Jun. 25th, 2017 01:29 am
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I hesitate to even think this, because this is a very weird thought
but I think I maybe might have
enough shelves.

I mean I have two more boxes of books right here
but in the other room I have an entire empty bookcase
and in here there's a big gap where the three more shelves are going to be delivered.

So just at this moment, for once, I appear to have
enough shelves
and all my simple by author fiction in alphabetical order.

The anthologies aren't, of course, not by any other logic neither
and the Conan, Star Wars, and Doctor Who books keep their own logic in their own places, which are a bit crammed until those other three planks arrive.

But I have inventoried, shelved, and rearranged in something like author-series-date
and they all fit.

This may well be unprecedented in three generations.

It feels like I'm breaking some sort of natural law here.

... it also feels like I can finally be confident enough of what I've got to splurge on whole author fills to go in the gaps, so, this happy state may well not last long.

But right now


Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:29 pm
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Is there anything more satisfying than spending the day doing inventory?

... or more frustrating? Read more... )

New shelves!
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Dancing did not happened. I cancelled it because I had forgotten how horrible it is to move around in this weather, and then spent all day moving around in this weather.

New shelves are functioning correctly and filling nicely. Comic boxes are in their new home and plenty of space above for the magazines, as soon as I rearrange the house enough I can get at the magazines.

I figured dancing would be either indoors in the hot humid nastiness or outside on the irregular surface under grey skies with possibility of rain and, earlier, thunder. So I did not go. And next week I won't be going because Norfolk Show means all of Norfolk trying to get through one roundabout about when I'd need to go round it. And neither of these decisions please me, but they're the right ones. probably. but boo.

Shopping worked pretty good. I got a new plate to be for serving foods on, but got it in ordinary plate size and not their serving platter. I'm not sure that one would fit in the sink, let alone the washer. I also bought a tower fan, which I suspect is Too Much Fan, but okays, I have it now. It makes a variety of weird noises and the timer continues to make noise after you've unplugged it, so seems like that bit is clockworks or something, That or it's about to blow up, guess I'll find out.

Foods also worked, everything in its place, and there were two brands of non dairy ice cream with two or possibly even more flavours each! I bought the sort I've tried before in chocolate and vanilla. If I eat it all I can try the alpro. But obviously that will take a while.

... it better take at least two weeks cause I'm shopping more local next week. Means I'll miss picking up my apple thing. Boo.

My day was only exciting if you appreciate good shelving and alphabetisation, but I do, so, :-)
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I had to spend moneys to make it go away
and the piano remover spent some time poking the keys and pointing out it don't play - yes, I know, so does the shop, it's fine, it should be fine, I hope it's fine - but they picked it up and took it away!

... they said at least the older ones are light? and picked up one end each?
I haven't been able to get it to so much as budge an inch this century, but okay, it's light...

oh and the guy says he's got fifty years moving pianos
and I believe him
I thought the website meant the company, or cumulatively, but nooooo...
so a very grey haired dude just lifted my piano, carried it down the steps, and

That has been here since the 90s and I don't play it.
I have been trying to get it gone for two christmases.
It was a whole piano sized piano and it took up a piano of space in my one room council flat.

I'm just saying, this is pretty cool.

... and making me feel weird because it's one of the things that have always been here
but still

... and at some point real soon now I'll start to believe they won't try and bring it back...

(gone! away!)

(I can stand at one end of the room and see the other!)


3367 xp on habitrpg!
receive delivery is only 35xp, that's a very valuable achievement right there!
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My mum visited and helped with assembling the table.
Now I have a folding table with pretty shape legs.
I have this table

Also I did vacuum cleaning, even around the edges where the shelves used to be and it was Maximum Dust. And I tidied things away so there is just floor where floor should be. And I put the rug back down so now there is a pretty star rug and my new fold out table and nice chairs and a table cloth for xmas which is paper but has gold stars on it. Right now it is only a bit unfolded so it is a table runner on the skinny folded away table. It has the big red plate from last xmas in the middle. The big red plate is mostly for rolling dice without losing them but it's also festive.

