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I've been rereading Temeraire.
While the first one reads quite satisfyingly as a guy falling in love with his dragon, the second seems like a lot of nasty happening to someone who survives it until things get sorted out around him, and all the emotion stuff seems to be in another pov somewhere. Or I guess just about keywords that don't click with me.

I don't know, a lot of published fiction feels thin. A lot of fanfic is light on the kind of plot where politics and adventures happen, but they give you a whole yearning having cycle that's made of the good stuff, for reals.

and then of course sometimes you strike gold and find something with plot and yearning. like fic equivalent of banquets with all the courses.

some pairings though... I have noticed that when I read a pairing I don't ship the characters all seem slightly funhouse mirrored and humans do not, to my mind, work like that. It's like if the author can see those two getting together they see very different things where the people are at. Frequently unsatisfying. which is why certain pairings nope me out of a story at a glance. the way humans would have to work in order to ship that is just... epic nope.

mostly though I just feel whiny and end up not liking anything very much.

and I know I can't write things that look like a balanced meal to me, and not only on account of the still not actually writing bit of problem.

time keeps happen and I need to fill it up better.

Date: 2017-02-12 02:07 am (UTC)
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I'd probably feel the same way about an Age of Sail story with sentient ships!
I don't think it's daft, literal roast dinners often have pudding. Besides, when you're analyzing something, an important question is "how does this meet my expectations?" (although sometimes expectations do have to be re-jiggered, either by recognizing they're not realistic, or just because you can't find what you want so you have to accept what you can get!)


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