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I went with mum to vote and then we caught the bus in to Norwich to go visit the Avengers.
As you do.

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Hearing (potential casting spoilers) about Avengers filming at the UEA briefly made me all :-( that I didn't go see
but then I saw the photos and remembered the reason I wasn't trying to follow up the rumours I read is going and seeing would just be distant blurs with some blurs on
... especially with broken glasses.
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And I didn't even panic much about it :-)
... because I was busy wondering if I had in fact broken my arm on the way there or if it was basically fine except for when I moved it like that...

I don't have photos on my camera because mum did paying for photos and also because my bag was locked in the car because I hurt my arm and bags are heavy.

The day started fine and proceeded on schedule, it just had a few bumps in it. Like when I got out of the bus, checked my pockets, checked my bags, slid on a metal cover and went SPLAT on my back. Landed on my right hand I think. I didn't bang my head, though my hat fell off, but mum said to leave it off anyway. My right hand got all pavement printed and now I need to get my tail coat cleaned because floor, but mum said there weren't any mud, so that was probably okays. My arm hurt a bit but I could move my fingers and twist my hand and it's fine if it's staying still or resting like for typing, it's just push and pull and lift that are... definitely not fine. So I figure it's probably mostly okay, but since that happened on the way in to Norwich, that was what I was thinking about all day instead of worrying about standing up in front of hundreds of people. So that worked out!

... *facepalm* ...

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That was a long day.

Everyone was proud and said I did well. Lots of family impressed. Pretty cool.

And now I have a shiny fancy looking certificate I have already filed with the rest of the college things, under my bed. Mum said I should frame it and put it on a wall, but I don't actually feel the need to do that. ... I might get it out and stare at it a few times, but that's a whole different thing.

Graduation ceremony = finally and completely done with 11 years at City College.

*blinks a lot*

... I think I'm okay with that.


Oct. 23rd, 2013 04:32 pm
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Saturday is Big Fancy Ceremony in the Cathedral to say I've got my degree.

... I gave serious thought to going to a convention instead, but, Grandpa has been looking forward to it.

So I managed the tickets bit and the robe booking bit (because we play expensive dress up for a day for this), and the transport and wheels parts are for other relatives, so I'm pretty much non stressed about this. Saturday will be stress, this week not so much.

but my mum has stress. and everyone has what to wear stress, especially since wheelchairs guarantee you a front row seat. so I've been sitting and listening to mum on the phone trying to decide which of the invisible outfits to wear.

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My letter arrived from City College.

I am pleased to confirm that the City College Norwich Awards Board held on 11 July 2013 recommended [beccaelizabeth] for the award of English with Cultural Studies BA (HONS) - 1st.

*does the happy dance*

my maths was right and my grades were (just barely) right and I got 70.1% all told on the final transcript and I got a First!

*bouncy punch the air happy dance again*


(Yes I know I kind of knew this already from doing the maths myself but now I have a LETTER and that means I actually have my degree. For reals. In my hand.)

The graduation ceremony is in October so I get to have another happy dance day then as well.

I finally have my degree!
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Exploring the extent of gender difference


This dissertation explores the depiction of gender in Doctor Who, a long running text, 1963-present, with multiple authors. Across half a century of popular television the representation of men and women changes, influenced by changes in social and cultural context that reshaped discourses of gender. I focus on Chapman’s account of the creation of classic Doctor Who in 1963, the story The Aztecs [1964], and seasons 5-7 of the new series, 2009-2012. Originally character design focused on creating audience identification figures to induce loyalty, providing both men and women with characters they would both understand and want to be. That has always been in tension with the demand of the plot that characters make mistakes and be endangered. The Doctor is always the expert hero, travelling with a female companion; many critics see the divide along gender lines, a powerful man protecting weak women. The Aztecs can be read that way: women, expert in humanities, argue about morality and kindness, and fail; men, expert in science and violence, successfully protect them. The division of power and spheres of influence set structures that influenced later seasons, producing tensions that were resolved differently in different decades. By 2009 The Doctor and Rory demonstrate different models of masculinity, differences in class, and tensions between expectations that males use power violently and approaches that emphasise communication and caring. Amy and River show different femininities, including stereotypes such as motherhood or dangerous manipulative sexual attractiveness, but fight against them, refusing to be boxed in and used by others for such roles. Success for both genders requires flexible approaches drawing on skills previously associated with the opposite sex. Previously gendered divisions became conflicts within each individual, highlighting and questioning the limits of both genders’ stereotypes. This reflects the increased importance of the feminine in society, culture, and science fiction.