And mum bought me a new tiny tree, and some lights. It is up on top of my bookshelves so it is Tallest Tree. Also the wooden snake is up there so I got out the red apple ornament. ... because wrong tree is funny? ... my sense of humour is peculiar.

Things look like I planned they would and I am plenty excited :-D

... I remember when I used to feel this way mostly about xmas presents, but now a new table and things actually fitting seems more useful.

Also today is was Cleaner Day. Because mum hears Cleaner Day and thinks great she'll be home all day, not oh she'll be busy doing cleaner day things. But I did the things so now all is clean also.

Maximum achievement!

... now I'm going back to bed or at least letting my back have a rest all the rest of the days to xmas. I have lifted almost every book in the last couple days. That is many hundreds books.

Time for a rest.
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I have reshelved all my DVDs
I still have space.

Read more... )

I actually have Enough Shelves!

:-D :-D :-D

... okay, that's more happy burbling than I tend to do about anything short of meeting stars, but, shelves! Worth every penny, and the wait. And they were a pretty penny, but, they're properly constructed and actual wood and a matching color and fit the corner and fit all my DVDs on them with room to grow.

*happy dance*
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My new shelves are here and installed
or whatever they call it when they put lots of screws in so they'll stay put.
They don't snug up to the wall the way they're meant to but they seem all square so probably it's the wall as isn't.
Which is mildly worrying
but fiiiiiine.

I thought I would get just two bookcases but these screw together to be a corner and have a fancy couple shelves on top that are corner shaped so nothing will fall down the corner
(though lets face it, something always falls down the corner.)

To install them the guy brought them in, moved literally every piece of furniture that is not the piano, even the one I said would break, and now it is wobblier I think but he thinks it needs a shim under a leg but I think the legs stay put and it's just wobblier in itself.
I think he did this in the wrong sequence because I said I could move the furniture and I meant 'into the other room if necessary' but no first he boxed us in then he wedged the door closed and then he started playing tetris with the shelves
because to put them together he had to stand behind them in a corner they are precisely measured to fit with no gaps
which, funnily enough, doesn't work.
So he had to make the corner A LOT bigger.

His job is clearly difficult.

Also, he put his power tools on my recliner, which didn't turn into a disaster, but clearly could have.

The shelves look plenty good though.
I have wiped them for dust and shortly will get one of the dusters and wipe them again, if I can find a duster.

Eventually I will put DVDs on them and then they will be DVD coloured, but at the moment, they are nice wood shelves that match my nice new furniture, and I'm just going to bask for a while in having Actual Proper Grown Up Furniture.

It did take a bunch of months though, so I don't know if I'll do it again the same.

Still: two metres tall in 8 layers shelves achieved
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My new chair may not be a success. Not sure it fits me. Feels a bit precarious. I read in it all day and my neck hurt until I changed chairs to go on the computer. It makes me feel tiny in it and I can't quite relax.

But I don't have a second favourite chair chosen and I can afford this one, so, shall have to think on it.


Jun. 28th, 2016 11:10 am
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I have a chair again!
I have this chair in cream :-)
... it is kind of spinny but mostly weirdly precarious. I'm unsure if I like it. Also it feels huge, or makes me feel tiny.
But it was the cheapest cream recliner that had the footrest configuration I require, so.

But now I can do villain reveals by spinning around slowly in my big chair.
... well, I could if I could reach the floor while in the big chair.
... possibly a motor or cunning application of string is required.
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I still haven't fixed the bed frame but I put the mattress on it anyway last night because mum thought it might help the back situation.

Not sure it is helpful. Possibly hurts my shoulders? I definitely woke up having lost all the covers and curled up in a ball though, so that's never helpful.

I kind of hate spending a bunch of money to do something less well than the cheapest thing did. But the cheapest thing has definitely turned into a bunch of poky wires and lumps, so the new thing ought to work better.

