Feb. 28th, 2017


Feb. 28th, 2017 10:49 am
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There were two convention babies, under threes, at Redemption. And they are so tiny, and so cute, and so make me glad I didn't have one of those.

They are tiny fragile messy utterly dependent free willed entities who can walk out of sight and towards stairs. The amount of work inherent in just keeping them alive is terrifying. And did I mention messy? Humans remain messy for a really long time.

And when loud is the only means of communication they are very persistent about it. Tiniest decided they liked ice cream, which is grand, but then they were Most Loud until more ice cream happened, which worked so yaay for tool use, but still, how do parents even? And that's when the cause and effect are obvious. If not obvious, many more loud.

And I'm not knocking them, because see tiny cuteness, fascinated by everything, they are perfectly awesome babies as babies go.

But they remain babies for a really long time. Like, really. Like, you can get degrees faster than they can even vaguely look after themselves.

I am so not suited to a time investment like that.

I'll stick with books.


Feb. 28th, 2017 04:28 pm
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The thing about zombies is they're not harmless. Real world harms I mean.

They creep me out because even when the story isn't about disability and mental illness, it is fundamentally about disability and mental illness.

Zombies are the idea that someone can start out as human but by the way they act or by physical differences they can lose that status, even while moving and doing things.

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But when story is optimised for drama, danger, violence, and 'having to' kill... when any other approach gets punished? It grinds a groove of thoughts that try and make it seem reasonable. There end up being cumulative hundreds of hours of stories saying the only answer is extermination.

Which is a whole other sort of terrifying.

And that's without getting into how zombie movies tend to work out with regards to class, race, gender, and all the rest. I haven't specific numbers so I don't know for sure. But there do seem to be a lot of white guys in these things.

So. I really do not like zombie stories.

People are not things. They cannot become things. And you deal with them in an ethically responsible manner come what may, because the right thing to do doesn't wear off when things get scary.

And all that is like a third of my thoughts in response to that one talk at Redemption. I'll probably end up writing later about why immortality would, surprisingly apparently, be a good thing. And I ended up talking a lot about robot rights an artificial people, which tends to be a much better story from where I'm standing, because you start with apparent not-people and the whole thrust of the narrative is about getting you to acknowledge them and treat them better. Robot story as the anti zombies? Only sometimes. But when it is I much prefer it.


Feb. 28th, 2017 06:12 pm
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The thing that bugged me about the weekend and the frequent refrain of 'why don't they just make an OC' instead of changing things in the reboot, or even 'why don't they make something original'?

this is utterly bizarre to a fanfic writer.

and, also, the hell is even original anyway?

And this is mostly about recasting, women and people of color, or making someone gay, but
we read comics
every blooming thing is a re re reboot by now

or we watch science fiction where the spin off shows spin off spin offs
or where they're just very identifiable in their lineage
and really, why so grump?

There's ways and ways to reboot, you can discuss if things are optimised for old fans or new, there's respectful adaptation and there's just ripping the title and hollowing things out, there's keeping the ethos or destroying it, there's a lot of arguments you can have about reboots.

But why not OCs and original fic?
Because these are the toolkits we have, and every generation wants to play with them anew.

Not complicated.

Also, for the record, The Doctor being cast as anything other than a white man is what we need by now.

It doesn't take away some unique role model for men, we're not short on tricksters and philosopher kings, they're just as pervasive as the macho warrior stereotype. But the class dynamic has changed so warrior reads working and thinker reads middle, there's not so many warrior kings around. That's why Merlin's the hero and not Arthur these days. The dynamic was even addressed in DW, he's not a soldier, he's an officer, though he asserts otherwise. And he's got more a veneer of non violence than the substance thereof, cumulatively, given how much boom he's done. But that keeps coming up too. DW is engaging with interesting issues. But the Doctor being a thinker doesn't make him a unique role model for men.

The Doctor being a woman and yet still walking into a room and taking it over by virtue of pure expertise? That would be newer.

Write a season in advance of casting, so no one gets knocked off course by the new embodiment, and then cast some different. Any difference. But a woman of color would be grand.

... yes I'm having arguments in my head with a succession of panels from the weekend. I didn't think it productive to engage at the time, but I did my dissertation on gender in Doctor Who, I have some knowledge here.

The structural sexism cannot be resolved until you recast so that world revolves around a woman.

Recasting for greater justice is for the win. Everywhere. Every time.

History and the fiction thereof has some shit to answer for, we could actively try to rebalance for a really long time and it'd be necessary work throughout.


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