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Amanda from Highlander can go everywhere and meet everyone though

distracting Dana Scully

meeting Faith in prison or teaching her after

lifting some priceless egyptian artefacts and getting more than she bargained for - swapping security system tips with Sam or just generally getting along like a house on fire with Vala. Can you imagine the shopping trips?

Parker. Meeting the legend. Yes I've read that already but there's so much scope there.

River Song. OMG Amanda and River Song, time travelling archaeologist and her Immortal girlfriend, bumping into each other across millennia. They would get along far too well.

Alex Danvers. Again, a whole law enforcement and priceless weird artefacts angle. But showing Alex a thing or two. ... I mean I ship the canon ship there too but I haven't seen it yet so it's a bit theoretical. But I'm sure the more the merrier.

Amanda and Sara Lance on Legends would be too easy, but then there's unexpected time travel shenanigans like meeting several centuries apart, and angst when Sara has experience with immortals and hence doesn't trust Amanda an inch, and yet more angst when Amanda learns how Sara is even still alive and that there's a way to bring mortals back, and arguments where Sara has to talk her out of it on the basis it isn't worth it because bloodlust and killing and why bring back a monster with your loved one's face, and then Amanda talking her down because sometimes you have to fight and it even feels remarkably good but that doesn't make them monsters and... hang on, I may have talked myself into 'shipping them, that's a proper plotty one that is. ... though now I'm wondering if anyone else has seen both shows anyway...

Amanda still alive in the furthest futures. Babylon 5 and Ivanova after... everything. Or B7 and Servalan. Robbing her, of course, but how would she feel about her rise and fall? And either way it's a hell of a challenge to stay the shady side and keep shiny with that much future tech around.

And by the time we're up to Starfleet and a post scarcity society you have to wonder what she'd do at all. Something new. Mixed with some very very old. Or perhaps archaeologist adventurers are a theme...

Just, Amanda and anywhere in fannish history.

Or with anyone in Highlander. It's not like there's a shortage. Even if we have to skip back before canon there's a thousand years to do that.

Just, even though a pair of occasionally crossdressing sword wielding lady adventurers is very much my style, it's kind of a bit awkward if I write about Rebecca...

But there should be more Amanda.

(and old fic links should never die)

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I didn't set out to watch an entire episode of Highlander with the sound off and no subs, but the Horror channel persists in not having subs and I didn't feel like sound
so I had it on to play 'name that episode' and

Richie Ryan practising with a quarterstaff.

Wrath of Kali, thanks for those visuals.

I mean I know everyone is Young verging on Very Young now, and the people I've seen I prefer the current versions, but everyone's Immortals anyway so they only look half my age. So that's okay.


It's weird, is all, watching old episodes of people who I know I wouldn't fancy if the show was new to me. Don't know why. Time is peculiar.

Nineties TV picture quality is something else though. Fuzzy much? Swapping between that and the advertising was weird.

Also, Quickenings.
Just, if you're out of the habit of reading them, Quickenings are hilarious.
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My first fandom, with conventions, mailing lists, and fanfic, was Highlander. That's where I got both my icon and my tattoo. I haven't rewatched it for a while, partly on the sneaking suspicion it might not be as good as the good bits version in my head, but it did shape me.

I build a character by choosing their weapon. It don't have to be a sword, or even a tool of violence, but whatever it is, it will be very specific. Each weapon has a specific use, a culture and community who used it, a history, a heritage. Their use was learned somewhere, and perfected over time as that particular tool seemed suited for that character's tasks.

Highlander was big on flashbacks. Read more... )

So I learned from Highlander that every character has history. Which seems pretty obvious. But a lot of shows, just by only telling the present, they make it seem like a character's life started in the pilot episode, or at least the interesting bit. Read more... )

A character's journey, historic and geographic, will influence which ideas they carry as well as the tools they use. And it can be very, very specific. Read more... )

And that kind of depth and detail is an absolute bugger to build into a created 'verse, fantasy or SF. It's hard enough to show what a world is like now, but it'll feel like a paper backdrop until it can give the impression it had a journey to get that way.

