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Sep. 22nd, 2014 11:18 am
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Took a week of sleep to recover from England - but the trip was definitely worth it!

On an entirely unrelated subject...
- At the end of season 2, Joyce finds out that Buffy is the Slayer.
- At the end of season 2, the American people find out about the President's MS.
- At the end of season 2, Lois finds out that Clark is Superman.
- At the end of the second movie, Mary-Jane finds out that Peter is Spiderman.

Coincidence? Or is it simply that two seasons is as long as a "main character has a secret" plot can run before it has to change?

Cake Pictures

Sep. 22nd, 2014 04:09 am
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These cakes are amazing.  I really hope that first one was a black forest cake.

Stross's Laundry series

Sep. 22nd, 2014 06:46 am
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A while back I asked for SFF recs. I'm frankly unlikely to pick up everything suggested, but when I read someone's suggestions, I'll try and review them to some degree for you.

This week, I read the entirety of Charles Stross's Laundry series (5 books, 2 short stories and a novella) which reminds me of why I am hesitant to buy fiction. It and clothes were the two goods that were Money We Didn't Have when I was a kid. And I can understand why at 8 works in a week. (Per previous entry: I know about libraries and am bad at them and not currently seeking library-related advice.)

So. Occult secret service stuff.

Cut for: extensive spoilers for the Laundry, and some for Lukyanenko's Night Watch series, fictional child death, and paraphrasing of horror scenes )

Summary: it's fun and I'll buy the next one when it comes out. It's not my heart series but I didn't expect it to be.

The Good Wife review

Sep. 22nd, 2014 06:34 pm
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''The Good Wife understands power as both a more subtle and insidious force than series like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad do. On those much-beloved, much-acclaimed series, power corrupts grotesquely. On The Good Wife, it corrupts elegantly. [...] On The Good Wife, flexible morals are not the hallmark of men living ultra-violent, grandiose lives: They belong to everyone.'' [x]

3 Positive Things meme Day 4

Sep. 22nd, 2014 12:43 am
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1. I have a (fairly silly/fun idea for the new Fan Flashworks challenge, directly as a result of Tumblr. The new challenge is Music.

2. I got a little bit of order wreaked on my guest room.

3. Got the purple satin for the stoles I am making for a play, and got fabric pre-washed, & ironed.

Doctor Who 8.05 Time Heist

Sep. 22nd, 2014 09:38 am
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Which was fun. You could tell Moffat and Thompson always wanted to write a heist movie. And the purpose-of-heist-twist made it very Whovian indeed.

Read more... )

(no subject)

Sep. 22nd, 2014 03:34 am
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I'm alive.

Tired as anything and only halfway here but alive, so I guess that's something.

I go home on Tuesday and I am not sure I'm ready for it. My stomach turns at the idea of being mostly alone again and I know it's stupid but I....I'm not even sure.

I'm trying to be here, I'm trying to function but ti's hard.

I think I am going to just...I don't know. Nest in words that aren't my own and try to remember how to be a person. Either that or just say fuck it and go in again. It's not like it's the biggest deal in the world at this point.

My brain is also trying to tell me I am a failure at everything but that's normal and I am just a little too apathetic to deal with it right now.
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Posted by Cory Vincent


Today one of the PC world’s largest hardware companies is launching its latest wave of high-end gaming peripherals. Corsairs Vengeance and Raptor line of keyboards and mice are already wildly popular in the market, and their presence has even been felt in the eSports community by sponsoring major teams along with heavy activity in forums across the interwebz. I was given the opportunity to sit down with a few members of the Corsair team and view a demonstration of their new line of products last week as well as had an opportunity to ask questions. Articles reviewing the new RGB product line more specifically will be right here on NerdReactor.com in the coming week. One thing that I feel is worth discussing before the detailed reviews is that with this launch you may recognize a few subtle changes to the branding design and logos that on the surface seem cosmetic, but in reality signify a much bigger change within the company.

For 20 years Corsair has been in the hardware game, but they have only been making headsets and peripherals since about 2010. As a relative new comer their product lines have evolved dramatically over a pretty short period of time. As their success has grown so has their dedication of resources to making things better. To achieve this they have grown their gaming branch, loaded it with actual gamer tech geeks, listened to the community, and with this re-launch gamers can expect more than just a few spiffy new logos. Get ready for a revamped product line that does things that literally no other company in this space is doing.

