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That was a good one. Creepy to proper scary in the middle, political, and stripped the Doctor down to basics even further than usual.

I only tentatively like the end. I have to see what they'll do. But it's already more promising than when most shows go there, because it appears to be lasting.

I didn't like the beginning so much because it was all HAVE FEELS NOW from a standing start, but okay, unsubtle but themey.

Babies and mums and having a future together I mean, is coming up quite a lot.

Bill yelling for her mum.
And thinking of the photograph, because that's the image she's got.

I like what it did with point of view. It tricksed us without cheating, more or less.

The Doctor not being able to see means he can't see the photos on his desk. Now they're more feels than just an easter egg.

I like the whole thing where the Doctor gets arrogant and told off, but I'm unsure about disability possibly being a 'let that be a lesson to you' punchline. It wouldn't fit, because the Doctor will always save people, especially his companions. But it's a bit... there's just so many ways they can go wrong I'm kind of a bit tense about it.

The Doctor screwing up because he needs to run, very in character.

I'm not so sure about telling him off because the Earth needs him. I mean, he's a free willed adult and so are we. Earth is protected, but it's not all on him. He'd only be responsible for what he personally brought here. So, probably the vault.

Whatever consequences we get out of that vault I'm rather looking forwards to.

That was good to watch and only made me check the time when they mentioned it was running out for them. Proper Doctor Who.

Also the iPlayer on my new huge smart tv is a bit magic. I still haven't watched anything I've been recording because the iplayer works plenty good. Coolness.


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