It's tempting to leave an individual in a holding pattern before the story gets started. Read more... )

I sat down to write this just to say that I think the space colony series I've been planning could benefit from flashbacks. Read more... )

Buuuuuut, presence of extensive flashbacks does not automatically endear a show to me. And even shows I like can have (interminable) flashbacks I could do without. I think the tricky bit is to keep it both relevant and fresh, despite it being the past. If the same thing happens in every flashback, bored now. And it's nice to see what made a character the person they are today, but it's tricky to get the right speed of revelation and to keep it tied to the plot of the week.

I'm also thinking about arc vs self contained stories. If one timeframe is arc and the other is self contained, does that compliment or drag at each other? Read more... )

The thing with my space colony though, I was going to use fanfic characters to give it depth of background, only to adapt them to this setting which is kind of a fusion or AU then I'd need to retell the most significant bits of their lives. New old friends, yes? Even if I used familiar names we'd need to get to know them twice, who they were in the fusion backstory and who they are in the ongoing plot. Read more... )

I keep telling myself that I haven't started writing this thing because if I just let it stew a bit longer it might be possible to file serial numbers off and make it proper original. Actually at the moment I have two slightly different offworld colony stories that just don't mesh, one with capertillers and Welsh stone circles and a very British cast, the other with a straight up Stargate setting. The Stargate one is always going to be fanfic, but right now it's merely a mess of a multi fandom fusion that I can't imagine anyone would read, and with a bit of polish it might be spin off series level original. The two series don't quite mesh, but they do both deal with disability and some magic cures. And I know that nobody hesitates to write different Being Masculine On a Starship stories, but I'm hesitating over different Being Disabled in a Space Colony stories, even though the differences are not things I could smush together. One is a low character point low resources ordinary people story, the other a high power vast resources big politics tale that draws on comic book characters and Star Trek level competence. They don't match, they don't go the same places, I kind of want to tell both, I stall on telling either.

I stall on putting one word next to another, and whenever I notice that, instead of opening a file and trying it, I just talk myself into a woe spiral about how maybe I'm not a writer after all. Blergh.

Or, as you may notice, pontificate at length in meta.

i'm going to post this and get breakfast. it's only 1530, i've been up since 0730, that's a totally reasonable interval before breakfast...
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Dreamed I was in a writing masterclass preparatory to starting a new series of Highlander focused on Methos. Had written a sample script and the dude in charge was all :-) about it and using it for examples. We were going over a whole ‘where do plot bunnies come from’ plan based on ‘romantic talmudic discussion with swords’ and I had so much to say and it would all turn into making Methos meet all the people and it was going to be so cool.

… then I woke up.
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Half of viking burials actually women
Previously the graves were figured to be for males because they had swords and armour and, you know, Boy Things. But how did people know they were Boy Things? Not by looking at the bones. They just now did that. "The bones were sorted for telltale osteological signs of which gender they belonged to, rather than assuming that burial with a sword or knife denoted a male burial." Now they have looked at the bones, half of them were guys, half of them were women.

... is this how women get invisible? Did they just not actually look before?

So, now they have found that half of Vikings was women (or roughly, maybe, could have been), what does the article conclude?

"Women may have accompanied male Vikings in those early invasions of England, in much greater numbers than scholars earlier supposed, McLeod concludes. Rather than the ravaging rovers of legend, the Vikings arrived as marriage-minded colonists."

... you see the *facepalm* in that paragraph?
Why phrase it that women accompany men when they were 50/50?
And why, when the witness reports say they were kick arse ravagers, conclude that the reports are wrong, because women were there so it must be Secretly About Marriage?

There's more context and evidence and the move here start a family version is probable from other stuff I've read, but those two sentences do not belong on the end of this report.

Women had swords. And shields. And viking burials with them.
Conclusion: Women kick arse too.
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So I re-read (skimmed) the scripts for Comes a Horseman and Revelations 6:8, including the 'cut' scene I'm sure I've seen somewhen, Methos leaves the Horsemen, which very nearly contradicts the audios I just listened to. Mostly I was thinking, if what I just listened to wasn't the Horsemen's story, what would be?