13,196 words.

*** *** ***

This dissertation was for my English with Cultural Studies BA (Hons) and it got 65%
My best mark for an essay was 80%, so it's really not my best work.
But it was the best I could do after having been ill so much this year, to a deadline, in word count.

Word Count also explains why there's so many Appendices - quotes count towards the word limit, appendices don't. For the other 10 years I've been at college indented quotes over 40 words don't count towards the word limit, which was much less clunky and irritating.

Dissertations take a long time, and my initial plan didn't end up looking much like the finished thing, especially as regards how many episodes I was looking at. There were only supposed to be two, The Aztecs and A Good Man Goes to War, but I barely looked at the one and couldn't for the life of me focus on only the other. By the end of it I'm not sure I even agree with me, but there you go, it's done now.

I said if I got over 60% I'd show people. So.

Appendices and References
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Amy Screams, The Doctor Yells: Gender in Stephen Moffat’s
Doctor Who

Exploring the extent of gender difference


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Chapter One: Doctor Who: Casting for Loyalty

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Chapter Two: The Doctor and masculinities

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Chapter Three: Companions and Femininities

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Go here for comments, questions, feedback, and arguments.
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A lot of this should be photos, but I can't figure out how to put them in just yet. Bit of a pain really.


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Comments and feedback (including 'here is how to put your pictures in' comments) here please.


Jun. 4th, 2013 12:06 pm
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went to Norwich to see a UEA lecture about Doctor Who
... that's an hour of travel to see a 35 minute lecture and then an audience argue about who will be the next doctor.
... clearly worth it.

I made notes because that's what I do at lectures, even fun ones. It was about anniversaries and the construction of collective memory, via Doctor Who.
Also about spoilers for the 50th anniversary, so that's nice :eyeroll:

There were 30 people there when I counted and more people that came in after that. They ranged in age from a baby in a TARDIS t-shirt to some grey hair elders. And the lecture started something like "I'm going to assume you all know Doctor Who... since you're here at 10am on a Tuesday."


The bloke from the NSFG was there and he said he recognised a lot of the other people.

It was a fun angle on Doctor Who and a nice introduction to the idea of the construction of a nostalgic collective past and the generational gap in celebrating these things, where the people who lived through it grow up and get enough power to decide things and decide to have an anniversary thing.

So then after that I went and got ice cream. I had brought a freezer bag special. Supermarkets now have vegan vanilla ice cream but the whole foods shop has vegan chocolate ice cream. And now so do I. :-)

Next it is cleaner day. Kitchen is ready, laundry is waiting. My life is exciting.
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I have been trying to think on what to do after I actually get this BA(Hons) English with Cultural Studies degree.
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There are part time postgraduate taught degrees at the UEA in the school of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing and the school of Film and Television Studies.

MA Creative Writing - Prose
MA Creative Writing - Scriptwriting
MA Film Studies

All those links have a Course Profile section and in that section there's a bazillion more options, modules about all sorts.
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oh great, now I've pondered my way into a panic.
I haven't finished this year's essays yet! I should panic about one thing at a time!

Right then, I'm done for the evening.

Anyone got any ideas what I could do for the rest of my life the year after next?
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I was looking for pictures of the fountain in the square at the UEA and found a huge great Flikr photoset of UEA architecture
including a whole section of said fountain

See, it is clearly an alien planet, there. Like this view of the ziggurats and the Sainsbury Centre; if you cannot turn that into an awesome alien planet you are not really trying.

I wanted pictures of the fountain because that's clearly where people first appear in the VR. They are water and whoosh up the fountain and form into a person shape and then stand there looking wet and people can tell they just came back to life. Spawn point? I don't play much games and don't know the words.
... yes I keep wandering into corners of story where I don't know the words.

I like the UEA because it doesn't look like it was built for people. It's all squares and high walls and corners and glass that you can't really see through and things built off scale, huge great pillars, massive glass and steel things that look like aircraft belong in them. Dark corners abound. There's stairs everywhere and corners where you've no idea where they're going until you get there. Even the ramps look like they want to eat you. It's like alienation writ in concrete.