Rebranding for rebranding sake is lame.. This is not that.. This is rebranding to represent a much larger change of perspective in a company. One thing I truly believe is that gamers and game developers are some of the most creative people on the planet. Corsair’s latest line of products is all about allowing gamers to use that creativity express themselves fully, while at the same time improving gaming functionality and uphold product quality. Now I will be the first to say that this sounds too good to be true, and it quite possibly might be, but time will tell. One thing is for sure and that is that Corsair is not satisfied in staying stagnant and does not want to play second fiddle to anyone. So when you see the new logo you would be remised to just see it as a simple ‘rebrand’.

Corsair showed me the light, all 16.8 million of them, and it was damned impressive what they have planned. As mentioned earlier we got our hands on Corsairs new line of products for review. We are holding their new products to the incredibly high standards of the competition and if they can deliver on what they have showed thus far, ‘Corsair Gaming’ might be a game changer.

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1. If you’re not having fun, it’s not worth doing.

Just as nobody dons their baldrics and bellpads and capers in the street for strangers to sneer at because they think they’ll gain great glory or wealth from it, so you probably won’t gain great glory or riches from writing. You dance because it’s fun, you write because it’s fun, and any other health, social or financial benefits are secondary. Do it anyway, because you love to, and when it gets hard and you’re tempted to grumble remember that nobody is making you do this, you’re doing it because it’s what you want.

2. If you’re not having fun, people can tell.

I won’t name any names, but there are some morris dancing sides I’ve seen where the moves are perfect, the dances are done with enormous attention to detail, getting all the tricky footwork right. Excellent hanky-work, good looking uniforms, perfect teamwork etc. And yet it’s so damn dull to watch. You stand there and you watch these people take it all terribly seriously, with frowns of concentration and a font of judgement for anyone who does it a smidgen less traditionally, and you can’t help but think how ridiculous it all is.

You can get away with a bit more poe-facedness as a writer, but it will eventually come through – the fact that you think very highly of yourself, and nobody is allowed to simply enjoy your books. And then, well, I guess you’ll get the poe-faced followers you deserve. If that’s your goal, go for it, but it sounds like an awful grind.



3. If you are having fun, people can tell.

One of the first things we tell the new dancers is “If you forget what you’re supposed to do next, just lift your head, put on a big smile, and get back to place when you can. As long as you look like you’re having a great time, most people won’t notice the mistakes, and if they do, they’ll share a laugh with you and enjoy those too.” I think that applies to writing too. If you’re having so much fun with the exploding zombies and the big misunderstandings and the triple adultery and the cavalry charges, people aren’t going to notice the occasional plot hole or clunky sentence. If they’re being breathlessly swept away by your enthusiasm and big smile, they’ll forgive all sorts of technical faults.

4. If your audience aren’t having fun, don’t even bother.

Like morris dancing, writing is a spectator sport. You may dance out because it entertains you, but if it doesn’t entertain your audience too you come away feeling dispirited, let down, and despondent, because what’s the point? Plus, you’ll soon find that even the semi-interested, curious onlookers you had at the start begin to drift away. However much you have a message to get across, or a mission to pursue in your writing, if it doesn’t entertain the reader they won’t stick around for anything else. Bear your readers in mind, and if you’re fairly sure they won’t enjoy that hundred page digression detailing the history of tin mining beginning in the stone age, maybe take it out of the story and put it in an appendix.

5. You are your own master.

Morris and its accompanying music are folk arts. That means that anyone can do them. With a half hour’s practice every day, I learned to play the pennywhistle well enough for people to dance to, well enough to attend sessions with other musicians, well enough for a new art to have entered and enriched my life. Just the same way, if you put in an hour’s writing practice every day, you will soon get good enough at that to entertain yourself. Then you’ll progress to being able to entertain others, and before long you’ll find yourself making art.

At that point, you can get yourself a publisher, or you can choose to publish yourself, learning all the skills an indie publisher needs to know. But the truth is that you are the producer of the content, you are the provider, the artist, the entertainer, and if you don’t like the way you’re being treated, you get to take that content elsewhere. Unwelcome morris dancers go to drink at another pub. Mistreated writers find a new publisher, or make their own cover art and publish themselves, but neither of us need approval or permission, we will do what is in our hearts to do, and if everyone is having fun in the process, everyone benefits.

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Sep. 22nd, 2014 03:05 am
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Cynthia Cidre can't tell us if John Ross decides to be more or less like his father because it would ruin the ending. That leads me to believe that his dumbassery gets someone killed and he decides to turn over a new leaf.