For Silas the thing to explore is what seems like a contradiction in him: he's a big, happy, guy who seems like a nice bloke when he's with horses or monkeys or weak small things, but then really really likes hitting things with an axe. Read more... )

Caspian is less of a contradiction, more of a complete and total bastard. He's introduced as a serial killer: "Nobody knows how many people he killed. They found parts in his basement, in his garden, in his freezer." And he eats the bug in his cell. Implication, he eats everything. Famine.
The interesting thing about Immortals is the Quickening. Take their head, and with it their power. Immortals consume each other. Read more... )

Kronos... he's all about scale. He wants to watch the world burn. But there's also a thing where Silas is about the fighting, Caspian is about what happens to the bodies after, but Kronos is about the moment of death. He wants to kill, not just fight, and it's not about what he'll achieve by it. For him killing is an expression of power. Read more... )

Methos... as ever, the most interesting one. Because whatever line he's dancing on, he's still dancing. Read more... )

If you sum up Highlander as 'talmudic discussion with swords' you can find a lot of questions it explores, but I think the central one is 'when, if ever, is it right to kill?' And Duncan MacLeod finds an answer to that every week. (The answer usually being 'now'.)

The story for Methos isn't simply about the sword fight, it's being the manipulative scheming bastard, 'one who understood the true use of terror'. Being the monster. When, if ever, is that right?

And when does it tip over into being the Horsemen?
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So far today I have listened to 3 episodes. They're about Kronos, Silas, and Caspian. Except I'm pretty sure it isn't properly them. The stories are based on a twist on the Highlander concept. Instead of 'take their head and with it their power' the whole thing is based on the idea you can take parts and pieces away, eat bits of an Immortal's Quickening and with it some aspect of their emotions, capacity and personality. It combines this with the Dark Quickening concept. And it keeps playing with the mechanics of Immortality, with what you could do to really permanently mess up an Immortal.

Highlander is 'romantic talmudic discussion with swords'. This... isn't. It's a three episode horror story about grotesque ways to die and things worse than death. I'm at once grossed out and bored.

And it's repetitive. It comes up with a new bad guy and a new bad thing he does and then it just repeats it. Why bother?

So now there's just the Methos story left to listen to, but I don't think I want to, because right now I only need to erase these mucked up fanfic versions of the other three Horsemen, and I know plenty versions of them already. A mucked up Methos would be... well, rather worse.

Details: The Kronos story didn't do anything too distorting to his character. I guess I was okay with that one, I just found it a bit pointless. Read more... )

I need now a list of any time any Immortal suffers a head injury. Bullet to the brain pan, sword in the head, arrows, I don't know. If there is evidence I need to have the knowing of it. Because this can't be right.

It's also really boring. We learn something about Silas and Caspian that doesn't apply to anyone else, that can't be a question in our own lives. Read more... )

I'm currently regretting I bought these.

I didn't buy the first season because I thought they'd have a different idea of What Highlander Is About than the (mostly female fanfic writer) fandom I knew did. I kind of wish I'd stuck with that idea, because really, very much correct.

Bored and icked.
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Yes, I'm as surprised as anyone - really ancient Highlander fanfic that I never posted before. Possibly because it's not very good. I don't know.

Not betaed because I realised a beta read means acting on their recommendations, and, er, well, I haven't worked on this since 17 minutes past midnight on 25th June 2000. I'd have to rewatch Highlander to have a clue how to improve it. So, here goes, posting.

... how does that work again?

Fandom: Highlander
Title: The Temptation of Richie
Characters: Richie Ryan. Plural. Also a demon.
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Missing scene from an episode that never happened. Richie faces his demons.
Disclaimer: Given what TPTB did to all this I stand by my theory that the true Highlander story all belongs to the fans. But, you know, not legally. :-p

Not only can I not remember writing this, I'm sort of existentially unsure someone else didn't write this and me file it in my work in progress folder for reasons of crazy. Pasted on to the end of a half written story outline. Just because.