And by 'like' I obviously don't mean 'feel warm and hugged and want to spend all my time there'.

But for an alien planet, an SF story that's all about crunching people into constraints, feeling overwhelmed in a new landscape, having technology eat you up? Awesome.

And that's even without the eerie sound FX you get from the wind across all them windows, half way up the library.

My VR looks exactly like my Lost City, but only in that place where it begins. Its so they can avoid initial disorientation. ... and obviously because if we were filming there we'd want to use it as much as possible.

There's also the Forum in Norwich to be the City by the Sea's version of the glass and steel and steps construction. You'd have to get the angles carefully right to not get most of Norwich in the background though. And, unlike the UEA, it is very rarely empty. So not so much great for filming in.

But take the UEA, film at daft hours or in the summer or both, add as few people as possible so they get swallowed up in it all...

UEA Maps

Feb. 9th, 2012 04:11 pm
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I've decided to use the UEA as an alien planet so I poked the internet to find a map.
... not that I'm ever going to be able to film things there but I can make an RPG outline or something.
... okay, it's about as relevant as spaceship design, but relaxing.

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And no map, or at least none I can find, gives you a hint of a clue how tall the stupid buildings are, or where, or indeed if, there are lifts. And as for finding individual room numbers, well, go for a wander on roughly the right floor, you'll find them eventually.

The only place I could find floor plans for is the UEA library, which very much needs them so I'm grateful and all but really, what about everywhere else?

... did I say this was relaxing? Er, yeah. Oops?

I don't think it's an unreasonable standard of information to want, a little picture outline that tells you where the loos are and indicates how many floors there are and what number rooms are on each floor. So if you're looking for B28 you know where to go. Or whatever the UEA room numbering system is like. I've seen maps like that for museums, and people pay much less to go to museums.

Giving it in text form is nice, and sometimes available, but still, maps are of the good.
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I had the Dr Who papers signed by Sylvester McCoy. Win.
... not this morning, obviously, another time with much more standing in line. oooh, that's when I bought my TARDIS key too. I've been wearing it since.

Reading list from the 2008 course:

Doctor Who
Key Texts: Read more... )

So that plus is a good start on a reading list for more writing about Doctor Who.

I'll need a bit of bibliography all about what theory I'm applying and some general TV books and suchlike. Stuff about gender if I'm writing about gender. Which seems likely. Also race. Also other stuff.

One or at most two texts... I was thinking that if I concentrate on stuff newer than 2008 I'll be lucky to find specific essay type stuff about it. If I pick one from classic and one from new then I can do comparing and contrasting. And lots of rewatching. I'll want a multi companion full TARDIS to go with the Ponds. One of the 5 era. With Turlough. And stuff to write about with race and gender. And possibly essays about it somewhere.

Right. I should be getting dressed and catching the bus to college and all that stuff.
I really don't want to be awake yet. If I've had 3 hours sleep I'll be surprised.
The chances of me not only going to college all morning but also getting to the pub this evening are basically nil, unless I get some sleep in the afternoon and get the bus extra times today.

Bus to catch goes at 0735, I should leave here no later than 0715, I have 25 minutes to get dressed and out of here.
I'd say eat breakfast too but I'm still burping soup from last night. Blergh.
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I am home! I am relieved!
... there was a point this afternoon when I realised I'd ambled blithely past 'too tired, go home now' into 'too tired to get home safely'.
... I am home safely. This was more luck than judgement. Read more... )


Jan. 22nd, 2009 02:43 pm
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Paperwork tangle that has been chugging on laboriously since the start of the college year is finally resolved! My 10 credits from studying Doctor Who do in fact count! And that means:

I have completed my first year / level 1 credits of my university course!

And it only took me two and a half years to do it.
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Under the cut, I paste collected books and stuff, bold if I've read them already:
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Most of that list is pulled from the 2007-2008 course list. There were a *lot* more units on offer then. Also, they actually ran.
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First day of a new semester. I had done relevant reading, turned up in the right room, contacted the right tutor, looked up the book list, and found all the work on Blackboard. Student win.