However, there are two things wrong with that. First: if he decides to be a better man, what the hell use is Christopher? Second: if it's his fault, there's not really any avenging to be done, is there?

But I don't know how things get fixed between John Ross and Sue Ellen if he decides to keep being like J.R. And short of getting someone killed, I don't know what makes him reform. The fact that he loves Pamela and wants her back, sure, but why make a decision now?

Mostly, though, I still think they're going to kill Ann like Wash got killed in Serenity. Near-death experience is over! Everyone is relieved! Wham! Surprise sudden death. Which displeases me. I'd much prefer she die saving someone, since the jackass writers did the whole "What is your purpose around here anyway?" "I look out for the people I love. That is my purpose around here" thing.

We've been promised a "fun" scene with Bobby, Tracey, and Ann, though, so at least there's that to look forward to tonight. That and Sue Ellen and Judith.

ETA: Hey, do you think it's too much to ask that a "fun" scene might entail "Tracey?" "Ann?" "Wait, you two know each other?" "We... might've made out a couple of times. In between sleeping together for a year." Because I like shipping Brenda Strong's dead lady characters with living redheaded ladies.

ETA2: Well. Well. I tracked down the sneak peak of the Josh Henderson song they'll apparently be using tomorrow. It goes something like, "Looking into the mirror/someone else's face I see." That... that is definitely John Ross deciding he's not J.R. It's definitely an I-fucked-up-tragically song.
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It's time to talk about currently airing shows again!!!

Some shows that have aired since our last current shows discussion post:
[if you want to talk about events in earlier episodes, please feel free]

Red Band Society
The Mysteries of Laura
Haven [Discussion going on here already…spoilers]
The Knick
Doctor Who
Madam Secretary
Masters of Sex
The Good Wife
The Strain

[among other things, I'm sure]

Feel free to talk about any of the current shows you are watching.

Please keep things non-spoilery unless you want to do spoiler text by turning the text white.

How to do spoiler text on DW:

Use white text. Remember to include beginning/closing brackets and/or other demarcations, so people will know there's a spoiler there, not just a bunch of random white space.

[Spoiler:<span style="color:white;background:white;">your spoilery text</span>]

produces this: [Spoiler:your spoilery text]

I will make comment threads for some of the above shows :)
Please feel free to make a comment thread for any other shows you would like to discuss!

Note: I'll be adding an extra day for 'current TV' posts. Now I'll be posting these on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I may still do social posts on Friday evenings from time to time, and if anyone else wants to make a social post, please feel free.

I don't think I'll be doing any solo show discussion posts. I think it'll be a little more organized if I keep things in the regular discussion posts instead.

→ For current TV show discussions check this tag here.
→ Non-Current Show Discussion Posts can be found here.
→ Social Posts can be found here and Links here .
→ New Show Posts are here.
→ Returning show posts are here.

with no power

Sep. 21st, 2014 11:34 pm
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I was talking to [personal profile] rosefox the other day about the futility and counterproductiveness of staying informed about everything horrible that happens in the world everywhere, that has nothing to do with me. Remember the wise words of Uncle Ben, guys.With great power comes great responsibility. The converse is also true. With almost no power comes almost no responsibility.

And let me give you a little depressive realism here. You know about depressive realism, right, depression has a fun little party trick where mostly it lies and lies to you about yourself and everything and how you are a loser and everything is awful but in one respect it tells the truth? There's evidence that depressives tend to more accurately estimate their level of control over external events that they have no control over? Y'all, go ahead and accurately estimate that "ordinary Americans have virtually no impact whatsoever on the making of national policy in our country." I mean, you know it, I know it. [personal profile] rosefox was saying the other day that they've been futilely protesting US involvement in the Middle East for 24 years. It is wasted time. I don't go to marches anymore. Right here, right now, they have no effect. I marched on Washington for abortion rights, I marched in my city against war in the Middle East, I wasted my time. With power comes responsibility. What that means to me is that I have to learn where I do have power and where I don't. And I need to focus my actions on where I have power.

