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On the Sunday I asked people what was the best bit of Redemption. I asked mostly in the bar before the party started, by holding out a bit of paper with the question and other people's writing on. And I didn't interrupt people if they were busy, or at least I tried not to, so the answers are from a subset of people who happened to be around.

Answers included:

Nice meal on Thursday night
Great hotel staff

Opening Ceremony Introduction

The Ceilidh

Couple of votes for Hall Costume Day, specifically getting lots of tokens and winning at it.

People like winning at things, people that won tended to mention it.

Being on stage in the cabaret and
a couple of votes for Captain Tartan

Multiple votes for the saturday night disco (one of my favourites too)

lots of variations on the theme of
bar and chatting with friends, friendly fan discussion

and many saying about the general environment as a safe space where one can be oneself and relax and feel welcome.
From a gender and disability perspective I think it is a nice atmosphere.


I liked the three part make a sci fi pilot, though organised in pieces like that it gained and dropped people more than one double length workshop might have.

Other people liked having so much to do, both presenting panels and seeing them.

Multiple programme streams meant there was always something interesting to do.

One vote for all programs in York, which I think was the one full of games tech?

One said the Fandom Issues panels.

And one small table had people still practising picking locks, which was their favourite new skill of the weekend.

One last vote was for Everything, and they didn't want to leave
... which, overheard by one of the con committee, gave them a frighten, for it was entirely enough work for one weekend as it was...

I greatly appreciate all the work that goes in and how easy it is for a few unexpecteds to knock much to chaos, and have been thinking hard on what I might be able to help with in future. That's a tricky one though because I already run up to my limits at conventions. I couldn't stay to hang around and chat by late Sunday, and I'd had an early night other times too, only lasting as long as I wanted at the disco. But I like the structured interaction of panels so Redemption is a lot of fun.

I'm already paid up for Red 19 and hope to see lots of people there.

I'm back

Feb. 27th, 2017 04:35 pm
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I spent £70 on taxis... no, wait, another £10 in Sheffield... that's a lot of taxi.
But I went to Sheffield and back and had a very good time at Redemption.
I know the organisers would probably have liked there to be more people attending, but it did mean so many small panels I didn't lose the power of speech except in the main hall, in the bar and at the disco.

A lot of people had to cancel at the last minute due to some combination of health, jobs, and transport problems in extreme weather. A lot of those people were scheduled to run panels. I'm rather impressed that things ran as well as they did, given the givens.

I may have accidentally run a panel when we got to the room but nobody was in charge of it. Nudged the conversation along for an hour. Turns out I have at least that much to say about Robot Uprisings, so that was fun.

Also spent three hours across the three days making up a setting and some characters for a science fiction pilot. That was fun too, but because the group was so small everyone got to talk, and there was a bit of loud and less turn taking when people got excited. Guy running it mostly noticed when I'd reverted to holding my hand up, but he was typing our ideas so it were difficult to do both at once. Maybe next time I can bring my keen typing skills? I'm not sure our plot was properly plot shaped even after three hours, and many people came to only two of the panels, but kicking ideas around is fun. Playing 'yes and' is tricky.

I think I spoke up in all the things I went to in the smaller rooms. Which is nifty. I only hope I made sense and wasn't rude. I think I managed. I did start talking ideology in one persons panel on zombies and immortality, and I know in another I interrupted to say 'cis male' at one point and then spent ten minutes telling myself off in my head. ... someone had started saying that motherhood was a uniquely female trait/experience, because only women can get pregnant, and, well, that's... frustrating. But I still should take turns proper.

I didn't make as many notes as usual because I was participating. Also because spinny chairs. In the upstairs room where a lot of the interesting topics were there were spinny chairs. I found I could either be spinning while listening, or concentrating on not spinning. So I sat at the back and tried to spin inconspicuously. which I'm fairly sure didn't work. But I only clunked into the wall a couple of times, so that's fiiiiiine... By Sunday I was mostly over it though, so I have more notes from then.

