May. 28th, 2017

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Whoosh! Booms! Yaays!
... sad bit ...
... in the silence my brother pipes up "part three?"

I know what he meant, he's asking if it'll stay sad bit as much as he's asking if there's another movie later, but it did break the mood a little.

We went today because it was a subtitled showing where we could get the bus both there and back. This is the first showing that met all three conditions. So it being a hot and busy weekend wasn't going to stop us.

I was more anxious than I like though. So many humans.

Bits we liked: Groot. Also Groot. And that bit with Groot.
Really relatable content for life with neurodiverse family.
Funny bits. Many. Although many are made of *facepalm*, and some are laughing at violent yet stylish death, so.
Rocket and all his kabooms. He sneaky.
Drax and his direct approach.

Gamora and Nebula had both moments of awesome and an emotional arc.

But the whole thing was very Daddy Issues The Movie. More came down to Quill this time. But there were a lot of threads of that going on.

It managed to make me feel sad about someone I would not have expected. And like people for being basically a holes.

I liked the ending of the first one better, but this one was pretty good.

After that it was only 2pm so even on Sunday there was still time to do things. And we needed to eat. So I sad boring but reliable food, Sainsburys café. Which was a bit of a walk but they've made it nicer and easier the way we went, so that worked out. And they had food we can eat and we basically did Sunday shopping. But I only got apple pastries to take home, because I shop every week and have things. Except now I'm home I realise bread could also have been useful... Ah well.

Then the bus home and then it was now.

Tired but that was a successful outing.


beccaelizabeth: my Watcher tattoo in blue, plus Be in red Buffy style font (Default)

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