Like for example, "staying informed" is an amorphous concept that sounds righteous and important but, really, being informed changes nothing unless I do something with the information. There's stuff I'm never going to do anything about, because I can't. I have no power over a kid being bullied by her school system over on the east coast somewhere, to take one example of something I was exhorted to care about by Tumblr this week. Look, I am sorry about that kid, but it would be creepy and wrong if a random person on the other coast had the power to significantly change her schooling experience based on information off of Tumblr, and in fact it is not the case. I have no power there. So it's not my responsibility. It's not important for me to be informed of that. On the other hand, it is important for me to inform myself of the way the police work in my country and in my city to the point that I finally, finally, really internalize that I should never call the cops again unless I am prepared for someone to die. And not necessarily someone in the situation that I wanna call the cops about. Maybe some random dude five miles away who fits a ~profile~. And I am so embarrassed that this took me so long to realize. And I am scared because the next time I hear slight thuds and a crying woman begging her boyfriend to stop hitting her, underneath my window, I can't call the cops. What am I going to do? I'm going to have to go down there and talk to them myself, and I don't want to, and probably that's what I always should have done, and I don't want to. And the next time I see thick black smoke coming from a van parked under an underpass downtown at 1 A.M., I'm not fucking going into that situation myself - so what am I going to do? Will someone die if I call the cops, or if I don't? This sucks, but it is about my actions, so it is my responsibility.

And of course this also sucks because it is limited to my individual power, to my individual actions. So neoliberal, right? I want to believe that people would be stronger if we acted collectively but maybe Ferguson is putting the lie to that. See this post: "if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?"

Well…not a lot. And - didn't we know this already? Why didn't we know this? This isn't new, right, the people in power lying to the people without, and us know they're lying, and they know we know they're lying, and they don't have to give a shit, isn't new? I've been reading The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination, about the AIDS crisis and its aftermath, and that's just the 1980s. Not even that long ago, don't we remember how the government let a gay generation die before Ronald Reagan would say the word "AIDS", let alone put some damn money into the problem? Schulman writes that ACT UP forced the government to finally take AIDS seriously as a public health menace, but….how? I know a little bit about ACT UP and its actions, but…. how do these demonstrations force people with power to do things differently? Do they? I've been reading about this, I've been listening to Revolutions - which is a great podcast by the way - I've been trying to learn how, fundamentally, people convince other people to do things. How people get other people to stop doing one thing and do something different. I swear this is a huge flaw in my education, this is a place where we have been let down. I should know this and I don't and I don't even know how to find out.


Sep. 21st, 2014 10:44 pm
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Rose City, that is.

I had a great time. It reminded me a bit more of Stumptown the last year when they moved to the convention center than it did of Emerald City, though it did bring in the celebrity guests and more panels about shows/events (as opposed to panels about craft, which were primarily what I recall Stumptown was very good at. It felt good; more elbow room than Emerald City, some absolutely terrific cosplay, a good number of people for the space. I spent most of yesterday at panels or events and decided to spend today mostly wandering the dealers' room, which was a good idea, except I bought a large number of books and now my hands are sore from carrying them.

But! Saw a lot of awesome people, the Periscope crowd and some folks down from Seattle and folks from far distant lands. Some really sweet cosplay. N went as Elijah Snow on Saturday and made a number of Warren Ellis fans happy. I spent possibly an embarrassing amount of time gushing at various artists.

Also, Wes Studi gives great interview. He was really entertaining.

Oh, and I got another Jeffrey Veregge shirt! He had an Iron Man shirt and it looks super cool.

The Good Wife 6.01 "The Line"

Sep. 21st, 2014 11:08 pm
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The Good Wife 6.01 The Line )

Stub September - Fan Communities

Sep. 21st, 2014 10:54 pm
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It's the last full week of Stub September! Thank you again to every who has participated thus far, we've had some great contributions!

The theme this week is fan communities!

This includes websites, forums, mailing lists, and other fan spaces. Some examples of fan community pages that are currently stubs include:

Resources for editing fan community pages )

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post or to email the Fanlore Gardeners. We also would love to hear about your contributions to the challenge so far in the comments below. Happy editing!

Daily Happiness

Sep. 21st, 2014 10:33 pm
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1. I finally had a chance to go and pick up my new contacts today. Irene walked down there with me and not only did we get a nice walk in but we stopped in at the Apple Store, too, and got a look at the new iPhones.

2. I went in to work for a few hours this afternoon because inventory is Tuesday and I'm still trying to get everything in shape for that. We have a company coming to count everything in the store on Tuesday night, but we have to count the stuff in the back ourselves sometime before then and it's all been really messy back there since the remodelling (plus just more stuff in the back than usual because of that), so I've been working on getting as much of that out on the shelves and then trying to organise what's left. I feel like I got a lot done today and can hopefully start on the actual inventory tomorrow.