But google can't find it anywhere else, so it was probably me.

Warnings: I wrote this in 2000. That's a warning right there.


Read more... )
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This month's FT has a roundup of lightning related deaths, including one where Highlander fans can fill in some details ;-)

Church vaults were often used to store large quantities of gunpowder - a terrible place to hoard explosives, as lightning frequently strikes high church steeples. In 1769, lightning hit a church tower in Brescia, near Milan, and blew up the 100 tons of gunpowder stored there. The explosion leveled one sixth of the city and killed about 3,000 people, possible the worst recorded lightning disaster in history. Times, 26 June 2007

... and of course two guys with swords were not involved at all...
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I grabbed some pics of me off that Highlander thing. They're in my Pictures of me gallery, along with some of me with old new and fabulous hair. If you look carefully at the video I'm still red and black in the hair there, and therefore match my clothes. Heights of cool right there ;-)

I phoned mum to tell her about this, and judging by the amount of talking over me and talking to my sib who was stealing cake and chocolate I'm sure she was wowed.

Conversation went sorta like:

Be: "I was talking about moral issues and my favourite character Richie. ... I really can't pronounce the letter R, can I?"

Mum: (cheerfully) "Nope. But you sound cute."


*does not want to sound cute. wants to be able to pronounce own name.*

I know it's quite likely nobody else even notices, it's just a Thing.
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I'm on a DVD
I'm on an actual Highlander DVD
I'm on an actual official Highlander DVD wearing a Clan Denial t-shirt

... and suddenly I find a new reason to think regeneration is cool because, arrrgh, I'm on video! Moving pictures! New face now pls?
... Do I still weigh that much?
... t-shirt is clearly unflattering ...

Oh my god, I actually do talking.
Am at 08:50 on my player. For about ten seconds. Don't look.

... okay, given that that was just after the hall opened at some godawful a.m. type time, I don't actually look terrible or sound bad or say anything incredibly dumb. I think.

... do I do more talking later? I'm scared to watch now. I mean it doesn't seem likely but it didn't seem likely in the first place.

Okay, my computer is being an *ass* about playing this file. I can't get the sound and pictures to match, and I'm not sure the pictures are always at the right speed, I don't know. And it's on the third program I tried to play it with. Stupid thing. No, the fourth actually. This stupid Nero that the shop installed that tries to open every kind of file and fails utterly - it makes a picture, but it makes a *green* picture. QuickTime gets an unknown error with a number. And the DVD player doesn't do much of anything. Windows Media Player is making it work, kinda, mostly.
... how many media players does one computer need?
... apparently, one more.
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Having read the Highlander comic I think I can see a slight mismatch between what they're selling and what we (mostly fangirls, people I know, people who write fic) thought we were watching.
It's a four issue sword fight.
Seriously, four issues of comic, and they only put the swords away so they can punch stuff or fall down on spikes or something.
Plus it's about Connor and the Kurgan, and hello, we know how that one ends! Seeing as it's the only thing we know about Connor, couldn't we, I don't know, get some background somewhere?

So compare this to fanfic, where you get history (this one goes back as far as teh 1960s. obviously you need Immortals to do that), flashbacks (half the issue happens in flashback but it doesn't always tell you which page is when I think), and most importantly *relationships*, all wrapped in action adventure with a moral core, asking questions about right and wrong and the changing values of the ages.

You know, the ones that aren't mostly about teh buttsecks.

A four issue hack and sword-kind-of-slash fest with blood in every panel and some kind of multi-Immortal team up that only happens so they can have a whole bunch of Quickenings in the last issue?

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So at the end of canon that I admit exists, we have a whole bunch of Immortals still alive.
Duncan & Connor MacLeod, Richie Ryan, Methos, Amanda, Nick Wolf, Liam...
Wiki has a list of all Immortals, which is handy, but it doesn't say which ones croaked, which is not.