I'm feeling pretty awesome considering. I couldn't stay at the party or talk in the bar at the end of the con, but everything else I set out to do I did. Winning.

Now I must eat a food with vegetables in it, before I crash.
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I started looking at the schedule for Redemption
which is in a couple of weeks now.

as usual I have the happy problem
that I would not mind staying all day in most of the rooms I've read so far
but I have no time turner and must choose between them.

this is going to help with getting motivated sufficiently to actually get muself there
which is going to be all the more challenging when I haven't left the house on my own for a bit of a while
and haven't been to a convention since the last one of these.


i am hopeful.

this looks pretty good.
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At the Dead Dog Party at the end of Red 15 I went around with a big sheet of paper asking everyone

What Was The Best Bit

... mostly I learned that people at the Dead Dog are up to 'I love everyone in this bar' so the usual first vote for best bit was 'All of it!' or 'All the people'. Which is cool.

But I'll type up the whole list under the cut:

Read more... )

My vote? Being interactive all weekend. Workshops and costumes and panels.
I like that there's so much to do you have to choose between things and then want a TARDIS to go choose the other things as well.
And yes, all the people. Because everyone is playing, and it's grand.
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Redemption 15 was fun
and I was weirdly calm about it all. Is possible this is what weekends without anxiety problems feel like?

am still autistic though and suspect I upset one person and probably annoyed others
so this is my traditional post con apology.
It's never on purpose, I do my best, I just error quite a lot too.

I chose this time to try and be interactive and join in with things, so I did stuff like the creativity workshop with group work, or making a crown in chaos costuming where I have no skills and just asked for help a bunch and also used a stapler, and I always stuck my hand up at panels when I had a thought, and then at the dead dog party I went around with a big piece of paper and some pens collecting what everyone thought was the best part. Maximising interaction pretty much maximises chances of fail too, so that's a high risk strategy. But it's the sort of thing you can't do any other time. Plus my life of late has had really minimal human interaction, since college finished, which is pretty much since before the previous Redemption. Two years ago. So more joining in and doing things is better.

Read more... )

And? Also? There was only one stuttering incident all weekend.

I do not know where I got this magic from, but I like it.
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Redemption is all of a week away and the programme book is now online.
Most places I want to be at once is 4. :-)

I'm looking forward to it, I'm definitely going, but I don't know how interactive I'll be with all the other Stuff going on. I'm still waiting to hear about this flat. And then I stress that the £ for the convention will somehow break the whole plan. Which they won't, according to the spreadsheet, but, anxiety, stress, boo.

Redemption happens once every two years and I'm still :-) about the last one so I'm definitely going.
Adult members 203. Small con. Lots of talking.

... I should probably pack at some point soonish.

... costumes! Themes! Alice in Wonderland!
and it's card suits not drazi points this year so I won't need green or purple, just black and red. Pretty sure I can manage that...

Home safe

Oct. 13th, 2014 04:20 pm
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I'm back from the convention.
Time of Angels was pretty good, there was dancing and I did my best impression of a human. There was one whole conversation and everything.

Got home to messages the maybe house is a definitely not. Sold to someone else.
Is kind of frustrating because I spent all weekend trying to stop thinking about numbers and things that needed fixing and how I could make it work, and it's all a waste of brain space.
Back to searching.
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I'm packing for the con on Friday.
So far I'm weirdly unenthused.
... well, less weird, considering how much there is on my to-do list that is not a convention.

Packing has involved one bag of basics and putting the hotel reservation and convention e-ticket on my phone. phones are handy, but I'll still write it on paper too, because phones also sometimes break. Also I don't really know how to use mine yet, but have got the hang of paper.

I don't know which bag to take. Logically it will influence what I pack. The suitcase is a bit broken and the backpack is a bit small.

And I have to go through London again. Not loving that.

