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I like it.

I have now listened to series one, ending with the one with Paul McGann.

Now that was fun. And twisty.

The first two were pretty standard adventures, with a mummy that drinks salt water, and a murder to solve. But then things start getting a bit out of order. First River meets her husband, but don't know him, and then she mustn't meet him, because he don't know her. There's a lot of uses of tech we've seen before, being unexpected, and then there's a LOT of messing around with temporal battle, because 8 is from the era of the Time War. All the best toys and some lovely angst. And River being both clever and criminal. What's not to love?

I must say it takes a bit more thinking to get your head around the angst of only being able to talk, not meet, because they're on audio anyway and the difference needs some concentrating to keep up with.

But I love how much they just plain like each other, even without any of the history.

... not least because I obviously like them both, so it's when your friends are being cute, sort of thing.

My least favourite of the set was part three, because certain parties need a slap and River is the last to know it. But she does get there. And I'm not spoilering it in the review, because it's done well enough.

My most favourite is the Doctor, because 8 and a lot of new to me angles in very little story. Good stuff.

... also all the thematic baggage of being married to the Doctor bothers me much less when she's actually interacting with the Doctor, because a, then we get the Doctor, and b, then we get it underlined that a lot of his life involves being messed around and escaping from it too. They have a lot in common, like that.

Basically my only irritation with the set is I couldn't get the volume right, the theme music was loud and other bits were mumbly, but since I'm listening on a very cheap device that's almost certainly me anyway.

Many stars, plenty good, will order more like this soonest.

Date: 2017-06-12 01:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] paynesgrey
I like that about 8 and River too, that they just naturally like each other and fall in sync with one another.
I hope you get a chance to listen to part two with 6 and 7. Very interesting dynamics there!


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