Aug. 1st, 2017

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Cleaner Day continues well
with slight block where the dishwasher isn't being replaced until Friday
so basically every plate and knife and cup I own is having to wait its turn.

Everywhere else shall be clean, so, that'll do.

I think I've followed too many tumblrs again, because I spend too many hours mindlessly paging through roughly the same content a bazillion times.
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There is so much stuff I've accumulated, and I could choose any of it.
Pretty cool.
But then I just kind of sit here and read the internet and feel blank.

which is a much nicer problem to have than the problems of earlier years, where i was blank with far emptier walls to stare at.

ah well. vacuum cleanering done for the day, i'll go decide what to do.
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I have been weeding books.

I have half a box chosen to go. I do not need X Files books any more, even if they are basically fortean with a specific spin. They've been unopened for a decade or two, I can think of better uses for those inches. Also the two books on hat making certainly seem nice but have not in fact been used for making hats in the twenty years I've owned them. And the book of 'native american wolf tales' is just plain bad. It has references in the back and all the stories are bad summarised retellings of stuff collected by white guys long enough ago i suspect it's out of copyright. no good points to that book.

There's also an art book I think I have no further use for. It's fantasy art ie mostly naked ladies but alien. I looked through it and realised some people will do absolutely anything to avoid drawing feet. Fog, smoke, plant cover, lights, and in some cases just having their legs taper off after the thighs, which is freaky. I mean it's fantasy art so each to their own, but, no. So that book can go.

It's difficult getting rid of things you've owned for twenty to thirty years, even if you haven't really looked at them in long and long.

Next I shall either decide if I want the two textbooks on wolf behaviour or just read a werewolf book. I mean, actual wolf behaviour may or may not have to do with werewolf books anyway. And do I really need the real data to read the furry fantasy? But it would be new and interesting data.

... it would be new and I've owned these books at least a decade. I strongly suspect they'll go away unread... but hey, you never know...


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