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Today I am learning more about plants. Which is not hard, since I know very little about plants. But I started out wondering how specific you have to be when the recipe says "oak"... er, though, probably the instructions for things that are not food are not recipes. Plans? Spells, in some cases.

... so, yeah, it's the Granny was a better witch because she knew it didn't matter, Magrat was a better medic because she thought it did.

But the first part is 'build a stormworthy ship' and only the second part is magic.


Did you know there are a lot of things called Oak?

Like, a lot.

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And you don't want only the one sort of tree to build a ship with. There's whole pages of sorts you could use. Only the pages with the ship recipes are not very specific as to species. They are a bit more helpful on which bits you can build with what. Masts are particular, apparently.

So if you end up in a whole new geography looking for parts, you're going to want particular functions. Probably figuring them out from a new place is a bit fiddly? But I don't know how fiddly.

I mean obviously if you're standard is 'stays afloat' then it's less fiddly than if you really need 'wins round the world races'.

But I think I've got a good excuse to send a character round the area a bunch, if they're looking for particular sorts.

Knowledge. So much of it, so small brain to pour it into. Is fun.
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I have read more about trees.

Ash and mountain ash are not the same trees at all at all and both names refer to Many sorts of trees.

The ash in the viking mythology may be a mistranslation, and in fact an entire different sort of tree, there is an argue.

Also more sorts of trees are very endangered and maybe going extinct.
Like, that should happen to none trees
but it keeps happening to many.

tree research involves finding ones that aren't dead yet and then figuring out why.

... I like it better when ecosystems just stay alive.

... traveling to new bits of the multiverse would have biosecurity problems like woah...
it would be worse than new continents
hi there we discovered a thing oops now it's dying

developing adequate procedures would be tricky.


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