On the definite plus side, it is so much quieter in the bedroom. I mean, there's still a neighbour who watches a movies, but they stop earlier, and then the noise stops. No hallway noises, no child noises, no wailing that is probably a cat noises.

Quiet is so much better.

I actually slept a whole bunch of hours in a row today.
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My new furniture arrived promptly at 0700 :-)
Two blokes brought it in and assembled it and took the boxes away with them.
They were quite funny, with the repeated taking it apart to have another go, discovering the 'this way up' sticker on one side of the bed but not the other and having to turn it over, and then the part where they thought the chair legs were packed wrong but they had in fact found a way to drop six out of eight in the wrong holes, leaving two that wouldn't go anywhere. And the search for bolts for the third bit of furniture when in fact the legs just screwed in. But I kept thinking, it's not like I could have assembled it at all, certainly not on my own, so as long as it ends up in the correct number of pieces then fair enough.

Their tick box list includes 'demonstrate the furniture'.
They just assembled a bed.
... fic prompt?

I inspected it before I signed for it, wiggled it to see if it would wiggle, pulled on things and sat on things as appropriate, and was well pleased.

... all of half an hour later one of the legs has developed a wiggle, and I am *sigh* again instead.

Also at least one of them smelled of something spray on strongly enough that once they'd left I decided that it was well worth making the inside of the flat outside temperatures to get rid of that smell.
... it's about 5C out there.

The chairs are more brown than they looked on the screen (aren't they always) but the other colors weren't better, so that's fine. I'll probably put cushions on them anyway.
But they're a good shape that so far I quite like sitting on, which is the more important bit anyway.

And I continue to have no sense of scale, because the new bedside table does fit where I thought it would and yet seems quite a lot bigger than I thought it would. The lamp goes on it lovely though.

So now I have to figure out where to put all my belongings, because the new bed is bigger and lower than the old one, but I'm sure that'll be fine eventually. Probably. And if not the front room can just keep on being full of boxes, I'll just buy prettier ones.

This furniture thing is difficult.

But it looks good.
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Cleaner day worked, basically, though I need to figure out how to get the microwave to smell better.

Mum visited and helped invert the furniture, unpack it, move existing furniture, and move the new stuff into place. That's a lot of works. We got grumpy at each other in the middle :-( but I apologised and said thanks. Mum just has a different idea of correct sequence and safety margins. But nothing is broken and everything is done so mum's way works fine too.

The new furniture fits where I thought it would and holds as many CDs as I thought :-)
It looks very slightly different from the one I ordered first. From the same website. On the same page.
It's 2mm taller and the curve layer is a different curve and the handles are a different texture.
But nobody else is ever going to notice, so that's fine.
Letting it go...

The old bed has been taken away :-)
That took some doing. It has like dozens of screws in it and some very large pieces.
I unscrewed like 30 screws in advance, that was Many. I helped hold up one skinny pieces one time and my back pointed out that just because it wasn't hurting this morning didn't mean I could do all the things. That was foolish of me so I went and sat down again. But then mum and the furniture guy did all the work.

Now my bedroom looks huge, and has tons of space in. Kind of sad to put all the boxes back in later. Oh well.

The new bed very probably ought to fit. I think. I hope.
I have measured but you know what it's like when you put the thing together and it doesn't leave room to walk after all.

I also want new carpet and wallpaper in there, but don't know what order to do things in. Assemble bed so we know if it works in time to return it? Probably good idea. New mattress? Would make bed more useful. But then there's moving things out of the way for new carpet and wallpaper, and unless it can go up on one end, that's not so easy. Would be easier to do while flatpacked, but then might end up with £300 of unworky furniture. And very probably carpet is not a quick thing anyways.

Bedroom never got finished of painting. That has been vaguely embarrassing for at least 15 years. Probably I should make it either all the same color or look like I planned it.

But today's tasks are achieved. And the CDs are put away in the new drawers. And the old drawers are gone.

There is no more plastic furniture in the house. Very win.
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My aunt visited :-)
We spent the whole time she was here commiserating about back ouch and overseeing mum assembling a chair. I helped as much as one can while staying mostly lying down (not much at all) and my aunt read the instructions (very help).