I don't know what I'll wear. I usually try and be at least vaguely themed, because that's at least somewhere to start, but I'm a bit uninspired this time.

Reasons to go to a convention shouldn't be down to 'it's non refundable' :eyeroll:

I'm just not loving the idea of leaving the house, I think.

Okay, onwards. It will be more interesting than sitting at home.

I am home

Apr. 14th, 2014 04:59 pm
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That was a convention, that was.
*waves at people*
I was not very interactive this weekend. I wasn't ignoring particular people, I just wasn't thinking of people stuff. Like, sometimes my head has words and they can't get out, but this was not one of those times.
I was thinking "Hello humans! I am human! We are human! Hello humans!" ... yes, pretty much in those words. ... my brain is not helpful.
I was cheerful and it was nice sitting in the same area as other nice humans, and I always like the dancing parts, though I couldn't stay awake for all of it this time.
I just... had no thoughts.

I do have one group photo and some autographs, and I gave shiny smiley stickers to Torchwood cast, and definitely had more fun than I would have sitting in my flat.

So convention achieved, basically.


Apr. 11th, 2014 08:05 am
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Woke up at 0530. Lovely. Now it is 0800 and I have passed that fine line between 'checking the internet' and 'hanging around online to avoid having to cope like a grown up'.

So, okay then, it is time to go.

... this is me, getting up, getting ready to go.

... aaaaaany minute now.

I have been having fun with phases 'but, but, sleeeep' and 'urgh, maybe I'm actually ill this time'. So now I've had breakfast (hula hoops) packed food for the weekend (hula hoops and fortune cookies) and rearranged everything so I only need the three bags (the suitcase, my handbag, and a backpack full of hula hoops). But now I'm remembering how useful my rainbow bag usually is and thinking I should bring it anyway. I'll probably shove it in the top of the suitcase.

*does that*

see, productive and useful and...
... still not getting me closer to leaving the house.

Okay, to be fair, I have an hour and twenty minutes before my bus pass starts working, so I have an hour before I leave the house, but still.

Get ready to go out, walk to the bus stop, bus to the train station, train to the other train stations with some changes that I will ask for help with from the nice train station staff, call for hilton bus, go to hilton hotel. Hide in room until reg desk opens. Sleep in room until party starts.

why no teleport, universe? or just door to door transport I don't have to think about.

Okay, one hour fifteen until the bus part of the plan.

Right. Time to turn off the computer and go get things done.

See some of you there.


Apr. 9th, 2014 06:04 pm
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Version one of packing for Starfury Miracle Day Torchwood convention: achieved.

Read more... )

It would be nice to be looking forward to it more, but it will undoubtedly beat sitting in this flat staring at the walls for yet another weekend, so I will, relatively speaking, have a good time.

... I have to go through Birmingham New Street again. I really really do not like Birmingham New Street. I'm sure the stupid station is bigger than my actual town.

grumble grump. :eyeroll:

right. onward.
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I went around the dead dog party asking everyone

What was your favourite part of the convention?

and making a list. One of the con committee said the list would be useful to them, so I share.

Read more... )

What I wrote was my favourite bit was my ability to speak this weekend. Usually I stutter all weekend too much to interact very much at all, until the small hours after the Sunday disco at which point everyone else is too tired and has gone away, which leaves the place empty enough my talking comes back. At Redemption I could just speak when I had something to say. Even by the Sunday evening, when I was writing down this question because my stutter was back, I could still talk better than is often the case. And while this doesn't seem like something a con committee could bottle, as I said in my last couple of posts under this tag, there's things about Redemption like the scale, the panels having moderators and people mostly putting their hands up and waiting, and just the generally participatory nature of the place that actually makes all the talking much, much easier.

And if I had to get any more specific than that I'd say I liked the way the panels could range from squee to theory and across several decades of television and several centuries of books and nobody batted an eye. These are the tales of our tribe, and we can have Serious Thinkings about them or just share the bits we like best.

I like it.