I'll paste the list in here then delete the dead ones... or start to and give up when I get bored, I guess.
Hmmm, didn't get bored, ran out of information. Would have to rewatch to figure the rest out. Think that goes fairly low on the pile.

Red = I say they live
Blue = canon says they live
Black = more research required

Connor MacLeod

Highlander: The Series -

Season 1:
The Gathering – Duncan MacLeod, Richie Ryan
The Road Not Taken – Kiem Sun
Free Fall – Felicia Martins
Band of Brothers – Emrys
The Beast Below – Ursa
Saving Grace – Grace Chandel
The Lady and the Tiger – Amanda
Nowhere To Run – Everett Bellian

Season 2:
Studies in Light – Gregor Powers
An Eye for an Eye – Annie Devlin
Run For Your Life – Carl Robinson
Unholy Alliance – Michel de Bourgogne, Anton Legris, Jason Talbott
Pharoah's Daughter – Marcus Constantine
Legacy – Henri Valjean
Counterfeit – Charles Browning

Season 3:
Rite of Passage – Michelle Webster
The Lamb – Kenny
Obsession – David Keogh
Vendetta – Benny Carbassa
They Also Serve – Keith Boyer, Connie Richland, Cordelia Stanton,
Blind Faith – Kage Known as Kirin by the end?
Song of the Executioner – Peter Hale
Methos – Methos
Take Back the Night – Ceirdwyn
Reasonable Doubt – Richard Tarsis
Finale – Hamza al Kahir
Finale Part 2 – Herbert Gris

Season 4:
Brothers in Arms – Andrew Cord
Leader of the Pack – David Coleman, Peter Kanis
Double Eagle – Kit O'Brady
Reunion – Terrence Kincaid
The Colonel – Simon Killian
Reluctant Heroes – Paul Kinman
The Wrath of Kali – Kamir
Timeless – Walter Graham, Claudia Jardine
Promises – Muhammed ibn Kassim
Methuselah's Gift – Hengist
The Immortal Cimoli – Danny Cimoli, Jean-Philippe de Lefaye III, Vrej Ratavoussian Either Danny or Vrej survived... according to Wiki it was Vrej, but they also say he's an Elvis impersonator, and I'm pretty sure that weren't from an episode... Still, almost certainly Danny=dead
Through a Glass, Darkly – Warren Cochrane, Andrew Donnelly
Till Death – Gina de Valicourt, Robert de Valicourt, Carolyn Mortimer

Season 5:
The Prophecy – Cassandra
The End of Innocence – Graham Ashe, Haresh Clay, Carter Wellan
Manhunt – Myron Corman, Matthew McCormick
Glory Days – Johnny Kelly
Dramatic License – Terence Coventry
Money No Object – Cory Raines
Little Tin God – Enrique Grimaldi, Gavriel Larca, Luke Sarsfield, Derek Worth
Revelation 6:8 – Andrew Caspis, Cassius Polonius
The Stone of Scone – Bernard Crimmins
Forgive Us Our Trespasses – William Grenville, Steven Keane

Season 6
Sins of the Father – Alexis Raven, Gerard Le Roi
Diplomatic Immunity – Willie Kingsley
Patient Number 7 – Kyra, Milos Vladic
Black Tower – Devon Marek
Justice – Katya
Deadly Exposure – Reagan Cole
Two of Hearts – Katherine
Indiscretions – Gilgamesh

Highlander: The Raven:
Reborn – Basil Morgan, Nick Wolfe
Full Disclosure – Mario Cardoza
Immunity – Artemis Lowe
The Unknown Soldiers – John Ray Fielding
The Devil You Know – Victor Hansen
A Matter of Time – Crysta, Raphael
The French Connection – Liam Riley
The Frame – Jade
Thick as Thieves – Jeremy Dexter
War and Peace – Sean Bates, Brynn Steele, Dieter Thias

Just going through the episode summaries, it struck me as amusing the number of times it avoids saying 'kill' or 'behead' or 'decapitate'. They usually go with the much softer 'defeat', often preceded by 'forced to'. Dudes, the show was about killing people. A lot. And choosing to. Call a spade a spade.
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So, today's bunny is for Highlander.
... yeah, somewhat of a surprise.

