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Finished watching season three.
That was weirdly bland.
... also I'm still not happy with the color settings on my new TV and it keeps bothering me.

A properly absorbing story shouldn't leave me room to get distracted by the colors.

I think they tried to make much of ideas of fate and destiny and every Inhuman having a purpose, and it's rubbish. I mean, in universe, it means the real players aren't the ones we're following around, they're some kind of higher power with an agenda that somehow includes both Hive and Lash. It's a whole everything happens for a reason riff that I just won't swallow because it makes rubbish of choice. And the science is drek as well, and I say that with long experience of comic book logic. And why did they drop the Inhumans that come out looking, you know, Inhuman, apart from Lash? I thought they really rolled the dice on what they'd become. That was kind of the point of Inhumans. The Primitives were a while new problem, instead of using one they'd already got.

Jerking us around with the prediction of someone dying and then using it up on Lincoln, boring. I was having feels when he chose what he chose, sure, but the moment the scene ended I was annoyed at the writer for using it for cheap jumps all season. It's like they gave up on believing they could get us to care without it. Give us stakes without a flashforward, use those writer muscles.

I hated the six months later. They changed a lot and gave it all unmotivated and I don't see how thy expect us to invest in that.

Going back a lot further, I obviously hate fridging women, so Roz was completely wasted and it annoys the hell out of me. Using it for Coulson's man pain? Cheap. There's a dozen ways to piss him off and keep her in play. And bring Talbot in, even, if the ATCU is coming out of the shadows and needs a face. They just threw her away and it's boring.

Also, the whole aesop about how revenge is really unhelpful? Gets bloody stupid when it involves your enemy literally raising the dead. I mean, that's not a predictable outcome. And if Coulson is meant to learn anything from what happens after the way he treats Ward, it kind of needs a way of treating Ward that doesn't lead to horrible trauma. Which never happened. Horrible trauma every which way.

What else... FitzSimmons. Bland. And did they deliberately make sure Fitz had no scenes with Mack? Because I'm pretty sure they were close last season, and then just, nope, all Jemma all that time. And the only thing they had to work through in their relationship was that it's cursed by outside forces ie the writers cockblocking them. So, you know, boring. I kind of liked him being badass, I hated how she faded. Her skills should have been crucial to the whole basically biological problem, but no, just... too much nothing.

I don't think any character was well served by this season.

Angst with no way out and no good choices is just... boring.

I'm bored now.

To watch season four I have to plug the old recorder box back in, and I am not currently motivated to do so.

Also, I feel like they duck their own question about how to treat Inhumans by introducing all this mind control stuff.

The more Marvel I watch the more I feel mind control is a story killing choice for a universe. I mean, I had feels when it was Hawkeye or the Winter Soldier, but it creeps me out when it keeps being central. There's always a choice.

I'm not really feeling it as parts either. There was just too much of the season that didn't give me anything I'm interested in, just people not trusting each other and getting mind controlled.

I want something else. Very else. Not with these parts.


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