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We started to go to Norwich
but the car said Engine Fault
so we had to stop in a lay by which had picnic tables under a lot of green.

Employee called a colleague and made sure to get me home
and now they're going back out to see if they can fix their car.
One hour round trip but they tagged out and figured they'd stopped working when the car did.

I have decided that my cunning plan to get biscuits at the supermarket before we left is why the Fault happened so close to town.
Also it means I have biscuits.
So the evening has an up side.
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Success! New transport arrangements functioned correctly and I went to the science fiction talking :-)
... and so did one whole other human, so that was nice.
... probably in other weeks the group will have more people. probably.

I talked out loud with another human
I win.
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I have little cards to put up places to advertise for an employee. Except who looks at little cards to get a job? Aren't they all online? But I have seen the online ad on the government job place and nobody replied to it. The ad is going in the local papers too. Not that that worked real well last time.

I could put it here as well but then I could never complain about my employee because they'd be people who read this. Sometimes one really needs to whine.

it would be kind of handy to have an employee again. I'm sure there were things I was planning to do. The longer I'm stuck the more stuck I feel.
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everything is boring. jobs have to wait for most people to be awake, by which time I'm too tired to do anything. I'm tired a lot, but I can't make my sleep cycle shift any faster than it feels like.

tomorrow I have to interview two people for being my new assistant. I don't want to, because how am I supposed to figure out who is trustworthy and reliable and going to be interesting enough to spend all my outside the house hours with for the foreseeable future? and then I'll have to trust them and go places with them and hope they actually can stay alert enough to help with the staying safe parts. and also that they won't be annoying and will only help where it's actually needed. being an assistant is complicated and being an employer is complicated and I don't know which what anything ever *sulk*

but if I have no employee I don't leave the house and can't get to my interesting things and funnily enough everything is boring. always. forever.

so, okay, I shall employ someone and hope they're a decent human being.

actually at this point I hope someone actually turns up to be interviewed. last time I advertised for an employee I had many more applications, enough to sort through and find the most suitable, and then I invite many more than two people to interview at once, and then the first time only one person turned up. and then they quit swiftly because they decided they'd rather go places with their boyfriend than be employed. it's a lot of fuss bother to find someone who might casually refer to people as nutters and then cancel plans to go fly be free. and I'm a rubbish employer, I often not managing to go places anyway.

all difficult. sulk sulk sulk.

I need to be awake in the daytime so I can phone for help filling in a form that needs doing. also so I can phone college about graduation and if the ticket limit also includes carers. because that would be a problem. there's only two tickets allowed each. blah.

there are other things need doing but so far I'm stuck on 'make plan grid to say what needs doing', which is never a helpful place to be stuck.

also 'get laundry out the machine zomg its not difficult just hang it up to dry and be done with it why always the forgetting it for ages'. I shall post this and do that then. *facepalm*
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I have no employee. Why do I still have no employee? I just tidied my inbox (ie saved for later any messages that were still hanging around that I totally mean to reply to and know I probably won't by now) and the first time I emailed the place that does the paying saying hi I need a new employee was around the start of May. But here I sit, with no employee. Whenever I think things are going in a new employee sort of direction it turns out that no, no they were not sorted, no nothing has been done. Being told my funding was under review meant waiting a week. Even though it was under review in an upward direction. Because the person who needed to answer the message doesn't work all the days. And then every other message meant waiting a week too, and I don't even know why. And then I said yes that's a good advertisement run that, and I thought that meant they were running it, but a week later they send me back a price estimate and ask if they should do the advert. And that was the end of last week, so the ad may get placed this week, so it'll run next week, so CVs might start coming in the week after that. And I'll need to give them a couple weeks to send things. And then arrange interviews and decide between people, if this time any people bother to turn up. Last time I employed the one (1) person who actually bothered to go to the interview, and then they quit because they'd rather spend time with their boyfriend. And at the next interviews I got to choose between two (2) people. That worked out better for longer, but it takes its time to get set up.

And in the meantime I have no employee. For months. And I have been trying!

But there's an upper limit to what I can do without an employee. It starts somewhere around 'bugger all' and occasionally gets as high as going to the shop but then the shop doesn't often have much in it and it's a whole lot of effort invested just to come back with, again, bugger all.

So it is Monday again, so here I am sitting here making plans for the week again, and what can I plan?
I can plan to sit here and do absolutely totally bugger all some more.
Or, possibly, shop.

*giant sigh*

there's more to life than this. I've read about it. Whole big world.
... why is it when I go looking there's more empty bits instead?
... sometimes I feel like this life needs expansion packs bought, it don't got all the bits.
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My working hypothesis for today is I slipped into a parallel dimension where I didn't usually exist, so my lessons and my employee naturally weren't there.
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Holiday? Ha.

First, woken up at 0830 sharp by the tech support guys at iansyst who apparently fail at reading email. However many times I say use email. Or ask them to send email. There's never email. This morning all I had to say to them was that I'd already sent email.

0830. I realise many people are awake by then, but I was planning on another four hours.
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Mum phoned me at 2pm under the impression that was when I was waking up now.
That was when I was waking up last week. This week I was planning to wake up Really Early at 4pm to get the computer to the shop.
But no, 2pm, and after enough sleep I didn't get back to sleep again.

Then my employee A emailed and phoned to suggest a plan with less Going in it for this evening. When she arrived she had clearly been having a day, since quite early on. So I had to get the computer to the shop, but then I said we could watch a film a different day. So we were only out 50 minutes and the film plan is bumped to Thursday night.

Also the computer shop guy wasn't there. Surprise. So I wrote out what was wrong (I had to copy it out again because I'd written YOU MUPPETS in the middle of it the first time, and that is unlikely to result in good customer service) and left the computer with the shop again.

I would quite like them to fix the LAN and Norton and find my files again. I think I can find my files again, but the LAN and Norton are beyond me. Oh, and I just rang them back to tell about Internet Explorer acting up cranky, even though it's Internet Explorer so acting up cranky is default state. I kind of want my computer to work when it's fresh back from repairs, you know?

Now I want to ring back again again and tell them not to mess up Firefox and Thunderbird. Surely he wrote that down from last time?
... I am zen. I am serene. I am really hoping it comes back more fixed this time.


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