But anyways, today's bunny is, how to out Immortals.

Because it's not as easy as it sounds. I mean, I wrote an article for Fortean Times with a whole bunch of TCBOO incidents in the news, and they re-edited it to look like I was saying Immortals are real, and yet? Still nobody believes it.

So what would it take?

Read more... )

On pondering, I have a bit of a motive:

There are many reasons to kill somebody. 'To keep a secret' is not a good one.

So, if someone was killing for that reason... what would our Heroes do?

Because there's two ways to stop that being an issue. Kill the killer... which might not be possible if we're talking an entire organisation. Or... tell the secret.

Nothing to protect, then.

So now the bunny has Methos visiting an art historian who has a trunk full of finds pulled out of the rubble of an old pub currently being demolished in Norwich. That puts them in the right building. Methos of course has bits of paper proving he has some relevant expertise, maybe in linguistics. Say the trunk was opened upside down, and the oldest things are what they find first. Sumerian clay tablets. Egyptian papyrus. And Methos, of course, can read them. So we get flashbacks, which as far as the art historian is concerned are just stories he's translating, but which the viewer gets as flashbacks. And gradually, along with the newbie, the viewer gets to figure out it isn't just him identifying with the historical figures in the texts - he really *is* that guy. Find out at the top of the trunk, with the daguerotypes (sp?).

Why would Methos tell the truth? Maybe the art historian is hot. Or maybe he's trying to recruit a new Watcher. Either way, hell of a lot easier than trying to cover up a find that's already been photographed and in the newspapers and such.

Unfortunately, there's other Immortals who can read whatever got in the papers, and one of them thinks that killing to keep the secret is of the good. This leads to tragic stabbing outside the building, and big Quickening.

It doesn't lead to all Immortals being outed. But it does give Methos a chance to state his attitude about cover ups. Spin good, stabbing bad. He really really means it, in the sharp edges way.

So *then* something else has to happen that puts the secret at risk... the police investigation. Methos can't/doesn't get to the artefacts to hide them, including the photos. And he was found standing over two dead bodies. There's going to be one hell of an investigation.

So if someone wants to cover up? They'd have to get rid of police.

Lots of people going to object to that idea.

... I think this bunny has more of the necessary parts now. Yup.
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(This is what happens when no sleep + many hours sitting around)

TARDIS!Rose made the Immortals.

... I swear this makes sense in my head ...

See the Daleks got unmade. All divided up again.
BUT those particular Daleks were made from humans.
So if she wound them back and gave them another chance like the TARDIS did the Slitheen woman then there would end up being at least as many random babies as there were Daleks, probably more, because they needed to look for the useful bits.

Putting all those new babies in the same place would obviously be a bit of a burden to whatever spacetime they landed in, so logically they would get scattered all over instead.

And then people would find them all - because shiny!Rose is clever like that.

The part where they turn out to be Immortal is a bit of a stretch, granted, but if she's all about the giving life back and has the grand cosmic powers for the first time and the 4d vision then it aren't so unlikely she was just all *wavey*-be-alive and they were alive. All the times and places. Because it's all much of a muchness to her anyways right then.

Therefore Rose is the Source.
Or to put it another way, Rose is the mommy and the Dalek Emperor is the daddy.

All Immortals are created from bits of Dalek that were created from bits of game show contestants.

Methos was therefore participating in an ancient tradition. Including the part where he lost.
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Okay, I was digging through some old folders, looking at art I did years back, and I found these. I made them for a funny for Chronicles 99. I'm sure they had context, if only in my head. But now they're just kind of sitting here. So I just spent the last bit of a while turning them into icons.

So, I present to you

The 4 1/2 HorseHugs!

... (sorry) ...

Read more... )

That's 5 bits of animated semi cuteness in the cut.
I have the frames as seperate icons, if anyone wants them.
... yeah, not so likely ...

