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My dreams had too many zombies. Usually there are zero zombies, which is the usual and expected number of zombies, but even compared to unpleasant numbers there were too many zombies.

Also I know that from a zombie point of view Deadpool is the gift that keeps on giving, but really, that whole section of dream was excessive, especially the bit with the baby. I mean creative use of umbilical cord but now I want to clean my subconscious a lot to get the bloodstains out.

The part where someone was making a 'cure' for the zombie virus that was meant to b even more infectious than the zombie virus was a bit interesting, except for it involves thinking about zombies. The 'cure' made your legs fall off. So you were not and would not be a zombie, but you could not run away from zombies. Which is really testing your priorities there. I mean, almost everyone would prefer not to get bites taken out of them, so to almost guarantee getting bit while completely guaranteeing not turning, that's a bit challenging. ... also I like all my parts and want to keep them, thanks.

If it 'cured' zombies it would have to heal some really awful injuries. Als, my brain knows a lot about anatomy and it is gross. But. Injuries. And legs. Even if the 'cure' stopped the zombie infection completely and made it so no more zombies, there would be a sudden surfeit of amputees and otherwise physically disabled people. And they'd be connected in the public mind with flesh eating zombies. And possibly thei disability would still be infectious.


So yeah, zombies are about mental illness but also physical disability, and it's really gross how the answer is always violence.

But I would very much prefer to not dream about zombies.

That would be better.

And also more likely to result in feeling actually rested.

The annoying part is I went back asleep and dreamt I was published in F&SF, but due to the thing where that is a lot less vivid, I can barely remember it now.

There was also dream being a wheelchair user and doing interesting wheelchair stunts and dances but finding the disabled loos were turned into store rooms and people kept trying to 'prove' I didn't need the wheels anyway, or grabbing bits they assumed I couldn't feel and they didn't have permissions for.

Ugh. Dreams. I need a better set.


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