sort of cult where they claimed to be teaching magic but they were really collecting people with a shred of magery and teaching them the sort of short cuts that call on dark spirits, rather than doing spells themselves. Read more... )

I liked the bit where I was shoeing off how detailed my render could get just to demonstrate the true versatility of magic. Trying to get students to come to the light side because it's actually better seems like a good gig. And just making a forest, on that was fun.

Not loving the gore levels in the rest of it.

Mick Rory turning up as my sidekick get away driver is a bit... oversimplifying him. Like, yes, but sometimes wherever you're getting away from would turn out to be a bit more on fire than you had in fact planned.

Also Len wasn't in the dream and the I just get sad the OTP is split up.

I'm weirdly attached to the version of him from that one fanfic where he was an accountant. I think because it's easier to imagine how I'd meet an accountant? And every shady business needs one, even if it's only shady because it's difficult to explain magic to the tax man. And Captain Cold would be the one in the driving seat of his own story under almost all circumstances, so if I want to be the protagonist, it's tricky to see why he's anything but the villain. Still. Accountant. Might be stretching into a whole new character instead. Interesting one though.

Would go with Lindsey McDonald. The one who walked away. Lawyer who knows magical law but is suddenly unaffiliated.

I was thinking, if you get tapped to be the next Sorcerer Supreme and now have to defend some magical Sanctum, that doesn't actually fix the whole property law side of things. I mean presumably it's an actual building with legal title and inheritance tax being required and so forth. There might be a will from the previous dude, but it might be more of a magical contract, rather than something that would easily stand in court.

So, plot bunny: The Sorcerer has chosen you to protect the Sanctum now he's gone. But without valid legal title there's a slight problem in the question of if the house belongs to you, or if you now belong to the house...

Lawyer Lindsey to the rescue.

Magic as a series of intricate contracts with diverse entities with powers would require a very sharp legal mind. But if you've been busily studying magery then law might be new to you. In which case you'd have to hire someone in. Who would then have power over things like if you accidentally sign away your soul. Talk about a hireling problem.

If being Sorcerer Supreme meant being like the target of a whole set of contracts that you don't even know exist yet, and you can get tapped for the job without knowing the details, and agreeing to it can be by actions like just trying to stop the bad guys breaking in... endless plot. But very legal.

Also, endless reason to tap someone new if you can get away with it. There'd be a bunch of bindings just to make sure you couldn't.

I like better the part with the great power than the great responsibility.

Also, what is up with the regular cast of my subconscious?
Men! Almost all men. For every role, oh look, here's an interesting morally ambiguous man.

Except cat burglar. Then there's a near endless supply of women.

A sorcerer trying to collect artefacts before they go badly for other people would have good reason to be the adventure seed for a whole lot of rogues.

That would be fun.

But still, my brain, too many men in it. Feeling colonised.

But the bit with the forest was cool.
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that was an unhelpful night of being awake and hoping to get to sleep
with a headache.

so I started to think of plot ingredients for a through the looking glass boarding school story, and just thoroughly creeped myself out by trying to remember what I found scary age eight.

though to be fair M R James has been scaring people of all ages for considerably longer than I've been around, so obviously that'll still work.

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Ageing is weird. I can remember feeling basically quite capable and responsible and so forth, but I was tiny, and knew nothing. Like, I felt like me, but less depressed and actually more confident. I don't know what feeling like a kid is supposed to be, I always felt basically ready to have the kind of adventures where you save the world, with or without talking lions, and felt ready to be quite competent and accomplished and so forth.

and now here I am entirely aware of my ability to get lost in a town with basically one street, too baseline anxious to even try going anywhere any more.

this growing up lark feels like a bit of a swizz, really.

I guess the teacher point of view on nightmare looking glass world would just be the sinking knowledge that of course your assorted eight year olds would confidently set out to deal with it. that right there would be scary enough. and setting out to go get them back wouldn't feel like assorted big sisters trying it, neither.

it wouldn't be a case of too much imagination, it'd be too much plain old data.

knowing what can happen is a lot less fun than adventure books.

the plot bunny I started with was the one where it ends up with dream me marrying draco malfoy. but thinking about what would belong through the looking glass in a school, one in a converted stately home sort of thing, it could end up like Aral and Cordelia looking after the injured guy as they walk across the planet. like secret audition for parenting. but with runaway kids gone mirror strange.

you couldn't blast them with magic or solve problems with punching. you'd have to make them want to come back.

different spin on that making the house nice again plot in astolat fic. making it nice enough the children feel at home, and don't feel like monsters. or, you know, feel monstery but know we love them anyway. no objections to Addamses here. Be bitey wild things if they feel like it. the goal would be the not biting us.

it's the what do the kids do when they get back question, the why set up a school for returning children question, only with having to set out the stall to recruit them back, rather than making them regret it once they spontaneously return. like, sure you can do anything you want here, but if you come back to school then...

... hmm, tough pitch.

I hate headaches. I would much rather be asleep. or just staring at the ceiling without a headache.
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Ugh, communication tasks day is the worst. I need assistance because phone but the people that usually help are not available. So then I just spin my wheels all day nearly but not quite getting anything done.

Today's dream was way better though. Me, Phil Coulson, and Leonard Snart. Who seem like they'd never get along but really Coulson would be perfectly pleasant while using him shamelessly, and Snart would wait for the double cross Coulson knows to expect, and it'd end up kind of like paying him to help but messier.

But. Dream. In a magic using fantasy world, where Snart was still a thief, but Coulson was some kind of cleric of Justice.

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So I woke up feeling smugly badass, I can tell you, stealing a kingdom, putting my guy on the throne to protect the baby heir, and in so doing starting the dismantling of monarchy as a corrupt system.


And then back in real life I'm stuck on the day's tasks because if I pick up the phone I'll just stutter and fail at making sense in English.

So, you know, the dream was a teensy bit better.
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It started out with trying to swap a wrong color bridesmaid dress while out with the hen night, and ended up with saving mortal!Odin from a Xenomorph invasion.

... okay, it started out with accidentally magic soulmate marrying Draco Malfoy and ended up with the registry office marriage to make it official, but that is somewhat more embarrassing.

Rolling up to my own wedding wearing the blood of my enemies and formal armour provided by Asgardians is pretty much life goals, though.

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... I must say, I wouldn't have thought of 'nude' toned dresses for bridesmaids, especially a veritable human rainbow of them, but now I'm awake I'm quite amused at the blending of traditions they represent. Like, aspiring middle class meets skyclad.

Beats heck out of pink.

But then at this total stranger's wedding reception party, held outside with some little tents, we see a bunch of strangely recognisable people. Like, Thor seems to be making puzzled faces at the punch. And Odin collected up a really piled up buffet plate, before wandering around the corner again.

After trying to get Thor's attention a few times (he's distracted because this time being mortal comes with ageing, and sagging wasn't something he'd ever thought about), we finally all set off around the corner after Odin

and straight into an ambush.

Thankfully I have a rounders bat on me
as you do
and a nice wooden sword with the end stake pointed.

... I'm not sure what theme of hen night makes these the obvious accoutrements, but now I want it...

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It was hilarious and glorious.

And if anything could ever get Draco Malfoy's family to accept marrying a muggle, I imagine it's rolling up to the wedding with actual Asgardian gods in your entourage.

I mean, that's a conversation stopper.

Pity as a plot it would take so much filling the holes to make it either hilarious or glorious to the reader, let alone grandly romantic. I'd have to put in a lot of awake work.

But that was very fun dreaming.


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