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I have rewatched Agents of SHIELD season 1 up to the end of Yes Men.
It's less fun that I'd hoped. My feelings for the characters have mostly fallen out.

It's fun to see how fair they played it now I know the end of the season. Everyone's reactions were right there to be read different once you know.

I just get ever more frustrated about Coulson. To be the man who only gets upset at this point, he has to be a really annoying type of man. Like, honestly, the only thing that makes all this different is that it's happening to him. He's messed other people around worse than this, he's worked in this classified compartmentalised environment his whole life, he knows how these things are done and why. But this time? He's being messed around. And for that he gets all hurt in the feelings and decides to screw the law and take his team with him. Trust the system, until it actually leaves you ignorant enough all you have is trust? Trust Fury, up until it's your turn? It's so weird he's shocked and surprised. I mean this is literally his job, his whole life's work, he should know this stuff.

[ETA] Of course he only doesn't know this stuff because poky machines wiped his memory and he's already been annoyed enough to quit about it once already, just, like, the guy we're watching right now? We don't know that stuff. And there's still stuff he knows but doesn't seem sufficiently annoyed about. So he's a really annoying guy right now. [/ETA]

Plus so much of the plot mid season hinges on Fury not answering the phone for weeks. Cheap.

The other thing the whole first half of the season does is underline how there wasn't nice SHIELD and nasty HYDRA hiding in it. HYDRA was in plain sight because everyone does roughly the same things. People get detained with no rights and no lawyers, and then agents hit them until they say stuff. It's stupid. Torture doesn't work. Organisations being stupid about that is depressing. But May was doing same stuff Ward was. Coulson was overseeing the same behaviour Hand saw. Nobody got reprimanded for it, much less fired. This is what SHIELD does, and it's stuff that needed torn down.

Which is kind of why I wandered off in season 2 when that was persistently not noticed, much less addressed.

Don't know if they did anything after I stopped watching, I'll see in a few days when I get that far through the next season set.

Yes Men pisses me off because of the utter stupidity of the setup. A woman who can control men with her talking, okay, fair enough, comic book rules. But once SHIELD has been told that, and May has confirmed they really do mean only males, then why in any 'verse would they send men after her? Send a SHIELD team composed entirely of women! There have to be enough female agents. Then you bypass the drama almost entirely, which would be the entire point of any reasonable plan. And it's the kind of plan where an entire organisation has to carry the idiot ball to not think of it. The setup doesn't work and after that it's hard to care.

Also, Ward is a dick, but what happened to him was still rape and it's creepy when TV doesn't seem to notice.

Though with the later revelations the timings on Sif getting the collar on and Ward pulling the trigger line up different than you'd think first time through - it's not odd how Sif gets out there with the prisoner so fast, Ward was free and just had an opportunity. Click.

... a man who complained about an extra ounce didn't notice the bullets weren't in it. He's all mouth.

Neat how they switched the ICERs to that darker more 'realistic' version in time for a major change in tone. I liked the glowy cartoony weapons better, but, scarier time next.


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