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Without a bus ride between the closing credits and trying to talk about it
all I can say about this movie is
gets me right in the feels.

I mean I'm fed up about Star Trek being whoosh boom at the same time as finding that some very satisfying whoosh boom. And stuff Kirk says about having to let the war be over. And the final demise of that guy who thinks 'struggle' can only mean armed conflict, and the way it was unity that beat him, and just the way the crew clicks an everything works. Feels!

... and then reality feelings, because it's not just Spock and Chekov
and wow am I overload now.

... and now I'm feeling more sympathetic about the Doctor Strange bad guy, because death sucks, and you would want to bring everyone you care about with you if you found the out. But the out is not to get rid of time. Stuff happens an we make choices and become. Hating that it ends doesn't mean it's worth giving that up. Look at what they did.

One day humanity is going to go into space and take these movies with them, the heart of their mythology.

... or, you know, we'll all go boom and die, but Star Trek makes me believe in a future, and that's pretty damn hard some days. Together we'll make it.


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