And if I ever finish this academic stuff ( and I really, really need to finish this academic stuff ) I intend to go looking for more quite a lot like this con.
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One interesting thing about Redemption: I'm pretty sure I met more autistic spectrum people (who said they were) in one weekend, or in one room at some points, than tend to be together at once at the autistic spectrum social groups I went to. I think perhaps we're not great with the getting together to be social if social is the whole point. Go talk about our favourite thing all weekend? Queues! (Except not queues because Redemption is mercifully free of those.) (Just enough people to make a queue, if we happened to all stand in a row.) And there's lots of cons I go to and very strongly suspect many of us are in attendance, but there's things about Red I like in particular.

I like structured discussion groups with a moderator better than I like trying to figure out when to talk in a crowded bar. I no so much like the ones at the end of the day when the distinction is eroded due to copious partaking of bar products. I dislike being interrupted. But I like when the panel person notices I've been interrupted and points at me for my turn again. It makes this whole talking thing much simpler if there's turns and waiting and someone to say who is next.

And topics are awesome. They're part of what makes talking at cons and SF club near infinitely easier than at other venues, because everyone is there for something we can all talk about. Read more... )

I hate the idea that I said stupid things and annoyed people, yet I don't tend to recall from one con to the next the times someone was stupid or annoying, because why bother when there were lots of interesting things to recall?

(Plus most of the times I started finding people annoying I counted the hours since my last meal or sleep and thought 'ah' and went back to my room for a bit. It is hard not to keep going until overload when so much *interesting* keeps happening.)

Also if people didn't want to talk to me there were nearly 300 other people to talk to so I think I can assume any conversation they didn't run away from was at least enough interesting to sit still for.

But try telling the other bit of my brain that :eyeroll:

So I think the talking parts of the con are very AS friendly. And how the whole thing is very structured, you can spend all your time doing things that are on a timetable and you can plan them in advance if you want. Or if you don't want you don't have to. And I like that there are disabled rates for paying for the thing and there's lots of other disabled people there and I can be pretty sure if I start telling stories about being stuck on the cold seats because disabled then I will get lots of nods and return stories rather than blank looks and turning backs. I found it welcoming and inclusive, in ways that not all cons are.

Also, I like dancing. There are lots of different sorts of dancing to be doing at Redemption. Read more... )

I like dancing with my earrings. I was trying to think of having read anything ever that sounds even vaguely like that statement or what I mean by it, but I'm coming up short, so is maybe not an NT thing to notice. Read more... )

At the Dead Dog Party I collected a list of what everyone else thought were the best bits of the weekend. Which, since it was mostly bits I hadn't been to, briefly gave me the :-( But then I realised that means there's more than one excellently awesome convention going on in the same building at once, because I'd had a very happy weekend until it occured to me I'd Missed Stuff, and now I'm feeling happy about the stuff I went to again, which was all good, so there was one full weekend of All Good and then this other set of weekend that was also All Good for the people that did that. Which is really very good going.

I booked for next Redemption before I left this one. I may spend much of the intervening time telling everyone what a good idea that is. Because that was fun.
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I am back from Redemption :-)

... I have coughs and sneezes and I am cooooooold. And the thermometer says 37.6C which NHS direct says is a slightly not good temperature. Now I can sulk about being proper ill.

Is also probably why I had too much tired on Sunday night for long at the dead dog party. :-(

I did ask everyone what their favourite bit of the con was (and got them to write it down). Mostly they said bits I wasn't there for. So now I feel that there was another equally good convention this weekend that I did not attend.

I went to many many panels. All the book thread. Lots of talking about myth and alien defence organisations and many other things.
Me talking even, I stuck my hand up and made comments as appropriate.
I had awesomely talky weekend.

So of course part of the post con crash is me thinking OMG I was idiot out loud everyone secretly hates me.