My aunt also did the phoning and the driving the car to return it when it turned out the two arms labelled 'L' and 'R' were in fact both 'R' and the chair would not assemble.

... this is the same chair that hurt my back to get it in here when it was delivered.
... *sigh*

I gave them cake and thanks.

I went all the way to Argos and did the returning the things.

This is more difficult when back ouch.

My aunt's car seat is very comfy though.

So, now I get to choose a new and different chair (that model having been discontinued) and pay much more attention when it says you have to assemble it because it may mean it's in more pieces than you had ever observed on a chair.

So that's fun.

Also the people who were going to take my bed away still haven't took my bed away. I should probably phone and ask about that. Seeing as new bed is on Monday.

... things never do fit together quite right.
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Mum did visit and now I have a new (to me) chair. It's too small for my giant behind but my relatives can sit on it fine and have been for most of my life. Also it coordinates with the new furniture I intend to get, without it being matching exactly. Also it is light and easy to move around. Also it will stay still when I use it to lean on, unlike every other chair I currently own. The piano stool tips and the computer chair is on wheels.

Mum helped clear the area around and under teh old bed, ready for people to take the bed away. The mattress is on the floor in the front room until the new stuff arrives. It would help if the take things away people had contacted me again, but I won't worry about that until tomorrow.

My back still hurts so not having to climb up steps and clamber in and out of the old cabin bed will be a great improvement. I hope. Also I can put movies on and watch them lying down if I want to. Probably, I haven't checked the sightlines yet.

useful and productive and with chatting

and tomorrow even more relatives and get rid of even more things

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My computer is much louder when it is to the right of me than it is when it is to the left.
I can't put it on the left side of this desk, the wires are the wrong lengths and also it could get crunched by the door.
So now my computer seems super loud.

Also this typing on my lap thing isn't actually very comfortable. The keyboard has a bunch of numbers sticking out to one side so if the keys are centered the numbers try and slide the whole thing off my lap.

And there's nowhere to put my trackball.

This rearrangement doesn't work very well.

It was supposed to work by having a wireless keyboard and me sitting in my recliner, but the keyboard has wires, so I can't sit as far back as my recliner. Also the monitor is small and I'd have to + size all the words.

Bright ideas not so very bright. *sigh*
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In my continuing pursuit of an emptier front room, I moved my computer back to being next to the TV. But because the TV does not get along with the computer (odd picture because remembering icons) and because I want to actually use my computer I have also moved the flatscreen monitor. So now I can't see the TV. I thought I could turn the flatscreen around to face the tower and thereby have it out of the way of the TV, and indeed that almost works, if I sit on the far left of the TV with the tower on the far right. But the almost is significant if anyone else wants to watch the TV. Pretty sure they'll get too much of a view of the tower and not enough of the actual TV.

Also, I moved my desk chair so I could sit at the computer. But I can't put the keyboard in front of the monitor because the recorder box is already there. And still there's only room for two chairs to actually see the TV, optimistically. So basically my rolling computer chair is now blocking the view from the actual comfy chair.

And I'm typing on my knees.

And I discovered whilst moving this chair that tis actually quite heavy? Like, I got it half way up and that seemed fine, I started moving it and that was less good, I got as far as the recliner and had to drop it on the back and let it roll across. So now if I want to move the chair back... okay, no, I don't think I can move the chair back. Not tonight anyway. Heavy and it can't roll the same way in that direction.

Soooo... probably I didn't want to do this. Actually. As it turns out.

But hey, did the thing!


My intention was to plug the big computer into the big TV to provide christmas music when guests are here, since I don't have speakers. Well, technically I do have speakers, but I haven't plugged them in recently. Possibly this century? So, pretty much no speakers.

Maybe I should just go out tomorrow and find some speakers.

Ones that don't need a power plug maybe. Since I'm also all out of power plugs, can't get the other extension thingy with more plugs in it to move this far across the room, and had to unplug the multi region DVD player in order to plug in the monitor.

