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I watched three more episodes of Agent Carter season two.
I dislike when they give team evil the speeches about equality. I mean, where's the percentage? Then they turn out to be hypocrites who hire because the people at the bottom of the ladder are desperate and easily manipulated, and they shoot people to further their plans without caring about gender etc. Well wow, who could have seen that coming? So it makes the equality speech all hollow. Except team good is a little short on diversity. I mean sure, plural women, a disabled guy, but the only black guy is a person of interest, not an employee.
I'm also really missing Peggy talking to women. She had a whole conversation with Dottie, but she's mired in this stupid romance subplot and talking to men all the time now, and all her friends like from her building or Angie, they're all gone. Wonky balance.
Also I couldn't care less who she kisses, I want to see her found SHIELD.

why they not do best stuff with awesome ingredients?

I also have now played with all the basic picture settings and still it looks peculiar. I'll just have to get used to it.
New is difficult.


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