I did start a few comments "I am studying Doctor Who for my dissertation"
I realised that can sound like "You will respect my authority"
but I only meant "I may be boring about this. At some length. (sorry)"

trying to avoid talking discourses/ideology/Barthes etc etc, somehow not easy, even when I no remember to sound proper academic when doing actual academic works.

I read one of the Doctor Who academic books I'd brought with me and made a bunch of notes, so weekend was even productive too.
... I mostly had time to do that because had really vivid nightmare that woke me up at 0300 on Friday and breakfast didn't start until 0800, but hey, did plenty much reading.

My DW reading list is at skip 250. I have no idea about LJ. And there's 60+ emails in my inbox even after I weeded them.

Blergh, that's taken me a quarter hour to type, where's my brain at?

I'm going to sort out drink and contemplate eating and go to bed.

I already signed up for Redemption next time too. I even said I'd do panels cause I talked at almost every panel I went to this time.
And someone invited me to come be on panels about Doctor Who at their convention. I was like, *blinks*, bzuh? I sound like thinky person?
... I am unlikely to do that, because it is New and Different, but being asked is also New and interesting.

I'm tired and I ache. I'm going to go sulk about illness, biology, and the human condition.
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I'm too busy having dissertation panic to have much con squee, seeing as I need to hand something in on the same Thursday I travel to Redemption, but previous years have been squeeful.
The programme is up now

and I have the usual happy problem of trying to figure out how to be three places at once.

on the mailing list the current active discussions are things about the Ruler of the Universe, requests for fabrics / donations of patterns for the costuming, and some concern that the big room near the entrance with all the glass windows is not the best possible venue for the rope bondage lunchtime session (though it was there without problems the last two years).

... cons are just their own thing, really. without going, you just don't get the knowing of them.

I like Redemption because there's tons of talking. I even manage to talk. And there's not queues and being all about getting photos with people, which is getting less interesting because there's like twenty seconds of happy squee and all the surrounding hours of wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

I'd go to Red if they didn't have guests. Because the fun is not guest centered.

I should probably find more cons that are like that, if I like that better.

Today I should be working hard on homeworks with a deadline.
... my hand hurts and I've only been doing typing. No fair.

Home :-D

Dec. 17th, 2012 05:54 pm
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Had an excellent weekend. I was happy. Happy is of the good.
Starfury staff were good about getting me through queues quickly. Like, two minutes flat of quickly. It was pretty awesome. All the photos, all the autographs I wanted, all super quick.
Read more... )

I maybe write more later but I think I dozed off on the bus on the way home and now I've had something to eat (seriously hotels, is vegan food really that complicated? Just leave out the cheese on one thing!) I think I probably go sleep.

Have to phone mum first, prove have survived.

That was a good weekend though.
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I sorted clothes, packed enough for a different outfit twice a day, threw in a few extra things, put probably half the clothes I'd got out away again, and closed the suitcase first try.
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I haven't booked any photos-with. I haven't much thought about this weekend. I was busy thinking arrgh arrgh arrgh about college, when I had spare brain. But I did a double check on my assignment today and all is well, so that actually was handed in early. Rock. So now I'm packing in all the thinking. Or, you know, mild panic.

Good thing I have an internet to babble at.
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My usual packing technique proceeds apace. Everything I might possibly want to wear is in a big heap in the giant suitcase, except for the parts I found still in the suitcase from last time, which are in the washing machine. And the big red robe I thought might be a bit Sycorax, which isn't in the washing machine because I remembered it about five minutes after pressing the button. I'm not wearing several years of dust with my costume, so it stays home.

Now I will have a sit down, and next I will... remember to put more socks in, drat, I knew I'd forgotten something... and then start the process of pulling everything out, folding it, counting how many weeks I could live out of that suitcase, putting things to one side that there's no possibility of me wearing, putting things to one side that do not, on reflection, actually fit any more, and seeing if what's left is sufficient.