But then I still need the other table to be empty so my brother can use it to eat at on Christmas day.

... but to do that he'd need this computer chair to be back there.

... *facepalm a lot*

Okay! So! Today's not actually a great plan was brought to you by it seemed like a good idea at the time.

... What I really want to do is go buy a new TV, one that can plug in to the big computer no problems, but I couldn't get it home on my own, and also need some thinking time to find an actual good one.

Turns out this is not the kind of plan where you can really skip stages.


I'll just leave it here and have another go tomorrow.


Oct. 29th, 2015 04:34 pm
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Drawers filled, Stuff sorted, and Shiny Things arranged on top of the new furniture.

I have my jewelry box that looks kind of like a big steel book out in the middle of the new furniture.

Also I sorted through all my shiny things again on the 'have I worn it' and 'will I wear it' rule.
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Sorting is fun, but sending away is not so much fun.

I do have all the shiny things ready to wear now though :-)
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okay, I mostly win. Basically win. A bit.
The Habitat Fleur 8 drawer chest of drawers is proper grown up furniture made out of actual tree, not cardboard anywhere. This is a good selection and what I expected to get for my money.

Delivery was at about 0930ish. It is now 1320 and the new drawers are... well on their way to being assembled and in position! *sigh*

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So now I have a sore left hand on the wide soft part, a sore right hand on the fingers part, a bumped back where I discovered many and varied ways I did not fit between several pairs of items, knees that did not appreciate being knelt on, and somehow a painful right big toe. When I went to un kneel I somehow managed to put like all my weight on my big toe, diagonally. I think it's my slippers, they make my toes stupid, they aren't doing normal toe moves because they're busy being in slippers, and then ow happens.

And the chest of drawers is still flat on its back with 7/8 of the handles not attached.

But I'm winning!!
*big sigh*

ETA 1530: Mum is visiting and the drawers are now up on their feets and looking good.
I have put knobs on 4/8 drawers. Deciding what pattern the colors should be in is the tricky part.

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So I just rearranged my entire house so I can sit at the desk and use the old old monitor.
And this irritating keyboard that is only the reserve backup keyboard. Either I get one of the other two working again and have an ergonomic keyboard to play with or I need to buy something... not this. I don't even know what's wrong with it, it's just a weird sort of tactile experience and, as almost always, half the keys aren't in quite the right place.

I remember now why I was going to replace this desk: keyboard too high even with seat at maximum extension. Joy.

Also I think there are speakers around here somewhere, likely under this desk, but at the moment I have headphones and slight paranoia I'll miss something.

If I put this keyboard so the letters are in front of me then the number pad sticks out so far there's no room for the trackball. Or it's three inches too far to the right.

Yes I realise these are trivial problems, I've got to type something if I'm going to figure out the best setup.
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Okay, I'm typing fluently but the right hand little finger tasks are all too far to the right and that hand is ouching. Dratted thing. I think this is as good as it gets without making the other keyboards work. I dont' know why they stopped, the computer just stopped recognising there was a keyboard in it. Maybe the wireless one will work if I put batteries in it. Or I can buy a new keyboard that is somehow magically less frustrating and works better.

Honestly the ones at college didn't do this to my hands, I feel like going and checking what brand and so forth they've got, they're bound to be cheapest.

Conclusion: computer works, monitor works, will no longer be leaving icons on the big TV which I'm sure will recover swiftly (again), and I guess I'll be sitting up straighter for the forseeable future. Boo.
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I sent away the flat pack computer desk I never unpacked.
I have no idea how long I've owned it, but it is years.
Now a local charity owns it instead.

They sent two blokes to take it away. They saw I had a piano and were all 'how' because stairs. I don't even know, nor do I have a clue how I'm going to get it out again when I move.

... I'm seriously considering the place that says they'll store it for £30 a month. It seems like a lot to only technically still own a piano. But inherited things are a Thing, and this is quite a large Thing.

... that is not the point.