Hugs are these cute little model thingies that you can buy and send to people. There are angel hugs and regular hugs. The dead Horsemen obviously get to be angel hugs. Richie is pinned back together, so he isn't an angel. Methos doesn't need pins.

See, it was funny in my head...
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The first 2 sections of Exogenesis - out of 6 - are too messy to work. grr arrgh sulk.

I'd forgotten how much I loved Marcus Cole, the Ranger. And if I could forget that it has been *far* too long since I've watched these.

The theme of the ep was miscommunication, so the series of *facepalm* moments range from funny to tragic. Though, given how things end for him and Ivanova, the bit with Marcus and the roses acquires a bit of tragic. *sigh*

The thing with the alien symbiotes who were memory, that clicked in my head with Highlander style Immortals. I had this xover theory once that the Vorlons made Immortals - I think there was something about how both have Quickenings when they die - but the Shadows corrupted them by introducing 'There Can Be Only One' and that whole mess about the Prize. Because obviously they were originally meant to fight in a far away place, but not each other.
But, Immortals would have that same function of preserving a culture through the long nights induced by the repeated cycle of Shadow wars. Walking memories.

I know 'The Source' is coming up and likely going to screw up the whole origin of Immortals again. I know making Immortals be part alien is perilously close to Zeist territory. But for a fanfic theory I thought it was fun.
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I've been thinking, trying to figure out why some people don't like Richie.
To me this is a tricky problem. I'm a Richie fan. I step up to flag wave by reflex. I like the guy, the story, the possibilities.
But, thinking on it, even I have to agree, there were times Richie was... less easy to adore.

And there were times he would have been easy to leave out.

Richie is the sidekick, usually the comedy kind. He plays the damsel in distress sometimes, or dates her. He's often the source of the plot. He'll bring home someone or meet someone or get the attention of someone and somehow it ends up being Mac's problem, especially in the early years. So he's annoying, because of being often the problem.

He is also often distracting. There's times Duncan and Tessa are talking and he steps in the middle. If you don't see his story as interesting of itself, thats kind of irritating. There are a lot of times he'll disagree with Mac, often turning out to be wrong, and using a lot of words to prove it. There are times when his plot seems totally irrelevant to the rest of the plot. I can see some thematic connections in 'Methos', but I have to stretch to find them, and I do sympathise if people want to skip his sections.
So the writers use him to say something, or to stretch the story out long enough. And because he isn't the main character, that's kind of annoying, because who wants to see him just to see him?

Well, me, of course. Because...

There was this post someone wrote the other day about the difference between hero, main character, and protagonist.

Richie is not the main character on Highlander. You can tell, on account of the show not being called Richie. With the way the show is structured, that means his basic function is to make Mac look good. Which necessarily involves him being not so good.

He always tries to be the hero. This involves a lot of Cunning Plans, some of which work out better than others.

But the part that I like the most about him is that he is, quite often, the protagonist.

In that he is often the one that is changed.

Richie starts off as our way in, breaking in to the world of Immortals. He starts off trying to steal all the shiny things, but Mac gives him some options, and soon he's the guy minding the store and protecting things. Richie changes enough that when he goes back to the old neighbourhood he doesn't fit in any more. He keeps trying to find a way to be, something to do to make his life mean something. Sales and bike racing in the more mundane side of the world, both of which he is good at but quits for moral reasons. And in the Immortal world? He keeps trying to make a difference there. Immortals never intimidate him. If he sees someone in trouble, he'll grab a gun and protect. Sometimes it'll get him in more trouble, sometimes he's chosen the wrong side, but he keeps trying and keeps getting better at it. And then he gets shot. And dies. And wakes up Immortal. And here's this whole world we/he has been watching, and here's his chance to be part of it. Which turns out not so simple. So he has to try and deal with all of that, and keeps finding new situations and challenges that require him to change to keep up with it all.

Richie is *always* being changed. Right up until his last line of the series (that I'll admit to), "I'm learning." That right there is essence of Richie.