I don't know how I'll manage my usual good coat. I could wear it, and be a bit cold on the way there and back. Or wear it under the wool blanket thingy, and probably still be cold while looking silly. Or I could attempt to pack it, only I'd need to put it in a bag or something first and it's always hard enough fitting everything in the case anyway. I'll probably end up wearing it, cold, and wearing all my cardigans at once. And hoping not to get rained on.

I haven't thought of any good costumes, so the packing is somewhat random. If it's shiny and sparkly I threw it in the case. That probably explains why there's three suitcase heights of clothes in there.

I might be actually managing to get excited about the weekend. Yaays.
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Midnight is on Friday.

I need to pack, so I need suggestions for

Friday Night:
Idiots Lantern / 1950's

I have no ideas. None. Do I have to rewatch the episode? I don't think I have any 1950s clothes at all at all.

Saturday Night:
Aliens Of London

This ought to be the chance to wear the coolest things. I just don't happen to have any cool things.
Two old bluetooth things to go in your ears = cyberconverted. I don't happen to have any, but that would be pretty simple.
What else... make face extra shiny and call self an auton replica? Even easier, Rory wasn't plastic looking at all. Can't make my hand fall open, would need extra parts.
... I'm not drawing a zip on my forehead, I'm not that wide. Though it would be super simples. I even have silver from last time's eyepatch. And later episodes have skinny zip people too...

any more?

Sunday Night:
The Christmas Invasion

This one's simplest. I was thinking sword and robes and skull mask, but I'll never get around to all that, also it's the Sunday so nobody else will. There's always the Doctor wandering around in pyjamas, but they're specific pyjamas. But there's other people in pyjamas and fuzzy robes and such, when people are going up on the roof. So wearing whatever you like and stumbling around in a daze is all that's required.
That, I can do.
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The page for Starfury Midnight doesn't quite work yet, but the link to register does.
So I did that.

I'd already decided I'd happily follow Kai Owen and Gareth David Lloyd around again. They're always fun.
(Billie Piper... let's just say I have Rose issues I'll have to leave at home for the weekend.)
Now? David Tennant

*happy squee*

Date: December 14-16, 2012
Venue: Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham

I can totally do that.

It's a date change compared to the 11th Hour event booklet, but if that means DT will be there, I figure it's good.

I only booked a regular ticket. Gold tickets sit in the front and go first for things and have a meet and greet party. But I never actually manage to speak at the meet and greets anyway, and 11th Hour was fine as a regular ticket, so it should work fine.

I'm going to take my Hamlet thingy and get it signed.
Actually I don't know which particular safe place I stored that in.
... I might end up with the DVD cover, but I have the play thing around here somewhere, and I have until December to find it.
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I has a photo with Matt Smith. He soniced my vortex manipulator, so it should work now.
And I told him my dissertation topic and he wrote Good Luck on the DVD cover. (Even autograph pen doesn't work very well on shiny covers, but is still good.)

Also there were lots of other guest people and I took notes and that was fun.

And there were parties and I danced a lot.

I even spoke a tiny bit to other humans.
... not so many other humans. As ever I apologise to anyone I appeared to ignore or stopped talking to when they wanted to talk. I was :-( about not talking but I was bumping into out of spoons error all weekend. Very difficult. Many people, much noise. People are nice, but talking and listening and not running away is hard.
So I wasn't specifically ignoring people, just being me.

Read more... )

Costumes are excellent shiny. Eyepatch and fez party is good. You can tell which tables are full of fans then because hats everywhere. Sunday night party worked pretty good, though it was pretty empty too.

I have no photos because my camera wouldn't work. Probably it needs new batteries and shaking a lot.

I made lots of notes. If it's like the Hub I'll keep having the intention to type them up any day now.
Probably most things ended up on twitter straight away though.

Everyone's on twitter or tumblr now. I don't grok.