Today I got rid of the flatpack desk. by letting humans in my hallway. I win.
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I put 'tighten bolts' on the to do list only a few days ago, but when I went to look at said bolts, it turned out one had pretty much fallen out. I have been sitting in a recliner which was on its last threads. Reclining in it even.

So, that was a bit more urgent than I thought.

But also more complicated, since the set of hex keys I know I own and thought would fit turned out to have every size except the one I need. And one empty place in the keyring bit.

So then I had to go through all the drawers and jars and cupboards and tidies and little cardboard boxes.
Turned out it was in the tool kit.
Who ever looks in the tool kit?

... *sigh* ...
... also *ew* that tool kit needs cleaning. I've cleaned it already today but it still needs a lot of cleaning. Leaving it in the window and pretty much forgetting I own it had disadvantages.

So then I turned the chair over and tightened all the bolts. Except the ones I loosened. But then I tightened them again after. Probably. I think.

but it looks fixed now?

so if the chair collapses, possibly in an awful back breaking accident, it will not be for want of maintenance.
just skill.

It's 0815 so it looks like I'm up early, but I in fact forgot to sleep last night. I mean I went to bed early and had some quality lying down in the dark, but it wore off. So I'll have another go in a bit.

anything important to do can probably wait until thursday. right? right.
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Furniture is tricksy.

Sometimes you can't find the exact same thing in different places, so you have to figure how much of the price difference is quality and how much is them playing capitalism.

Other times you can find the same thing, even the same photos of the thing, but it's never called the same name. So there's a collection of nice furniture called Skandi or Saturn or Satellite or something, and it all seems to be the same thing, but it's a very good trick to find them for comparison anyways. And the living room and dining room and bedroom ranges can be called different things on one site and all have the same name on another, and all seem to match. Skandi, Saturn and Oslo dining tables I have found so far, at Dunelm, Debenhams, and BHS, but who knows where else. As far as I can tell the price on the exact same table ranges from about £400 to £800. Hmmm, some of that is the extending vs fixed tables, look the same but aren't the same. One of that is an extending table being nearly half price, huh, I should buy that if I had any place to put it.

Is there a quicker way to do furniture price comparisons? Like, pour in photo, get out price lists?

Sometimes I want to borrow MCU Jarvis for really trivial things. AI could make me up a furniture catalog so easy, compared to me and my brain trying to find all the things.

... he'd probably get bored and not want to, but he could.

... do you think he ever tells Tony he's bored of a job? that would be a proper teenage AI that would.

*wanders off, furnishing Avengers Tower in my head*

*... ooh, geekchic and Avengers gaming nights...*


Aug. 3rd, 2014 12:33 am
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now I'm awake because the air mattress stopped holding air.
yes i've been sleeping on it for three weeks when it's probably not expecting that, but that still doesn't seem very useful.
I think I found the leak and patched it with the patch provided, but if I missed then that's not going to work out very well. As there was only one patch provided. Though I suppose duct tape is our friend for such things.

I realise if I'd ordered a mattress it would have arrived by now, but after the wrong mattress the first time, I have not got to the shop to try again. I shall probably have to just order something online that says it's the right height.

This is annoying cause I was just thinking I'd got used to it and it was quite okay sleeping on air.

now I'm supposed to wait 30 minutes to inflate the thing, though I didn't deflate it entirely anyway, but probably I should not go lean on it while it's deciding to stay stuck.

boo for things not doing what they're supposed to.


Jul. 16th, 2014 06:39 pm
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It has been agreed that, since one of the simulated turning over in my sleeps made bits of me go right out the bit for climbing in the bed, the mattress is indeed too high. I need a much smaller one. Much.

So I've learned something.

Mum helped me lift it out the bed again and I've put the air mattress back in.


Mar. 28th, 2014 01:06 am
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I like ercol furniture. Like, all of it. There's very, very little of it I wouldn't be :-D to have. Which makes it difficult to decide which bits to get. Like, they have a whole range called Romana, but I can't decide if I like that one, except for the name. Or, I like it, but I don't know if I like it for my house.

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