So, yeah, there are episodes where he doesn't do so very much, and episodes where he needs bucket of cold water treatment, and he isn't always very skilled at what he tries to do, but. There are other times. When he's the story of growing up. Which I think is worth watching.
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Methos icon blanks as I've made so far
22 of them

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I mean I have like electrify and lightning effects that I paid money for, and what do I use them for? nada.
Just about anything with lightning on it becomes more Highlander-y.

... having said that I suddenly get some evil ideas...

Anyone with a picture they want bzapped, that would be kind of fun.
Like, you show me an icon, I electrocute it...
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8 frames, now 42K
I could probably shave some of that off compressing it a bit, but I haven't decided which frames to keep, so I leave it best quality for a while.

I'm thinking I'll keep a 'blue' theme, but I quite like some of the not-blue pictures too.

Todays blanks so far:

these are still playing with the files I had on my computer already.
for not having the right pictures I seem to have many.

I spent ages fiddling with the half shadowy picture to make the shadows more blue, but I can't tell if it (a) shows up or (b) looks any good. So I sort of shrugged and left it as is.

see this is why I don't make icons. hours of fiddling, tiny little details, and never I feel the end result is right. *sigh*

eta: more icons here
and on the icon tag
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Five thousand years alive.
One thousand with brothers, as a horseman.
Four thousand alone.
Immortals stay in one place maybe 10 years unnoticed.
Double that, perhaps, if they love that life enough to risk the questions.
Two hundred different lives.
Married sixty eight times.
One hundred thirty two without a wife.
One life with Byron, once a slave, once a doctor treating them. Then the Watchers, befriending, or being.
One hundred twenty seven without a trace.
Untold teachers, students, lovers, friends, mortal and Immortal...
In the dojo, back away and tell her, "You don't know me."
Hundreds of times true.

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I wanted to do a 'Methos Lives' icon
but so far I've only made the t-shirt

all my screencaps are from tapes
I'd forgotten how crappy that used to look
I either need to go through the DVDs and cap more myself, or find a Highlander screencap site for this.

I was going to make the t-shirt blue, but then I realised it should only be half.
But then it looks like when he was Death, so its more of a Death Lives now.
Which actually amuses me.

The background is red because, er, habit... Denial=red, sort of thing. Also blood and those redshirts on Star Trek and other such classic references.

Now I need maybe half a dozen shots to be as many of Methos as possible. There has to be a Bronze Age blue face in there of course, and a Byron era, and maybe seperately one from Indiscretions being Benjamin. One for Adam Pierson, mild mannered from Methos. And then... I have one or two spaces to pic my favourite other Methos moments... oh *dear*...
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It remains kind of freaky and kind of cool to watch a DVD and know that you're looking at dead people.
Not just dead characters, but dead real people.
Because they aren't dead when you're watching them.
In re-runs, everyone is immortal.
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The trouble with Highlander is the writers seem to think its all about the Highlander.

Whereas of course its all about Methos.


actually the trouble is the factioning that happens when you know the writers are going to kill off characters regularly. Everyone so busy flagwaving for their guy, some of them start dissing the other guys, and their fans, and then it gets mean.

I like Richie. I like Methos. I like Connor. I usually like Duncan, except when the writers use him to do something really stupid. I like Amanda. I like some characters we only got to see the once, like Cory Raines.

Why can't the writers write it as if we like all of them?
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I think I've noticed a Cunning Plan about showing us that promo stuff from The Source at the convention.
All over my f-list, and probably the web in general, people are seeing the really bad spoilers and going *facepalm* and planning how to ignore the film.
And my first reaction is, against all logic and reason, to leap to the defence of the film
purely because the convention was cool
so the promo acquires cool by association.


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Okay, that all comes out contradictory. How to rephrase...

I went in to the weekend with absolutely zero interest in The Source. I sat through the promo and thought *peeks through fingers OMG no*. But then I listened to the guys talk, and decided to bother finding out what people thought of the film once it was out, and consider watching it.
That's how good a promotional tool that weekend was.


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