Quite a lot of the reading list is not available in either City College or UEA libraries. I have double checked it's not just me not finding them. So I told the teacher and she apologised a lot and said they'd be in Cambridge university library for sure.

I can see how that would be true. I can also see how that could be less than helpful.
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Anyway. Up until I got home and had to reboot my plans - a thing which I am dealing with calmly and without much bursting into tears or anything - today was going rather well. I did all the things on the plan. That makes it a really rather good day. All the planned things were achieved. And whatever has gone different again was because of other people and not because of me. Works out nicely.
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Intro Script & Screenwriting Read more... )

More Script & Screenwriting Read more... )

Myth & Med Read more... )

... think I'll leave it there.

You know, I like reading. I'm sure I remember liking it. But reading that much?
*a lot*

Oh lovely

Sep. 11th, 2008 01:04 pm
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City College timetable is up:
Tuesday 23rd September
13:00-16:00 M-20 Myth & Medievalism-Bahe&Pis E48 Lucy Yates
16:00-19:00 M-10 A History Of Childrens Lit-Bahe&Pis E48 Elizabeth Bellamy
Thursday 25th September
09:00-12:00 M-20 Myth & Medievalism-Bahe&Pis F210 Lucy Yates

why this is fun?

Introduction to Script and Screenwriting
Tuesdays 7-9pm
Venue: UEA, Norwich
Start Date: 7 October 2008

I haven't got the paperwork through to say this is definitely happening, but it probably is.

CCN and UEA are at least half an hour apart.
And as timetabled I have 0 minutes to travel.

So... both are 10 credit level 1 courses. I only need 10 more credits at level 1. But Intro Script & Screen is required if I want to do More Script & Screen, and KidLit isn't a prereq for anything. So if I drop one, it'll be kidlit.

Still, it do concentrate all my lessons on two days a week. Which is greatness.

I was hoping for no mornings. I'll have to pay for the bus in the mornings, my bus pass doesn't start until 0830, at which point I hope to be at college. But considering how much I was spending on transport last year - with a hired car - I think I can afford it.

The really fun part of this schedule - it's the same for next semester, where I'll be on a 20 credit level 2 course 7-9 and a 10 credit level 2 course 4-7. Somehow I don't think that'll work.
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My essay came back in the post with lots of ticks all over it. I got double ticks for all the points I thought were important. And his comments like the essays too.

Technically it's a pass/fail unit, because it's a certificate course. But he put % on it too.



And that's for an essay I wrote in one sitting on accident. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;-)

70% is the line that makes it a 1st.
And once I get the paperwork I can add it in to my degree.

Marks so far are:

Higher Learning Skills 65
Introduction to Literature 1 68
Introduction to Literature 2 68
Introduction to Cultural Theory 71
Introduction to the Moving Image 68

Intro Movies I pulled it to a 68 average when my first essay was a 58, so I did quite a lot well there. My second essay was 75%.

I don't remember all the details of what grades count towards my final degree sort, but I know most of this year is pass/fail. But here I have a couple of units about 70% already, and teachers saying the second year will involve improved grades.



Jul. 22nd, 2008 12:01 pm
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Silly bits of paper not happening at my convenience...
To add the Doctor Who course to my degree course I thought would be easy, because they're both UEA accredited. Read more... )
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Doctor Who (2005), Bad Wolf. By Russell T Davies

Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways are a two part story, but with such a change in tone and setting in the middle they separate pretty easily. Read more... )
All that gets recapped, quickly, at the start of Parting of the Ways. I’ll focus on that episode for my essay.

Doctor Who (2005), The Parting of the Ways. By Russell T Davies

If Bad Wolf was all about divisive competition, Parting of the Ways is all about collective action and how refusing to acknowledge the reality of the threat or join the collective is just going to doom everyone. Read more... )

I wrote this essay on accident while trying to write 500 words for a presentation. I got 500 out of Bad Wolf and 2200 out of Parting of the Ways. Then I handed in a rough draft two weeks early. I polished and sent a final version on the deadline day. Most straightforward essay ever. This is what happens when you get to write for credit the same stuff you write as a fan every week. Though the other thing that happens is I get sloppy about quotes and references, which is less good.

Haven't got a mark back for this yet, but have been told it definitely passed.


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