3. Irene and I started watching Princess Jellyfish, which so far is really cute! We've watched the first three episodes so far.


Sep. 21st, 2014 10:04 pm
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Rats have invaded my garden. Arguably I created a rat mecca with water, food (birdseed, homegrown tomatoes and compost), and lots of hiding places. Rats fleeing the destruction of the long time abandoned building behind our house have taken advantage of our largesse.
I'm not amused. Almost all of the birds have left for the year so bye bye bird food. Ditto water. As for shelter, in a couple of days the garden will be transformed. Today I cleaned up the area around the compost bins. Between my knee problem and general sloth and lazyness the area -was- very inviting. No more!

Tomorrow: construct trap, put out commercial traps. Remove all lumber and store inside. Build compost and bin lids. Clear out and tie up more vegitation. I've already tied up a lot of tomatoes and tomatillos, which made an amazing difference. This year the pink "farewell to spring" flowers have continued all summer, contributing to a mass of undergrowth. Time to cut them back.

The compost is doing well. It has reduced 1/3 in volume. The temp dropped to about 115F but recovered to 120F when we turned it and added a little water. Normally I wouldn't add water but this time the ingredients were SO dry to start with....

In other news, Tazzy had a bath. She is very soft, and white..

Story: "Up the Water Spout" Part 11

Sep. 22nd, 2014 12:24 am
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This story belongs to the series Love Is For Children which includes "Love Is for Children," "Hairpins," "Blended," "Am I Not," "Eggshells," "Dolls and Guys,""Saudades," "Querencia," "Turnabout Is Fair Play," "Touching Moments," "Splash," "Coming Around," "Birthday Girl," "No Winter Lasts Forever," "Hide and Seek," "Kernel Error," "Happy Hour," "Green Eggs and Hulk,""kintsukuroi," and "Little and Broken, but Still Good."

Fandom: The Avengers
Characters: Natasha Romanova, Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, Betty Ross, Bucky Barnes.
Medium: Fiction
Warnings: Mention of human trafficking and nonconsensual drug use. Slightly offstage sexual violence. Dubcon/Noncon.
Summary: Sometimes the Black Widow needs to hunt, and sometimes she needs help settling her personality afterwards. Uncle Phil arranges an extra ageplay session.
Notes: Hurt/comfort. Family. Fluff and angst. BAMF!Black Widow. Black Widow is creepy. Spiders. Coping skills. Asking for help and getting it. Hope. Nonsexual ageplay. Caregiving. Competence. Girl stuff. Toys and games. Gentleness. Trust. #coulsonlives

Begin with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10.

Read more... )


Sep. 22nd, 2014 03:59 am
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Posted by morena_evensong

Oh whoops, how is it the 21st already?

Show: SG-1

Rec Category: Daniel Jackson
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Team, SG-3
Pairings: endgame Daniel/Jack
Categories: Slash, Adventure, Angst
Warnings: None
Author on LJ:N/A
Author's Website: Area 52
Link: Treasure Hunt

Why This Must Be Read:
Author's summary: Daniel goes on a treasure hunt, Jack gets a clue.

If the idea of Daniel going on an intergalactic treasure hunt isn't enticement enough for you, then there's also Daniel finding his footing outside of SG-1. There's some angst, but mostly this story is simply a lot of fun. Shedoc has written a great group of characters in the SG-3 marines who are just as lively and interesting as the story itself. And they adopt Daniel (seriously, there's a tattoo and everything). This is definitely one of my favourites in the fandom. I've probably re-read it at least a half-dozen times and it just never gets old.

"What do they have that we don't?" the question slipped out of Jack's mouth almost without his permission.

"They may not like me that much, but they treat me with respect Jack," Daniel sighed, looking into his half empty mug. Teal'c made as if to speak, but was interrupted but Mooney's shout.

"Hey! Indiana Jackson! Get your butt over here - it's poker time!"

"Respect?" Jack sneered. Daniel grinned, and got up. He nodded politely to Teal'c and walked away, chuckling when he reached Mooney's side.

"What?" Mooney asked with feigned innocence and Daniel shook his head.

"Prepare to lose your next pay check, Mooney," Daniel laughed and accepted the clap to the shoulder he got in return.

Jack's face darkened again. Yeah, there was respect there. The nickname had no shades of hate or snideness to it and the men Daniel was sitting with now were accepting his presence easily. It had been like that for SG 1 in the early years - they'd been so good together. Now Jack's anger and jealousy were tearing them apart and he didn't know how to stop their downward spiral.


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