Anyway, had lots of excellent fun, am home now, am going to take a while catching up on f-list, and I should probably eat and sleep and stuff.
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I went to the Peterborough Arena and stood in lots of queues and met lots of people and made sentences and got things signed and went to two talks and saw lots of things and gave smiley face stickers to all the people :-)
(well, all the ones that had an open queue and almost nobody in line, because autographs cost money and I was going to go and not give money and it seemed a bit cheeky to wait in front of anyone to do that)

I met all the people I planned to and got things signed that I brought and heard the talks I wanted to. Fun!

... I don't think I'm doing that again.
Many people. Many. Lots.
And the noise. Read more... )

I didn't talk every single person in the whole hall but it sure felt like it by the end of the day.

Also my employee has a camera and is all ooooooh famous people! ooooooh costumes! So she was having fun too.

So the day was a success, but quite difficult, so I think I'll be sticking to the sort of events in hotels with parties from now on.
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I opened this window to post and then mum phoned and asked me all about the weekend so an hour later:
Still home from the Hub :-)

That was fun. Three nights of dancing, some conversations, lots of guest encounters, lots of taking notes, watching talks, screenings, and a quiz. Many LOLs. Couple of photographs. And some being in the lift with guests. Quite a lot of that actually, I seem to have got on a synchronised schedule. I think I even made appropriate conversation noises when addressed. Or near enough.

Absolutely definitely more fun than staying home would have been, which was all I wanted out of the weekend.

Read more... )

I didn't find much edible at the hotel though, so now I need to eat.

And then sleep.
I don't think I've slept more than four hours a night, and I couldn't sleep past 0630 at all at all.
After staying up until after the party ended at 0130.

Catching up on reading list logically should wait.

Hub day

Apr. 13th, 2012 07:29 am
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Right. I'm awake. Since about three hours before my alarm. I've got breakfast. I can't travel for two more hours unless I want to spend unnecessary money. And I appear to still be packed.

So far, so good.

I woke up having hurt my shoulder in my sleep.
less good.
so I'm going to go through my bags to see what I could possibly leave behind.

also, I has nervous.

I do not like travel. It's full of busy and different. Blergh.

But I have until 7pm to be at the Hub in Northampton, so I can just take the stages as and when I can handle them.
... :-p
can't events just be outside my house all the times?

Okay. Deep breaths. East some food. Think about getting up properly. No problem.
:-p *blanket on head*
beccaelizabeth: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, and Gwen Cooper. From the publicity stills from before Children of Earth. (Torchwood 3)
The schedule for Hub 8 is up
and there's not so many talks, but there's plenty many extra Guest Encounters. Which is like talks where there's less people in the room and there's having a chat.
... so I'm wondering, how few of us are there, that they can fit us in with all the guests in reasonable sized groups?

I booked on Saturday and my ticket has come through Standard 52.
There's probably lots of Gold and Silvers as well though.

I must think up some good questions if we're doing chatty things.
I know what questions I always think of to ask writers, only I know there's no good answers apart from 'write good stuff and then write more of it'.

... oh dear, I'm going to have to very not think about my Rhodri stories that I've got all bunnies for and a world sketched out. Because nobody else at all wants to know. Even if in my head Rhodri is played by Kai Owen.
... it's worse than remembering not to be boring about fanfic, it's not even same fandom.

But I have been watching Torchwood eps so I should have things to say about them.
(It's socially weird to go meeting actors when you've been watching them wander around naked and have sex. I mean, mostly that's not data you have about people who don't know you back. Weird.)

I have started on season 2. I skipped Sleeper because I don't think I'm going to get to watch all the eps by tomorrow evening. I'll skip Adam too. There's good stuff there, but almost everyone's out of character. And I'm going to fast forward through bits of Reset because there's less story than time.

Captain John Hart: Always fun.

Ways I can tell I still care about these characters: It's weirdly painful watching Tosh admit she worried Tommy would see her get old. Wouldn't have happened.
And Ianto knows it.

Jack/Ianto kissing <3 <3 <3

... coherence, I no has it...


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